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A Look at Some of the Most Popular Web Design Trends in 2021

Popular Web Design Trends

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You are not a tree.” – Jim Rohn

It applies to web design trends too. To stay in the competition, it is must to emerge as a better form of your own. Website design trends must change with the time to be at par with global fashion. Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. So, the design of your website must be such that conveys about your business & its reputation to the audience in a subtle manner.

To make this possible, you should check the compatibility of your website with the recent trends. But what are the upcoming trends?

Some neoteric & ongoing web design trends of 2021.

Responsive Design

When designing a website, this perspective should be at the top of the priority list. Time has gone when people used to have different versions of a website like a desktop site and mobile site. As per the current scenario, the website should be designed in a manner that supports all devices & screen sizes. It is about the use of CSS & HTML in a way that enables a site to auto-adjust itself and responds as per the screen resolution. Of total internet users, over 50% accounts to mobile traffic. As people have started using mobile browsers more these days, the website should necessarily be mobile-friendly. Moreover, such websites get better ranking.

AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning makes the scope for customizing the website. It is beneficial for all the involved parties including business, web designers & users. Would like to know how? Starting with web designers, they no more need to work on the features like web layout, color scheme, the shape of buttons and many others. Based on input, software analyses what things will work the best thereby making the web design simpler. The users will get the best experience when they will see what they thought for. And happy users add to the profitability of the business.

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence” said Dave Waters. The statement is enough to guess the importance of AI – the creation of smart & intelligent machines having a set of cognitive skills. Though the AI is at the embryonic stage and development is going on, some companies have advanced enough to put it to use. Even, AI began to be part of web designs. Feeling astonished! And, you might happen to use such websites without knowing that AI is used. Artificial Intelligence-powered websites, by identifying the user preference and intent, helps in giving a customized suggestion, which enhances user experience. It will help in engaging the user and in turn, will bring down the bounce rate.

There are various ML & AL tools and application that you can use with website design to make an effective website in less time.


A chatbot is a by-product of artificial intelligence. Chatbots allows you to provide 24/7 assistance to the users and helps you improvise the system. With this, you need not appoint human round the clock for assisting users with the smallest problems. And, the bigger issues can be recorded to be taken care of by the executive at quickest possible. website design industry has begun using this. Get into the trend if you are not in this already.

Befriend Video Content

Use of video in web content is no novice. Videos have their task and affect the mind of the users in their way. It plays a huge role when it comes to understanding the content in lesser time. Furthermore, it helps in making you easily searchable, since as per the observation, Google places the website with video content above the ones without it. Overall, the use of video is a profitable move.

Stick to Minimalism

It relies on the concept of plainness. The lesser components with enough white spaces, appealing fonts, and wise color scheme makes the website look beautiful and help user comprehend more information. According to a study by the University of Winnipeg, it takes 90 seconds of initial interaction for people to decide about people and products and 60-90% of judgment is based on colors. This is enough to bring into limelight the importance of the right color scheme. Less distraction elevates the user experience graph.

Additionally, it boosts the website speed.

Micro Interactions

It is a great source of turning a user experience into a great one! The aim of putting it is to boost the engagement & contentment level of users. It helps in better interaction between your website & user. With nicely micro-interactions, you convey to the users that you care about them and need them throughout.

Organic Shapes

Organic shapes have become the choicest within the sphere of website design. These are original; not bound by the rules and boundaries, unlike geometric shapes. Organic shapes are natural and symbolize freedom, thus, attract users, especially millennials.


These days, just having an online presence is not enough. Vital point is to have a well-designed website that entices the user. More than half of the year has already gone. Website design room has already acquainted itself with the latest moves. Now, it is momentous to embrace the trendy web designs to your website or else you will lag. It decides the success of your business to a great extent. A study suggests people take just 0.05 seconds to form a notion about your website. You can imagine the significance of website design!

Let’s Get Trendy

“The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Neel Networks is there to advise you not only on website design trends but about the trends across the globe. This is what we are here for. Call us now and take advantage of our experience. Give your website a new & elegant look.

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