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Android Vs iOS Development: Points to Know Before Selecting the Platform for Your App

With time, things change, and so does the habit of the people. Among major changes, one is the rising use of mobile phones. Now, the global market share of mobile is more than the desktop. And that’s not all. With the increasing number of mobile users, there is a change in the internet usage behaviour and preferences of the people. Reports suggest that the practice of using the internet on mobile is elevating. Plus, the time gap between mobile app and web browser use is also expanding. As per the data available on MindSea, people are spending around 90% of their mobile internet time on apps. Also, data reveals how frequently people check apps every day.

As mobile apps are convenient to use, people are favouring them. Well, that’s one part of the story. What about another one? A mobile application has a lot to offer to businesses too. With a mobile app, you can get hold of your customers directly and more often through personalised messages. You will have more chances of convincing them while making your brand recognisable. This effective and smooth channel of communication can help you get more business.

That’s pushing up the demand for mobile app development. More businesses are willing to adopt the mobile application. Because in the absence of a mobile app, you are missing opportunities. 

But when it comes to mobile app development, there’s a small issue. There is a vital question that needs an answer to move ahead. And what’s that? Which mobile app development platform should you choose? Whether you should go for an android app or an iOS app?

Do you have the same questions? Are you finding yourself stuck between the two app development platforms – Android and iOS? Well, you are not alone. Many businesses face a tough time choosing between these platforms. But not anymore.

To help you choose the right platform, we are gonna compare the two leading mobile app development platforms – Android and iOS. We will see their suitability for you based on different factors.

Are you ready?

Android Vs iOS Development: Which of these Should You Choose?

Target Audience

It won’t be wrong to call it one of the major decisive factors. While choosing the app development platform for your business, you need to analyse your target audience first. You have to reach where your target audience is; you can’t go the other way round. For that, you have to find where they are. Whether your audience has more of android users or iOS users, or there is a mix – almost equal kind of situation. In case you have a majority of users on any of these platforms, you can pick that. But if you land in the third situation where your audience is a mix – you have to think again. You can’t leave any of those categories. So, you will need an app for both platforms. You can serve them separately, or another solution is a cross-platform app that lets you serve both platforms.


Whether you want an app for your business that’s into online selling? Or want an app to leverage the benefits of a mobile application for growing your business? Why are we saying this? Because your answer will affect your decision. If you want to generate income through apps, you will have to see the suitability of the app accordingly. Revenue generation should be a judgement criterion. And as far as revenue is concerned, iOS beats android even with fewer users and 15% less global market share. It’s because iOS is famous in high-income areas. There, people are willing to pay for in-app purchases. But that’s not the case with android app users. They don’t like spending much on apps. Though in the last four years, android revenue increased 167%, as of now, iOS stands as a clear winner for revenue generation.


Talking about features, both android and iOS platforms are capable of serving you well. You can get the functionalities and features added as per your requirements. But here, by choosing android, you can enjoy flexibility as this platform doesn’t restrict you much. So, customisation is not a problem. On the other hand, iOS offers limited customisation options. Because for Apple, privacy is more important. So, you can’t get access to all the hardware, systems, etc.


Again, an imperative factor! How much are you willing to shell out for the app development? And what are your expectations with the service provider and the outcome? Because in either case – android or iOS, development cost can be a function of multiple factors. We can’t say android is less costly or iOS. But yes, one thing worth noticing here is android app development norms are not much stringent. So, the review won’t be a hurdle. But that’s not the case with the iOS app. If you want your iOS app to be approved by Apple, you need to meet their quality standards, and there is a fair chance that they don’t approve it at all. Now, you can think about the cost. If your iOS app gets rejected, that’s a total waste of money. The chance of happening this with android is rare.

Market Overview

If you intend to reach more people in less time, android will be the best. It has a vast user base across the globe. Here, iOS get a back seat because it has far less market share than the android app.

Development TAT

Android app development takes more time as compared to iOS app development. That’s because of the complexities involved. Due to the availability of so many cell phone models, a lot of work is required at the developer’s end to make an app fitting for all kinds of devices. But that’s not the case with the iOS development because Apple has a limited range of devices.

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What’s your pick? Which app development platform fits more appropriately in your needs?

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