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What are the types of Ecommerce Platforms

What are the types of Ecommerce Platforms

Want to sell your services or products online? We’re discussing different types of ecommerce platforms and their features, usage, and community support. We’ve considered ecommerce platform types for both small and large businesses to help you choose the best one according to your needs.

Types of Ecommerce Platforms:


Magento is the king of ecommerce platforms. It was released in early 2014 and boasts of current market share of 11%. Once paired with a good theme it can help you build one of the finest web stores within hours. You can configure it in a way you want.

There are many features of this product, including hundreds of quality templates. There’s no need to worry about upgrades and it is scalable beyond your imagination. You can download community edition free at Magento.com


Most ecommerce development services also recommend WooCommerce as it accounts for 7.9% ecommerce market share. It’s just three years old and it hardly takes few minutes to become familiar with it. It’s a light application and won’t put too much of strain on your server resources. You can set it up within minutes. It comes with hundreds of useful plugins and incorporates WordPress’s best ability. You can use widgets and WordPress themes according to your preferences.  You can download WooCommerce at Woothemes.com

Zen Cart

It’s a good eCommerce platform that accounts for 4% market share. There are hundreds of Zen Card programmers on various eCommerce websites and they appreciate its MySQL/PHP based foundations.

The biggest reason for the popularity of Zen Cart is it allows you to do some settings to the code even if you don’t have any programming knowledge. There are hundreds of plugins that you can use. You can download it at Zen-Cart.com


osCommerce usage is pretty steady and is very easy to use. Many large hosting companies also recommend its usage. Its biggest benefit is its easy-to-use interface and detailed user settings.

osCommerce boasts of larger support base with over 1.7 million forum posts and thousands of developers outside official website. It has all the basic features you need and you have a choice of over 7500 plugins.


Cart offers one of the cleanest storefront designs with its default themes. It is easy to work with and provides ability to edit CSS from within admin, and its’ easy to change its layout. There are many integrated shipping and payment options and huge amounts of 13,000 plugins.


PrestaShop is offered by a commercial company that’s focussed on offering the best possible features for a price. Their built-in interface is very impressive, and covers all vital sales tools like coupons, cross selling, etc. They have many affordably priced and free plugins with professional themes.

PrestaShop works with partners and does best to refer clients. Their feature set compares well to Magento and have extensive support options, including an option for paid support. Wide range of low priced or free plugins or themes are of best quality.


X-Cart has a rapid development cycle and has full support of its developers. However, now it’s no longer free. It has focused on mobile throughout its development cycle and has a feature rich simple admin system. Additional modules and extensions can be downloaded for free. It has an active community to assist and you also have an option of paid support.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is one of the popular open-source eCommerce software widely used for ecommerce websites or application of all sizes. It has been kept close to Drupal architecture and is equipped with all necessary ecommerce features. It gives you the flexibility to enhance your cart and volume of available documentation is impressive. It’s built on Drupal 7 using best practices and is managed by Drupal experts. It’s very dependable.


Whether you’re planning to build your store with just few products, or a large enterprise store with thousands of products, one of these ecommerce solutions will address your needs.

Get in touch with a professional Ecommerce Website Development Company and discuss your requirements, an ecommerce expert will guide you in the best possible way.

How to choose the Best Ecommerce Platform for your Online Shop?

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