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What Is Content Repurposing and How It Can Help You in the Marathon of Digital Marketing?

Content is a cardinal part of the business, especially in the internet-dominated world. But coming up with a great piece of content involves several steps and demands several qualities – attentiveness, creativity, willingness to read & research, and, of course, passion. That makes content creation a time-taking process. However, time is something businesses are short of! And due to this, continuously creating high-quality content is a challenging task. Do you feel the same? Well, skipping this task is not an option if you want to grow. Then what? Go for Content Repurposing.

Are you aware of this approach? No problem, even if you are not. We will take you through this concept. In this piece, we will see what is content repurposing and how can you go about it. Also, we will talk about the benefits of content repurposing. So, let’s not waste more time; that’s limited. Let’s get to the point.

What is Content Repurposing?

The name is pretty self-explanatory! Content repurposing is all about using the existing content for different purposes by changing the formats.

And it’s up to you, how you want to go about it and what you want to achieve.

You can convert the whole piece of content into a completely new form, or you choose to use the components of your content to create multiple pieces of content to use at different places for different sets of audiences.

Here comes an important question.

How do I Repurpose Content?

Is that what you are thinking?

Well, you need not think as we have got you covered. And let us tell you one thing – when it comes to repurposing the content, options are many. You hardly have any restrictions. But yes, you need to ensure that you put the content to the best use.

No restriction doesn’t mean doing things, which steal appeal from the entire content marketing, you know!

Let’s see some ways to have conceptual clarity about content repurposing.

Content Repurposing Ways

  • Converting blogs into videos and vice versa.
  • Creating detailed guides using previous blog posts.
  • Use elements of blogs to create social media posts.
  • Develop video lectures using guides.
  • Make presentations utilising blogs and social media posts.
  • You can use analytics and other business data to come up with case studies.

And there can be a lot more ways. You have to employ the appropriate technique at the right time. Being random doesn’t work.


Next, comes the question – why do content repurposing? Well, it has numerous benefits; we will see that moving forward. But a single statement answer to this question is to capture maximum attention.

Content Repurposing: The Advantages

Enhance You reach

Undoubtedly, the digital world is ever-growing. New people keep joining the arena every day. The population will have your target audience too. So, now you have an option to reach more people through content marketing than before. Congrats! Content repurposing enables you to do that easily. You can rejuvenate old pieces of great content and present them in varied manners for today’s audience. This way, you can increase your reach while capturing new people. Otherwise, they might not get hold of your existing content ever.

Cross-platform Content Marketing

You can’t connect with all your target audience through a single platform. Do you agree? Also, you can’t publish the same type of content across platforms every time! Further, creating new and valuable content frequently is a daunting task. So, what can you do to be present on different digital channels and connect with your audience where they are? Definitely, you can use one or more of your existing content pieces to create more meaningful and relevant content for multiple platforms.

Save Resources

Regularly creating polished and purposeful content is not easy. It demands time, money and the right talent. Not all businesses have these in abundance. Even if you have ample amount of resources, why waste them? You can divert them to more productive tasks and generate a higher ROI. And you have content repurposing to help you with the content creation task. Using this technique, you can ensure that your content creation efforts provide you with the maximum output.

Getting Hold of Varied Sub-Sets of Audience

You have defined your goal and decided your target audience. But every person is not the same; not all of them like the same form of content. Suppose you have published a blog. However, some of the people in your target group prefer audio content over reading. Now what? Can you leave them? Of course, no. The best way to catch them is to repurpose your content and put it into audio form. Thus, content repurposing helps you connect with different types of the target audience.

Revive Less-Performing Content

Let’s see this through an example. For say, you have created a detailed guide on a particular topic. It was well-researched, developed using a lot of effort and time. Unfortunately, it didn’t perform the desired way. It happens sometimes. But can you waste this content along with all the resources? No, that would be terrible! Well, you don’t need to.

In this case, try finding out what’s not working. It need not necessarily be the matter. Maybe, you have published superb content on the wrong platform or in the wrong format. Changing that will help. For say, you have come up with a detailed guide, and that didn’t perform. But videos can.

And SEO is another benefit of content repurposing.

Wrap Up

Content repurposing is a powerful technique to strengthen your online presence and generate maximum output from your content creation efforts. It lets you accomplish your business goals with lesser resources. For this, you have numerous ways, you know. All you have to do is to channelise your energies in the right direction. Sounds good!

Then what’s the delay? Get on with the task to start seeing enhanced results.

And if something is stopping you, the need is to remove the barrier. Talk to us. Our team will clear the path for you.

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