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A Guide to Boost Your Website Speed

Speed is the key to climb the ladder when it comes to the digital world.

In digital cosmos, everything changes at the spur of seconds. The otherwise effective tool to increase the reach and growth of the business can fail gravely if it happens to be slow. So, it is essential for web designers to understand the ‘Need for Speed’.

It is veridical for the website, undoubtedly. If we talk about the purpose of the website, it varies with the people. However, in every case, website speed plays a decisive role in its success.

“Web pages don’t have loading bars. So when the page is slow, the visitor doesn’t know if the delay will be another 500 milliseconds or 15 seconds. Maybe it will never load. And the back button is right there.” – Andy Crestodina

Studies Reveal a Lot

And this is clear from the study of Google according to which people bounce after 3 seconds, mostly. This indicates low traffic when the website speed is slow. Moreover, studies suggest that delay of 1 second in website loading brings down the page views by 11% & customer satisfaction by 16%. Thus, good website speed is cardinal to retain the traffic and provide better user experience, for which going with the best web designers is better. And, this affects your ranking too.

Once, Google faced a 20% fall in traffic due to an additional 0.5 seconds of load time.

Multiple factors are affecting the website speed, including low-cost website design, number of redirects, size of the images being used, and incorrect hosting. But, the result is elevated bounce rate.

So, what is the way out? Dive into the article to know about it.

To derive maximum benefits using the website, it is imperative that your website performs well. It should not only attract user but must have the potential to retain the person and make him feel to come next time. All these require efforts but are not tough at all. Here are some easy and proven ways to enhance the speed of your website. Else, web designers in India can enlighten you.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

As the server hosts the website, if someone visits your website, the request goes to the server. During high traffic, the server receives lots of requests and the processing of which takes time. This hinders the website speed. Also, if the user is located farther from the server, the website speed gets negatively affected. To deal with the issue, make use of CDN. With CDN, the website data gets stored on a global network. When people will browse your website, the files will route through the server located near the user.

Minimize use of Plug-ins

Choose plug-ins wisely. Though, this helps in enhancing the performance of the website, the plug-ins which are poorly coded put negative effect by decelerating the website speed.

Minimal HTTP Requests

The number of HTTP requests slows down the website speed. For this, measure the performance and find what is contributing to increased HTTP requests. The increase in the number of files rises the load time of the page. And, if there are a huge number of files on your page, then additional HTTP requests are needed. To prevent this, minify & combine the files. This can be done for HTML files, CSS files, JavaScript files & Google fonts. Minifying helps in decreasing the file sizes by removing the unneeded things like whitespaces & formatting from the files. And combining concentrates the files into smaller groups thereby reducing the HTTP requests.


The size of the file affects the website speed. To keep the file size as small as possible, without compromising with the quality,  is one of the best ways to improve website speed as small files load faster. So, compress the files before uploading or use the tools that will take care of this. Especially, large size images utilize lots of server resources and increase the loading time. Thus, try reducing the image size.

Choose the Right Hosting & Host

There are various types of web hosting namely Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, and Cloud Hosting. As websites are hosted through servers, you must take into account your website traffic & server capacity to ensure the swift performance of the website. Select the hosting keeping in view the requirements. Moreover, ensure that you are not going with just the name of the host instead of its server capability and support. Any professional web design company can guide you well on this.

Detain JavaScript Loading

By this, we mean stop loading Java files until the other components of the page get loaded. The reason is Java files are usually large.

Take Care of Videos

Undeniably, the video acts as a source of value addition to the content of the website. However, this video occupies a huge chunk of space on the server, which results in the reduction of website speed. Thus, it is better to upload a video on a platform like YouTube and embed the same to the website or employ a different server to host videos.

Just A Few Are Enough

However, you need not use all these methods. The applicability of the speed optimization methods will depend upon the existing structure and performance of your website. Thus, go with the seasoned web designers and take advantage of their experience. They know the ins-and-outs and can assist you in the best possible manner for everything; right from the website speed testing to optimizing it.

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