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What’s In the Box: Understanding Benefits of Local SEO as a Business Owner

Are you struggling to mark your presence in the market? Do you feel your efforts to get in front of the right audience are falling short? Then it’s time to pay heed to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Your digital marketing plan has already considered SEO!

Okay, but is your SEO strategy allots space to local SEO? Because local SEO is coming up as a game-changer. And you can see the facts supporting this statement. 80% of consumers turn to search engines for finding local information. (Think with Google). Moreover, as mentioned on HubSpot, 46% of total Google queries pertain to local searches.

These facts highlight the significance of local SEO pretty well.

What’s your view on this? Well, before you make your mind, why not know a little more about local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that enables you to come up in response to local search queries. In other words, it’s all about optimizing your brand for local searches, which pertain to your business.

Some examples of local search queries are – ‘medical store near me’, Delhi people searching ‘mobile shop South Delhi’, ‘best hotels nearby’.

By looking at the meaning of Local SEO, you must have got an idea as to why local SEO is important!

Now, it’s time to dive into the topic and know a little more about the benefits that Local SEO offers to a business?

Local SEO Benefits

Progress in SERP position

Like regular SEO, local SEO makes you more estimable to search engine, but for local queries, the examples of which we have already seen. This technique, in turn, helps you get a higher place in the search engine in the local context. And a good position in the SERP doesn’t come alone; it has added benefits, which we will see as we move forward.

Makes you People-Friendly

With local SEO, you’re not only becoming search-engine friendly but also searcher friendly. It is because this offers you greater visibility under local searches. Whenever people type a query for a particular topic, they will see you in the top results. With time, they will get to know you, and eventually, will remember your name for future needs. Also, local SEO, by incorporating location, makes you easily searchable physically.

A Solid Brand Presence

Undoubtedly, being noticeable, you will have an increased brand presence. More people from a particular locality or region will get to know you and talk about you with their known ones in the neighbourhood or office, etc., which paves the way for more growth opportunities.

Increase in Web Traffic

By appearing in the top results for local queries, you persuade people to know more about you. And a great way of doing that in the digital world is to take a website tour. Definitely, this will raise your website traffic. Well, that again helps you inform your worth to Google subject to the condition that visitors spend some time on your website and don’t just go in and come out.

More Inquiries & Footfalls

Local SEO, by considering you appropriate for a search query, places you on the top and takes you to the eyes of the people. Now, the audience is the one who will judge your effectiveness in satisfying their search intent. Though your website will tell them about you, they might want more information. So, be ready for more inquiries and even footfalls, which can take you a step closer to your goals. Be prepared to deal with them in the fittest manner if you want to reap the fruits.

Elevated Sales Graph

The local searchers want to save their time roaming outside and identifying the best dealer/service provider. Instead, they make use of the technology for finding a suitable solution. Thus, local SEO is a sound way to get hold of customers. Convince them about your offerings and see a boost in your sales.

Enduring Customer Relationship

And this way, not only your conversion rate increases, but you have a chance to establish a long-term relationship with the client. You can turn a guest into your regular customer. All you have to do is give them a reason to believe you for their future or recurring needs; make them feel important. Impress them to the extent that they no longer need to turn to the search engine, looking for the services or products you offer.

Local Community Building

Local SEO presents you with opportunities, which you can use to make a community. Once you have a group of people who consistently rely on you for their needs and support you every time, without a second thought, you are good to build a community. Then you can extend your relationship with them by offering additional facilities.

Reduction in Advertisement Expenditure

Why you need an advertisement when the local SEO is fulfilling the purpose? Okay, what advertisements do for you? Increase brand awareness and persuade people to take action! Right? You get both these benefits via local SEO. And that too, by spending a reasonable amount.

We consider that you appreciate the power of Local SEO. Now, you must think of a local SEO strategy.

Do you already have one?

Great! All you need is to assess its results. Can you see its impact on your business? Is it contributing to your profitability to a noticeable extent?

If your answer to any of the above questions is no, then something is not correct. It can be either a local SEO strategy or its implementation.

What about re-strategizing to better align it with your services and raise its appropriateness for the aspired outcome? It will help you generate a better ROI.

And if you haven’t given attention to local SEO yet, it’s the time. Go local and get noticed as the practice of local search is becoming common. Earn a space in the minds of the local customers to better deal with high competition in the industry.

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