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Should You Look To Hire A Dedicated Magento Developer?

CMS flipped the way people looked at web development. It declined the need to know coding and other technical stuff. Thus, web design and development became more of a DIY job.
Then came multiple CMS options and brought lots of development and plugins built around it. Now, things are not as simple as they seem. You can’t pick a CMS randomly and launch your website the DIY way. There is a lot of behind the scene technicalities and problems that you need to know to ensure that you get the desired output from the website. Here arises the
need of having domain-specific knowledge.
With time, field experts demonstrated the magnificent ways in which coding knowledge can be wondrous. They swiftly eradicated existing problems in CMS platforms, that wasn’t possible for DIY users.
And the next wave is inching towards employing a dedicated developer. That sounds interesting and reasonable too! Because rapid development happening every day makes it hard for an individual to know about all the platforms out there. But there’s a catch to it.
Therefore, it requires some efforts to analyse whether you need a dedicated developer or not. And today, we will look at multiple aspects of hiring a dedicated Magento Website Developer.
Let’s first talk about Magento.

What is Magento?

Created using PHP framework, Magento is an open-source platform for e-commerce business. The benefits and versatility of Magento have made it a renowned and widely accepted name, and thus, it hardly needs any introduction.
It’s a powerful choice for the e-commerce website, with a maximum number of users in the US, followed by the United Kingdom (source: Cminds). Now, we have Magento 2 in the market with compelling features. As mentioned by magentodevelopers.com, 12% of all e-commerce websites are powered by Magento, which is 1.2% of the web world. The user’s trust is based on the strong Magento system, and a community of over three lakh trained Magento developers spread across the globe.
A dedicated Magento website developer can be an asset, you know! But before you decide whether or not you need to hire dedicated Magento Developer, it would be better to see how Magento developer can benefit your company.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Magento Developer

Niche Knowledge with Certification

Obvious point! Having been studied the topic to its core, a specialized Magento developer, unlike other web developers working on different projects (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.), has in-depth subject knowledge, knowing even smallest detail. The person understands the architecture of a Magento website, including the technicalities of front-end and back-end
development, the effect of themes, layout modules, Magento cloud development, UI/UX, maintenance and troubleshooting, etc. Being learned, a Magento website developer can explain to you how a little addition, modification or shortfall in the website could affect the performance. And it could be anything, for example – the use of plugins, bugs, etc.

Up with Current Happenings

A dedicated Magento developer lives in the Magento environment and remains fully aware of the Magento industry trends. He knows everything; the slipping techniques, the latest additions in the Magento development, and much more. Also, he keeps himself aware of the current affairs of the Magento world, which is the most important for getting success in the
field as a developer and delivering excellent results to clients in the form of a fully-functional, smooth and amazing website.

Adherence to Coding Standards

When compared to an all-rounder website developer, a dedicated Magento website developer know about the Magento coding guidelines, set of rules, and the best industry practices in a better way as he works in the same field every day. Moreover, his extensive experience in the area enables him to utilize his skills and knowledge effectively and efficiently. He can do
coding neatly and smoothly while adhering to the Magento industry standards. Additionally, the work will have the consistency that means your website will be easy to maintain; no matter the developer and person doing the task are the same or different. And higher security will be a plus.

In other words, a Magento website developer follows the fittest way for creating your Magento website, rather than using general practices, which prevail in the overall website development industry across the platforms. And that’s an unbeatable path to progress.

Whether you should Hire Dedicated Magento Developer or Not?

Now, when you know the benefits of hiring a Magento website developer, it would be easier for you to get an answer to the initial question – should you hire dedicated Magento developer? To make decision-making simpler, we are facilitating you with various factors as a basis.

Factors to Look While Making a Judgment

  • Requirement & Functionality – It is one of the most crucial factors! Do you want a basic e-commerce system, offering smooth online selling with needed functionalities like wishlist and checkout? Or are you thinking of having an advanced e-commerce store that can automate much of your task while making online shopping fun for your customers? Like a website with a huge menu and multiple sub-menus, product comparison feature, or a B2B business website that can show product catalogue, price calculation for bulk orders, shipping and tax adjustment, and the list goes on. If the second option is what you have chosen, then you will need a Magento website developer to make your website a mega-power through superb customizations.
  • Maintenance & Support – For instant support, precise issue resolution and efficient troubleshooting regarding Magento, nothing could be more sensible than hiring a specialized Magento developer.
  • Cost Involved – Now, it is time to look at the budget factor. If you want to keep your costs low at the initial stage, then hiring a dedicated developer could be difficult. But remember you might have to pay a huge price at a later stage by not working with a dedicated Magento developer. So, if you don’t want to end up paying an additional cost in the future, hire dedicated Magento developer.

So, have you made your mind on hiring a Magento website developer? Or is there anything that’s stopping you? In either situation, connect with us. We have both, a top-class website development consultant to help you conclude and highly experienced Magento developer, in case if you already decided to hire dedicated Magento developer.

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