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Defeating The Spammers The Samurai Way – A Little & Quick Guide to Combat Spamming

Spamming; you must have faced this issue! It’s a usual instance. And today, when the PII (personally identifiable information) is easily available, spamming is becoming a serious issue. Why spamming is terrible? Is spam a type of virus? No. Then what is spam, and why is it bad? Let’s see. What is Spamming? It’s the […]

8 Image Optimization Tools to Lower Your Website's Load Speed (Most of Them Are Free)
8 Image Optimization Tools to Lower Your Website’s Load Speed (Most of Them Are Free)

A website without visuals looks lame! An image is a powerful tool and a vital ingredient of a website. An image does much more than making a website’s appearance appealing. Images, while enhancing user experience, pave the way for better SEO results and elevate engagement rate. People incline more towards the images because it simplifies […]

Why Website Maintenance Is Important: 6 Reasons You Should Think About It Without Delay!

Hey, I have hired a top website designer and developer for the creation of my website. And the outcome is just excellent! It looks beautiful and works smoothly. Oh, great! And what about its maintenance? Well, why would I need that? My website is working fine. Really! Is that enough? The clear answer to this […]

Website Maintenance as A Service: What Services to Expect Under It?

Maintenance is indispensable to ensure smooth and impeccable performance, be it is a machine or a human body. Then how can you expect a website to work well in the absence of a proper maintenance schedule? For a website to appear appealing to its audience and possess the ability to engage them, you need to […]

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