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Simple & Powerful Chatbot Plugins to Increase Your Website Conversion

Today, if you want to succeed, you have to engage and entice your customers. Here, offering excellent products and services and a classic after-sale service is not enough. That’s a pre-requisite and a later thing. Firstly, you should be able to convert your audience into customers. That demands a lot of effort as the competition […]

Serving Images in Google Recommended WebP Format Made Easy for WordPress Websites

The benefit that images offer is invaluable. Using them on the website not only helps you in numerous ways but let your visitors consume the content easily. Appealing visuals add life to the content by enhancing the overall appearance. Also, images boost engagement and help in search engine optimization. But there is a problem. The […]

Make Link Management & Optimization Process for WordPress Painless with These Plugins

Do you want to get the best out of your SEO effort? Are you willing to get to the top of the SERP and enjoy a high domain authority? Then you must pay attention to the links. Links, whether internal or external, are a vital part of your website’s SEO strategy. And that makes link […]

7 Plugins to Easily Tune-up Database of WP Website

If your website is slow, it will contribute to dissatisfaction among the user. Ultimately, it will lead to spoiling the user experience. And what’s next? You know the answer! Yes! This, in turn, will disappoint the search engines as they don’t like the websites which don’t seem fit for the users. And it will negatively […]

6 Convenient WordPress Migration Plugins (Migrate WordPress Website Without any Stress)

WordPress is one of the most comfortable platforms to set up and run a website. You have done it and started moving ahead on the digital growth journey. But suddenly, you realise that something is not right with your website hosting. It could be anything – the cost, lack of functionalities, performance issues, customer support […]

Win The Game of WordPress Security with These Easy-To-Implement Tips & Tricks

Security is a topic of great concern. And that’s true for a WordPress website as well. Because WordPress is a popular and highly used website building platform, WordPress websites are a good target of hackers. Though WordPress is generally a secure platform for the website, the easy access to information and the advanced technology contribute […]

Is Google Sites A Better Option Than WordPress?

Today, not having a website is not an option; that acts as your face in the digital world. A website is coming up as a first resort. The first thing a user does when hearing about a product/service provider (need not necessarily dealing in online selling) is visiting the website. So, even if you are […]

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme to Boost Your Core Web Vitals Game

Every update from Google introduces something to the digital system. And you, as a part of the cosmos, need to align your website accordingly to be in the game. And this time, it’s Core Web Vitals. Announced in May 2020, this update can change the things happening in the digital marketing and web development industry […]

Here are the Most Popular WordPress Plugins of All Time
Here are the Most Popular WordPress Plugins of All Time

WordPress is the most popular website building platform. And what makes it even more advantageous is the availability of a plethora of plugins. With over 58000 plugins, you can extend your website’s functionality manifold while aligning it to your needs. You will get a range of options for every aspect of the website. And that’s […]

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: A Tale of Siblings That Are Different Despite Being Similar

WordPress needs no introduction! Almost everyone having eyes on digital space knows about it. Well, they must. It is a renowned and most-used CMS (Content Management System). Can’t believe it? We have numbers to highlight its worth. WordPress alone rules around 40% of the entire web (TechRadar). And it empowers 64.9% of websites based on […]

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