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SEO Expert in India: Success with Top Rankings

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of making your website rank higher in organic results. Today, SEO is the valuable source of traffic for a vast majority of brands. It differs from paid advertising, which requires you to pay to be listed. Instead, SEO involves incorporating suitable techniques with quality content on the topic. You must know how search works to understand how to get your content to rank higher in Google or other search engines. 

You can do on-page SEO, off-page SEO, or technical SEO.

  1. On-page SEO optimizes the content of your website. It involves high-quality content and target keywords.
  2. Off-page SEO improves a website’s authority and trust with backlinks.
  3. Technical SEO involves a comprehensive process to optimize page load speed, structure, and other technical aspects.

The Key Areas of SEO

SEO has four main areas and the same are explained below –

SEO is Important

SEO could be a massive traffic source for any website. Picture this – the staggering number of people, over 83.9 billion, used Google in April 2023. Yes. You read that right. Now, imagine a tiny fraction of these folks stumbles upon your website. It can mean big things for your business. Organizations can see rewards long after they had invested in link-building campaigns or content creation. 

SEO Strategies

There are ways to optimize the presence of your website in search engines. 

  1. Black hat SEO might use spammy optimization strategies to trick Google into ranking website. However, Google often ends up penalizing or blacklisting site in the end. Such techniques involve duplicate content, cloaking, redirecting, spammy linking building, etc.
  2. White hat SEO revolves around optimization techniques which comply with search engine guidelines and terms. It is the right way to go because of long-term success based on trust. It results in improved user experience. White hat SEO requires the use of quality content that serves your audience.
  3. Grey hat SEO, on the other side, may operate between white hat and black hat techniques. It might not be as manipulative as black SEO and not as pristine as a white hat SEO. With grey SEO, businesses may try to gain a competitive edge without the outright deception.

The search engine standards are sometimes contradictory. While Google discourages use of guest blogging only for link building intent, businesses guest blog to improve brand visibility and establish authority in the industry. Grey hat SEO focuses on the purpose behind action. Brands, therefore, should focus on providing genuine value to users instead of chasing after backlinks solely, as a part of grey hat SEO. For instance, SEO professionals can carefully choose sites which are relevant to business niche and thus contribute valuable content instead of spamming irrelevant websites and using purchased guest posts. 


In the world of SEO, it is important how you do it instead of what you do. You may get penalized if you purchase guest posts on websites which literally have nothing to do with your niche.

Here is the flip side. If you choose to create unique guest posts that provide real value to your readers on sites relevant to what you do, then you are onto something. Here, you are adding value. That’s what Google likes to see. It is about earning links the right way and remaining in Google’s good books. 

Core Elements of SEO

Exceptional Content

Content is king in the world of SEO. Content that prioritizes reliability and relevance rank on Google. When you decide to optimize content for SEO, you need to focus on quality, intent, and originality. It is not enough to merely write a good article. You must add real value and depth to the article. You need to cover topics comprehensively. Google values content which matches the intent of your users to make sure it aligns with search queries. It is equally important to keep your content updated to improve its credibility and maintain relevance. If you prioritize these factors, you will only increase chances of ranking higher or attracting more links. It is all about keeping your users at the center of your content strategy.

How to create quality content

  • You should know what your readers want to know when they land on your page.
  • You should also study who your reader is and what he or she likes or dislikes on your page. 
  • With shorter attention span, it does not make sense to write long texts. Quality writing involves breaking it up with headers and images. 
  • Your content should be actionable, which means it must provide readers with clear information or steps that solve their problems. 

Keyword Research and Selection

It is about finding keywords, or the phrases used by people during their search on Google. This is beyond exploring keyword research tool and using every keyword featured on it. You must make sure to select relevant keywords which have the right search intent and are relevant to your business. Businesses can consider utilizing long-tail keywords, the super specific ones. They could be easier for ranking. Importantly, they can get you targeted traffic. 

When you pick keywords for your website SEO, you need to understand what people look for. While some people just need information to learn about a topic, others are ready to buy something. Logically, if you use keywords which give more information, you will bring traffic to your website. But they may not buy anything. On the other side, if you focus on keywords which show users are ready to buy something, you may get fewer visitors, but they are more likely to make purchase.

Vital tips for the right keyword selection

  1. Utilize smart online tools to do effective keyword research.
  2. You can use the same page to target different keywords instead of creating a new page for each keyword.
  3. Every keyword has the intent, and you should know that to create quality content. 
  4. Keep check on your competitors while performing keyword research to follow their lead. 


The HTML of your website plays an important role in how well it ranks on Google or other search engines. It must have the right headers, tags, and descriptions to make things easier for Google to figure out why your content should rank higher. Here, SEO professionals at Neel Networks focus on various elements such as title tags, schema, meta descriptions, subheadings, URL slugs, etc. to make sure HTML aligns with your goal. Title tags tell your search engine what your page is all about, while meta description provides summary in search results. Subheadings can help enhance your content’s readability. 

Vital tips to improve HTML

  1. Utilization of smart SEO marketing tools to identify HTML issues.
  2. Take inspiration from competition.
  3. Avoid stuffing keywords in meta descriptions.
  4. H2, H3, and H4 headers optimization. 

Site Architecture

Your website architecture affects various aspects such as user experience, visibility, and trustworthiness. It is important to take into consideration various aspects such as avoiding duplicate content, ensuring mobile responsiveness, loading speed optimization, etc. Experienced SEO professionals also make sure to implement required security measures and bring in easy-to-navigate structure. Google takes this into consideration.

Trust is a Real Thing

Search engines want to know if your website is trustworthy. Google prioritizes trustworthy websites. It uses algorithms to check the quality of website and identify spam. Effective SEO strategies focus on these aspects so that the performance of your website can be improved, and user engagement is achieved. Here, having an SSL certificate is essential.

Website architecture must be easy for search engine to move around on. To make it better, you can create a map of your website and fix issues that may arise. It should look reliable. The best SEO agency makes sure to consider domain authority, page authority and bounce rate to achieve the aim. Here, the role of skilled SEO professionals comes. The team creates valuable content and improves the speed of your site and thus attracts the right audience. At the end, it is all about giving people what they want as soon as they land on your website page.


Backlinks are those little connections between websites. The best way to improve your SEO is to gain backlinks from various high-authority websites. Remember, building these links requires a thorough involvement of a professional team. This is because it involves the slow and steady route, proper link building, to reap maximum benefits later. Here, it is not about how many links your website has but where they come from. For the best SEO results, you need a link from a trusted website, which is worth way more than a multitude of links from shady ones. Linking within your own website is also good for navigation and SEO. The text of your link should appear naturally in the article. Remember, there are no shortcuts here. The focus is finding sites relevant to the business and take the steady approach. 

Local SEO

Local SEO helps to rank your website in local listings or map instead of making it show up in regular search results. When people search nearby, they get to see your website on top. To achieve good results for Local SEO, the most important thing is where your user is searching as compared to where your business is located. It is important to be close to the location of the searcher. It is equally important to have a detailed Google Business Profile with all required information such as name, hours, phone numbers, address, etc. Check for NAP citations. You can add photos. It helps. Good reviews, the five-star ones, can get you higher ranking in local searches. To improve your local search, make sure to ask for reviews from your customers, especially on Google, and get more NAP citations. Moreover, make sure your Google Business Profile is filled in detail.   

Global SEO

Here, the organizations aim to reach audience beyond physical location, or they want to tap into global markets. Companies which have an international customer base and have websites in multiple languages can go for this strategy. For global SEO, it is important to implement country-specific domains, carry out international keyword research and publish valuable content on a consistent basis. Here, the important aspect is optimizing websites for different search engines in target countries. Multilingual SEO can also be implemented to cater to users in their native language. The SEO expert team can help you to enhance your growth potential on a global scale.

Social for SEO

Brands can consider leveraging social media to improve search engine rankings. This includes quality and quantity of social shares. When your content has been shared across various social platforms, it helps to expand your reach. Moreover, it also sends positive signals about your business to search engines. It is important remember that SEO strategies and social both are interconnected. When you generate engagement on social media, you show Google that your content is valuable. This requires you to create remarkable content consistently. Here, brands end up increasing the likelihood of their content being shared naturally. 

The process requires SEO professionals to create outstanding content, do regular posting to engage audience and stay relevant and utilize social sharing plugins as well as tools to make things effortless. But remember, the quality of your content shares and the number of your shares, both matters. 


SEO never was and never is a fast track to success. One needs to have the right and long-term plan. It takes between six months to a year to rank for most of the keywords. The important factor in SEO marketing is to pick something your business wants to focus on, provide quality information about the same, have all SEO pieces in one place, managed by a proficient SEO agency.

For impactful SEO services, choose Neel Networks, the best SEO agency. From optimizing HTML elements of your website to creating exceptional content, we know how to harness the power of SEO, locally and globally.

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