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Organic SEO Vs PPC – Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Business

Digital marketing is an evolving field. Organizations and businesses are required to keep up with the latest trends to achieve success and sustain that success for a longer period of time. Some of the effective methods to drive traffic to your website include PPC or paid search and organic SEO services. Each method comes with its own set of challenges and advantages. One needs to understand the fundamental difference between both of them. 

Understanding Organic Search Marketing

The tactics which revolve around improving the natural rankings of your website on SERPs through consistent and strategic organic SEO services is known as organic search marketing, which involves ensuring your URLs, meta descriptions, content, tags and titles are relevant to your customers. Search Engine Optimization requires consistent efforts from an expert SEO agency in India. It may take nearly six or more months to achieve front page ranking with organic SEO. Once your website reaches this point, continual efforts are needed on the part of your SEO team to make sure your website stays there. In several circumstances, organic search marketing may yield earlier result in the increased traffic as soon as your website optimization process begins. For this, you need to hire a professional SEO agency in India who holds expertise in getting higher ranking through organic search marketing.

Understanding Paid Search Marketing 

Paid search marketing requires you to pay to purchase an immediate ranking on search results. Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC marketing is a part of paid search marketing. PPC ads requires a person to pay when a person clicks on an ad. This is one of the common types of search ads. Paid searches often involve images, product listing ads or display ads on websites. In PPC campaign, advertisers focus more on improving the quality of PPC campaign. They make sure keywords are relevant to the landing pages.  

Organic & Paid Search – Where does the Difference Lie?

The key difference lies in money and time. A professional pay for immediate results in search engine rankings with paid search ads. With organic marketing tactics, an organization invests in long-term results in search engine results page rankings. Organic marketing takes longer time. However, the desired results can be achieved without much budget. Moreover, the results last longer than paid search ads. Search engine marketing can work effectively if there is a professional SEO agency in India behind it.

Key Benefits of Organic Search

Organic search is cost-effective. It delivers long-term value. Once a website ranks good organically, the traffic remains free. Contrary to PPC where one has to pay for every click, organic traffic can continue to rank your website without ongoing costs. It can provide better ROI over time. In terms of trust and credibility, organic search wins the game. This is because organic results can be considered more reliable than paid ads. Moreover, high organic rankings can establish the site of an organization as an authority in industry. Effective SEO efforts can facilitate consistent traffic over a period of time. As long as your digital marketing team maintains SEO health of your website, your organic listings remain good. Apart from this, organic search allows you to target a wide range of keywords. One can increase market research by attracting different audience segments. Also, a well-optimized content helps in drawing visitors and increasing engagement. 

Key Benefits of Paid Search

The first and most important benefit is quick traffic. PPC campaigns can yield desires results when it comes to driving website traffic. It is a useful marketing tactic especially for time-sensitive promotions. Even new businesses that need instant traffic or sale could find PPC campaigns more effective as compared to organic search. The immediate visibility which one gets through paid search marketing allows organizations to assess and adjust their marketing strategies, if needed. They have access to the real-time data which clearly tells them what works and what does not work. Paid search marketing is all about targeted advertising. Precise targeting which is based on device, location and demographics ensures that your ads reach the desired audience. Moreover, it allows one to create customized ads for various customer segments. The end purpose is to increase engagement. Brands with controlled budget often find paid search marketing more effective. It allows them to manage their expenses well while measuring ROI more accurately. Paid search also involves adjusting bids and budgets based on the actual purpose. So, brands could get the most out of their spend. One more advantage associated with paid search is competing for high-value keywords. It could be difficult to rank for these keywords organically. Even if a user does not click on ad, you can see your brand at the top of search results. This can massively contribute to the increased brand recognition.

Integration of Organic & Paid

Thus, organic search takes time. It requires months of consistent efforts. Algorithm of search engine keeps changing and effective SEO is resource intensive. On the other side, paid search could be expensive. There is an ad fatigue involved. Moreover, its impact is short-term. For businesses which want to increase their online presence in this highly competitive digital world, the right approach could be to integrate both paid search and organic search strategies. 

Expert SEO professionals utilize data they acquire from PPC campaigns to improve their SEO strategies. PPC allows them to identify high-converting keywords which they can organically target. There are gaps in organic presence. Paid search can help brands to cover these gaps, especially for competitive keywords. Both the strategies, organic and paid, need careful measurement of these points:

Organic Search

  • Traffic
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword rankings
  • Engagement
  • Conversions

Paid Search

  • CTR, Click-Through Rate
  • CPC, Cost Per Click
  • Conversion Rate
  • Return on Ad Spend

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PPC Services by Neel Networks

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