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What is Content Marketing? What makes it a Highly Investible Asset in the Digital Ecosystem?

Content Marketing is a technique, focusing on the strategic creation and distribution of the content with intent to deliver value to the readers, for whom it is prepared.

Okay! But what is content?

Literally, everything you see on the internet is content. Yeah, content can be anything, text, picture, video, and audio. Moreover, the content could be informational, promotional, entertaining, etc. However, when it comes to content marketing for business growth, it is imperative to ensure that the content is ‘valuable’. Again, it can be in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc., but it should represent your brand and must be in line with your business objectives.

What does ‘valuable content’ means?

For the content to be called valuable, it must be concise, engaging, and relevant. These are three essential ingredients of the content. Absence of any of those is enough to ruin the entire content marketing efforts, along with the money spent.

The words of David Beebe ( A Storyteller, Marketer, and a Speaker) finely describes Content Marketing. He said, “Content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.” Thus, for content marketing to make sense, it is crucial to see that it takes into account your audience. Readers, while going through the content, must be able to feel that what they are reading is created for them only. And when this happens, the content becomes the real asset of your business.

According to the data of CMI (Content Marketing Institute), content is being considered as a business asset by 92% of the companies.

Okay! Valuable content is an asset to your business. But why? What are the logics justifying the high worth of content marketing? To get the answer, you need to continue reading.

Content Marketing is a Highly Investible Asset – Why?

The use of content in marketing is not new. In fact, the content remained a part of marketing since beginning. But with the digitalization and increasing competition, the content came to limelight. Anyways, there has to be something that can help you differentiate from the crowd. And then, content marketing has evolved as an eminent branch of digital marketing, helping the marketer in numerous ways. Now, the fame of content marketing is continuously rising. Let’s see how content can help you.

Satisfies the Hunger of Knowledge

Whenever you turn to the internet, what do you look for? Yes, you are searching for content. Have you ever thought of life without content; then, what will you search on the web? Sounds strange! Without content things are impossible, right? And here you get one of the biggest reasons as to why content is in demand and why people/companies are ready to invest
a huge sum of money on it. You make a brand, but content presents the brand to the world. It introduces the business and its services to the audience in an appropriate manner. Moreover, it serves readers with the needed information and answers the questions of your potential clients.

Lays the Ground for Digital Marketing Activities & Stepping Stone for SEO

Any digital marketing activity whether SMM, SEM or any other would work only when there is content. Otherwise, how would you go about marketing? Moreover, in the absence of content, search engine optimization won’t make any sense. High-quality, valuable content is the basis of SEO; it brings traffic and encourages engagement. Also, it paves the way for organic growth.

Broaden your Brand’s Presence & Acts as a Pillar of the Trust-Based Relationship

Today, we are living in an environment where competition is fierce. To let people know about your presence and stand apart from the crowd, you need to have a strong value proposition. It’s good that your offerings are high-grade but how would people know about it? They need to know you exist and content helps in enhancing your visibility. You can use different forms of content like blogs, social media posts, etc., for the same. Moreover, by publishing informative and top-notch content, you can earn the loyalty of your target audience. They will return to you for the value you are providing without any expectation of getting sales. But make sure that the content also embraces your brand’s values and complements your mission.

Building Blocks for Storytelling

For being impressive and appealing to the audience, the need is to deliver the story well. And storytelling without content is out of the question.

Authority Builder

By distributing valuable and beyond that, unique content, you are can show that you have a stronghold of the particular subject in the industry. Curate content that aims at resolving the queries of your target audience effectively, and positively influence them to believe in your
position in the industry. Let them communicate with your brand to help them make their mind about your credibility.

Robust Way of Lead Generation

Now, buyers have become smarter. You can’t go with the direct sales pitch as it might not get you the desired results. Here, content comes as a saviour. You can generate leads with strategic content marketing. As highlighted by CMI, content marketing generates 3x leads while costs 62% lower than the traditional marketing method. What you have to do is to educate the potential buyers and distribute relevant information through the content. Use lead generation funnel and try convincing them to go with your offerings.

Wrap Up

Content Marketing is an unbeaten means to succeed in this super-crowded, highly competitive digital environment if done correctly. You need to have a solid content marketing strategy devised in line with business objectives and ensure its proper application. The content quality should be high, and importantly, you need to ensure that the content is delivering the expected value to your audience. In the absence of the same, nothing works.

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