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DIY Websites- The Pros and Cons

In the epoch of digitalization, it is imperative to have a digital presence for getting bigger. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, while addressing tech giants in Silicon Valley stated: – “Status now is not whether you are awake or asleep, it is whether you are online or offline”. This very well highlights the importance of having a website for the business. When it comes to starting a website, you have to decide whether you want to make a website on own using Do-It-Yourself Websites tools or want to get it done with the help of professional web designers. Remember, before choosing any option, think well as cheap web design can harm you badly.

DIY Websites – A Brief

We all know what a DIY website means! Yes, you get it right. It is nothing but a website created by the owner, without any assistance from professionals. And there are many tools available to facilitate you. Let’s have a look at some popular DIY website tools offering affordable web design services.


The journey of Weebly began from San Francisco in the year 2007. Its services are targeted for the e-commerce segment. It has millions of clients for its affordable web design services that are easy to use. With this tool, you can give an alluring look to your online shop. Additionally, it helps in works like simplifying shipment delivery, taxes, and management of inventory.


Through affordable web design services, Wix has nearly 150 million users and has become one of the favorite tools for having a self-made website. In 2009, just in three years from the launch in 2006, it had 1 million users for its platform. It helps you make an online presence without any arduousness. And it keeps adding latest features to its offerings for best user experience.


This is a name with which all of us are familiar. After all, it is an eminent DIY website builder. As per W3Techs, WordPress supports 34% of the websites in the cosmos with a 60% share in the content management system. It is not the one that only small business users prefer but is the choice of big businesses too, for systematic & affordable web design services. And, it is famous amongst high-traffic websites. With this, you can choose to avail thousands of free themes and plug-ins.


With a huge range of free HTML templates, it is a novice drag & drop tool. It facilitates easy content editing and offers cheap web designs. And, you can avail lifetime membership for free.


It is a Canadian company offering fully-hosted website services with an integrated payment solution for e-commerce companies. With this, you can get affordable web design services along with benefits like inventory management, marketing, shipping and statistics to power-up your business and become No. 1 online shop. Furthermore, you can perform every function from one dashboard.

What Lies Ahead!

After going through various DIY Websites offering a range of pre-defined set-ups, theme, and easy usability, it is the time to decide whether you should go for it! In the name of affordable web design services, you must not put your business at stake. A wrong decision while creating the website can direct your business to the wrong path as a website is the face of business in the digital ecosystem! This puts people into a quandary. And to come out, it is paramount to dive into the pros and cons of the DIY websites.


Easy Process – Can be undertaken even by non-techie

It is one of the biggest benefits. Using DIY Websites builders, a person with minimal or no knowledge of coding can also build a website. The drag & drop feature facilitates easy operation. And to give an enticing look to the website, there are various themes & templates available to choose from. That reason these web builders are referred to as a provider of affordable web design services.

Less Time-Consuming

What you need to take your website live is beautiful content! DIY allows users to go live in a very short span. As all the resources are provided at a single place and on top of that it doesn’t require coding, therefore with just drag and drops, you can create a website in minimal time.


With such website builders, you need not spend much money. You will get most of the features for free or at less cost. With this, you can skip the need of professionals and that’s where one can save a big chunk of the budget. Moreover, 90% of the web builders mentioned offer a fully-hosted platform that means you need not pay the additional cost for hosting your website. Furthermore, they provide built-in security features, google analytics, and SEO tools. Aren’t these a bundle of affordable web design services?


Immature Product

The greatest limitation of DIY is that you won’t get the feel and essence of quality in the end product. Not because you aren’t a creative personality, rather professionals possess the experience. They know what the audience expects and how even colors can play a significant role in the success of the website.

Less Flexibility

With DIY, when on one side you are taking financial freedom with affordable web design services, at the same time you compromise a lot with flexibility. The reason is that these platforms are made to meet the demands of a large audience. Thus lack precise customization options and don’t allow users to give unique attributes to their website.

Antique Tools

Yup, you read that right! Most of the DIY platforms, in an urge to cut cost, offer obsolete tools. Not just that. A user won’t even get the right combination of tools and that’s going to impact the website at large. This means you were hoping for some cost cut but eventually gambled with your business in the end. Instead of taking affordable web design services from such builders, it would be beneficial that you look for experts offering the same at budget-friendly rates.

The Double Edge Sword

This might be the last point in our list but for users, it’s of high importance. The fact is that in today’s world nothing comes free of cost. Whether it’s an online platform or software, its creation, and maintenance demand cost. So, we can call them so-called affordable web design services. It requires a large team to look after such offering and they are not doing this as a charity. Then who is paying for them? Either you by upgrading to premium or through your data and becoming their ad display center. Further, you will have to reward these DIY builder offers to gain access to support.

In Nutshell…

It might look fascinating to go with DIY but at the cost of business! It’s better not to fall in the trap of these website builders. Better you approach some professional company and hire experts. You will get the best solution and a space to show your creative side too. Isn’t it a good idea! Readymade affordable web design services could not guarantee always!

It’s Time to Switch

Though there are some benefits of DIY website builders definitely, the cons outweigh. A nicely built website with specific customizations can offer you a lot more benefits to your business than the self-made ones. For this, we are here to help you.

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