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Don’t Make These Web Design Mistakes

Website is your representative on the digital platform. And you know how a representative should be? Yes, you hit the right spot! It should be informative, attractive & friendly. It is a general belief that the website helps in magnifying the business and adds to its profit figures. But, it could go another way too, if it is not designed properly. A good website design company can guide you on this.

Door To the Making Of Successful Website

Creating a good-looking website that enhances the user experience (UX) is not rocket science. However, it is not a kid’s stuff as well. So, what it takes to create a website that is a perfect fit for your needs? It requires knowledge of the ongoing web design trends and the users’ preferences. A thoughtful act contributes to great results. You need to take into account the errors that could turn out to be fatal.

Let’s Dig Up The Web Design Mistakes

Here is a list of the web design mistakes that must be addressed.

Search Box – Can’t Miss it

Imagine yourself to be the website user and think. Would you prefer to scan through multiple pages/post to find out what you wish to see? Certainly, not! The same is true with web users. They don’t like going through various pages/posts for what they intend to see. Thus, don’t forget to allot a place to search box on your website. It helps people to find, whatever they need on the website, without wasting time and efforts. Missing on this can take your users to your competitor.

Device-Centric Approach- a good way!

Gone are the days when website design company India used to make different versions of a website for different devices. But, the trend has changed. Now, the website should have a responsive design, which means it should auto-adjust as per the screen resolution. It’s a strict no to different versions.

Self-Starting Videos/Audios – Source of Vexation

Using videos and audios is a great way to offer enhanced user experience as it makes easy for the users to grasp the content in lesser time. But, take care that videos/audios on the website must not play until the user directs to do so. The video/audio that starts automatically when the user reaches a particular page/post might be irritating. Besides, it can distract the user. So, keep the setting in a way that the video/audio must begin when the visitor clicks on it.

Complex Structure – Driving Off Users

The website should not be difficult to explore & understand. If finding a particular thing on a website seems time-consuming to users, they simply leave. For example, contact information – it must be readily available to the website visitor. People do not prefer putting in efforts to uncover your contact details. So, it doesn’t make sense to put such crucial information into folds.

And do not make recurring changes in your website structure. Users do not like this.

Wrong placement of Ads

It is an important factor to look for! Those who allot place to ads on their website must do it cautiously. Putting the ads at an incorrect location can be dangerous; not only in terms of losing visitors but your Google ranking can get a hit too. The ads must be placed in a way that they should not get an unintentional click from the users. Also, it should not look like a part of the content. There are other guidelines also in line with this, which most of the website design company India are aware of. In case you are unfamiliar with this, it is better to acquire knowledge on this.

Performance hiccups

This point is pretty clear. A website having performance issues like slow speed, server error, 404 errors are all demons. You must ensure the swift functioning of the website. Choose the hosting servers wisely. For example, shared hosting offers you limited resources. Just check beforehand. You might be on a shared server thinking that you have limited traffic and it would be manageable. But, at any peak point, if the load increases beyond limits, the servers will auto-throttle.

Casual Approach

Many things need to be done to make a first-rate website. It includes a privacy policy, cookies policy, and other such things. Trimming efforts on this dissatisfy users. Thus, due amount of time should be devoted to making such policies and no copy-pasting; users want to know what you have in your bag. For this, you can take the help of professionals working with a good website design company India.


Whitespaces are good to differentiate content and give simple look to your website but it should be in limits. Its overuse gives an empty look to the website. Users might find this uninteresting.

Over Experiment

It is good to be creative while designing a website like trying out different themes, fonts and so on. But, make sure you do not over experiment with such things. You should not neglect the convenience & comfort of the users. Using too many fonts, colors, and designs might annoy users.

Final Words

Listed above are the common and most annoying mistakes that you or even a website design company India can commit. However, these are not the only ones. There could be many more. When it comes to website designing, no single solution is the perfect fit for all. Instead, the good or bad depends upon your business and goals. Also, exactly what is wrong can be known only upon seeing the website. Thus, it is better to have a one-to-one discussion with a web designer. That way you can have a superb website.

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