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Tested Website Performance Metrics Helping to Win the Digital Game

Having a business website is essential, we know! But that’s not all. It’s just the beginning. To captivate the audience and become the winner of the game, it’s significant to ensure that your website works well throughout. And uninterrupted usability and excellent appearance are not the only factors telling about a website’s performance. Yes, they are vital aspects of a website’s performance but are not enough to let you say your website is performing well. What matters more is whether your website is helping you achieve business goals or not. Answering this question calls for data analysis. You need to dig into the numbers.

But which metrics should you look at? Google Analytics has a lot to tell.  Well, depending upon the business, the goals can vary, and so the analytical factors. But, irrespective of what you do, the ultimate goal is to make more money while satisfying users!

So, here we are presenting the major factors which play a crucial in a website’s performance analysis.

Vital Website Performance Metrics Helping You Outshine

Page Speed / Page Load Time

We need not tell you how important is it for your website to load quickly! You must have experienced at least once how bad it feels when you click on a website link, and the same doesn’t open for a long time. And the same is true for your website visitors as well. A slow-loading website not only affects user experience but kills conversion, too. As mentioned by Hubspot, every second’s addition in load time (between 0 to 5 seconds) leads to a drop in the conversion rate by an average of 4.42% (Portent)

Bounce Rate

It’s another vital factor! Bounce rate is the percentage of people leaving your website after seeing just one page of your website. A high bounce rate, though not necessary, can mean something is wrong with your website because of which either a user is unable to engage and interact or not willing to do so. So, if you have a high bounce rate, take a look at other analytical factors. Also, check the UI and UX of your website to see if something is annoying your website visitors.

Dwell Time

The duration from a person clicking on your website link in the SERP till he goes back to the SERP is the dwell time. It’s the amount of time that a visitor spends on your webpage. It’s good to have a higher dwell time as it shows your web page is successfully satisfying your website visitors. They are spending more time on your webpage as they are finding the information useful and pretty engaging.

Website Traffic

What’s the optimum website traffic that indicates your website is performing well? It would be tough to say because there’s no fixed number. So, when it comes to using the site’s traffic for analyzing the performance of your website, take a look at the traffic streak of the past few weeks or months. Check the state of your website traffic accordingly. Have a look at the number of returning visitors and unique visitors. If you face issues like a continuous decline in the website traffic, sharp or sudden decline, then lookout for a reason.


Whether a person visiting your website is taking the desired action or not – purchase, subscription, etc., is conversion. While measuring the performance of a website, it’s the most mattering aspect. If your website is not bringing you enough conversions, you should find why that’s happening. Otherwise, your ROI will drop.

Cart Abandonment Rate

Users initiated the purchase process and added the items to the cart but left the process incomplete, i.e., they didn’t make a purchase; that’s cart abandonment. And the number of people abandoning the cart compared to the total number of people creating the cart is the cart abandonment rate. It’s a crucial performance indicator for an e-commerce store. And you must monitor the same regularly. You need to find out why people are not completing the transaction. It could be due to high page load time, long check-out process, etc. But undoubtedly, that leads to the loss of revenue.

Check-Out Time

If you have an e-commerce website, keep a close watch on the check-out time. A prolonged check-out time can become a reason for a higher cart abandonment rate. It’s because users don’t prefer involving in a complex check-out process. They want the ease of shopping. So, ensure you offer a quick check-out facility involving the least possible number of steps.

Exit Page

It’s a page from where your website visitor is moving out of your website – the page he views the last. You need to pay attention, especially when you have a multi-page check-out process and struggling with a high cart abandonment rate. It will help you know at which point your users are leaving you.

Though they all will help you derive some meaningful outcome, you can pick as per your suitability.

Closing Note

Jakob Nielsen said,

“A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.”

A grumpy salesperson can’t bring you results. Neither your audience nor you can bear such a salesperson. So, don’t let your website become one. And the best way to do so is to keep a close watch on the crucial metrics telling your website’s performance. This way, you can sense the red flag as soon as they arise. And fix the issue immediately to keep your website in a good state.

Go for Website Audit!

Are you curious about your website’s health? Or are you facing a tough time as you are not getting enough conversions? Then it’s high time for your website’s checkup. And for this task, you should trust none other than an experienced website auditor.

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