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Everyone wants to increase organic traffic on their websites from search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. To do this, the need is to make your website or webpage displays at the top in search engine result page (SERP). Here, the requirement for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) arises, for which you must approach an SEO expert.

SEO: Science or Art?

Some people consider SEO as only the insertion of related keywords in the content. However, it is a wrong belief. SEO is much beyond than keywords and demands conceptual understanding for success. What is SEO? Is it a science or an art? Actually, SEO is a technical work and, to do it properly, it is necessary to have the proper technical knowledge. Thus, it is a science. But, optimizing search engine naturally is an art. Therefore, SEO is a vast domain that involves both art & science. SEO is an extremely important part of digital marketing and has a direct impact on your business profitability.

Bruce Clay said,

“Search is a competitive space where you must compete against a million or more results. SEO is time consuming and requires expert knowledge – there are no short cuts.”

An SEO expert, while doing SEO activities, must have goals in mind. Needless to say, the goal should not only be profit-making. It would be better to aim for creating trust and creditability and enhancing user experience.

The Key Areas of SEO

SEO has four main areas and the same are explained below –

Technical SEO

A website is not just about content and design. Similar to a coin, a website also has two sides. The only difference is that another side of the website is not visible to all the viewers. It is the technical aspect. Though users can’t see it, they can surely sense it through the performance of the website. Moreover, technicalities play a crucial role in the overall performance of the website. 

Apart from the content, the other factors affecting the SEO of a website come under technical SEO, including the structure of the site, mobile-optimization, link building, indexation, etc. In short, technical SEO serves as a base. As per a report on medium, technical on-site optimization is the most effective strategy in SEO according to 59% of SEO experts.     

On-Page SEO

According to the report of Marketing Sherpa, a good-quality on-page content can raise the traffic by nearly 2000%. On-Page includes optimization of the front and back-end components of the website to improve its rank.

When it comes to On-Page SEO, top-notch appropriate content and impeccable user experience (UX) play a significant role. In the absence of these, anything else would hardly help. Content is the reason that a user has turned to the internet in the first place. Suppose, a website has everything, but the content is not relevant and sensible, all the effort would go in vain. Apart from these, the other factors that form part of on-page SEO are keyword research & applicability, internal & external linking, image optimization, meta-tags, URL structure, content readability, etc. On-Page SEO is necessary as it informs the search engine about its usefulness for the viewers.

Off-Page SEO

As the name suggests, off-page optimization includes activities that an SEO expert perform to boost the website rank outside the website or webpage. The off-page optimization includes various tactics, including link building. Though link building is an influential part, it is not the only thing. The other elements are trust and creating social identity. 

There are many ways of building a link. The SEO expert can choose one of the methods, according to appropriateness. For example, posting content at other locations, taking part in forum discussions, answering questions on any other website, indulge in social networking by making a business profile and interacting with people on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It is an important method that one can’t afford to ignore. A report suggests that off-page SEO forms 75% of excellent SEO practice.

Local SEO 

It is one of the most prominent ways to target the audience in the local market. Local SEO techniques aim to enhance your online visibility in the local market and popularise your business amongst the local buyers. In this method, a website or the content is optimized with the help of keywords like city name, state name, etc. This method is of great help, especially for those having an offline business. For example, a bakery in city X. Local SEO would help the bakery owner in generating more business.

As per the report by Google, 4/5 consumers make use of search engines for finding local information. Moreover, local searches result in a higher purchase as compared to non-local searches.

Final Note

Factors affecting the ranking of your website are not one or two but many. Moreover, to optimize the search engine in the best way and to be at the top in the Google search, it is must to follow Google algorithms. But, acquiring knowledge of google algorithms once won’t make much sense as the algorithms keep changing. Yes! Therefore, it is better to appoint an SEO expert to take care of this task. As the only work they do is optimizing search engine for people and improve the ranking of the websites, they have complete knowledge of the field. SEO experts have a close eye on necessary factors, and thus remain aware of even the minute changes. You can get the desired result through them.

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