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What is E-Commerce Website and its types

So what is ecommerce website? It’s a platform for any commercial transaction that involves some kind of transfer of information on the Internet. Ecommerce covers wide range of businesses, from auction to music sites, from consumer based retail sites to business exchanges trading services and goods between corporations.

Ecommerce allows you to electronically exchange services or goods with no barriers of distance or time. Ecommerce has expanded fast over the last few years and is set to grow at this rate, and may even accelerate. Today businesses have so many E-commerce options. There are different types of ecommerce platforms. Let’s have a close look at few of them…….

Types of E-commerce websites

B2B (Business to Business)

These Ecommerce websites sell products or services to other businesses. For example, a machine manufacturer selling a chain-saw machine to any plywood production house. These websites get little traffic than online retailers. For instance, Alibaba.com is a B2B platform where many production houses and platforms sell things to other businesses. A good ecommerce website design and development company can develop one for you at most competitive rates.

B2C (Business to Customer)

This is a regular online retailer wherein a business sells to customers. It’s accomplished by business owning its own Ecommerce website selling its services or products on marketplace where premium sellers are present. The numbers of transactions on these sites are high.

C2C (Customer to Customer)

These types of Ecommerce websites allow customers to interact with each other and sell goods or services to each other. However, types of products available on these sites are firsthand or manufactured ones. These marketplaces could have variety of products ranging from home made products to new products or even things of antiquity.

According to the Number of the Sellers

Ecommerce Development Company can develop a site based on number of sellers. Some of the variations in this type of website are…

  • Online Retailers – Selected Premium Sellers- Some examples of these sites are amazon.com. These companies offer platform to vendors to sell their products to worldwide or country specific buyers. However, sellers need to match some predefined conditions of the Ecommerce website.
  • Vendor Specific – Single Seller-These websites sell products of one single company. All such services and products are listed on the site for sale.
  • Online marketplace – Everyone Is a Seller-These are online marketplaces where anybody can sell.

According to the Product Range

  • Product, Customers or Industry Specific– Some websites sell specific type of products offered by different manufactures. They sell products of one specific industry. For example – diapers.com or etsy.com which sells only handmade things.
  • Single Product– Single product online stores sell just one product and such websites depend on large number of tempting customers to buy one single product.
  • All Products Types– Here everything is available on one single website and they offer a really wide range.

Any Ecommerce website is defined mainly by one of these types. Its customer scale, demography and other factors could be understood by understanding which particular category or categories it sits in.

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