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Website Maintenance as A Service: What Services to Expect Under It?

Maintenance is indispensable to ensure smooth and impeccable performance, be it is a machine or a human body. Then how can you expect a website to work well in the absence of a proper maintenance schedule? For a website to appear appealing to its audience and possess the ability to engage them, you need to have a disciplined approach towards its routine maintenance. Going for support when a problem arises is a different thing, as here, you are opting for corrective action. But it could affect your profitability. It is because your website is a synonym of your identity in the digital world. Any fault in that has an impact on your business, directly or indirectly. Thus, it is better is to avoid such situations. And that calls for preventive action – timely website maintenance.

What is Website Maintenance?

As the name indicates, it is an act of examining or scanning a website to discover the flaws, fix the same and keep it up-to-date.

Regular website check-up allows you to know the trouble(s) that is hampering the performance of your website without creating any notable problem. You can detect and eliminate the issue that could make your website numb or outdated in the coming time.

Well, here comes an important question – what all form part of a website maintenance service?

Dive into this piece of content for complete details.

Website Maintenance Services List

Though the meaning of website maintenance is the same among service providers, the list of services varies. The reason could be many, including priority, knowledge and experience. Moreover, the items in the list could vary depending upon the website maintenance package you choose.


But some services must be a member of your website maintenance package. And what are those?

Let’s see.


“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”

– Misty Copeland

The above statement fits well in the context of website maintenance, too.

And it includes –

  • Troubleshooting Issues
  • Errors

A website is prone to technical issues and errors. Such problems, along with negatively affecting your performance and fame, can hit your position in the SERP. So, there must be someone who can address these issues for you, before they convert into troubles. Besides, the response time to the problem must be the shortest possible, and here, it is significant to keep in mind the intensity of the issue. Some problems call for immediate action, and in other cases, a slight delay doesn’t matter much.

Further, quick support is a cardinal part of website maintenance service. The service provider must be available to answer your query whenever you reach out. Leaving other things aside, the responsible person should be able to comprehend the issue and must be able to give a deadline for resolution.

Website Performance & Security

Having a website won’t make sense if it is not working as desired. And a website maintenance service is a waste of money if the service provider can’t keep your website smoothly running. Besides, website security is also a critical area, especially when you collect information from users, including phone number, email id, etc. Thus, don’t miss to check your website maintenance package for this. Some notable segments to look for are –

  • Website Backup – Website data backup service is essential as it helps you deal with tragic situations like website crash. You can get your website data back in just a click; no wastage of time, efforts and revenue.
  • Updates – Timely website update allows maintaining superior functionality of the site. It becomes vital in the case of CMS. Failing to update a website on time can result in performance issues. Also, your website can become prone to security threats.
  • SSL – Necessary to provide a secure channel.
  • Speed – Neither people nor search engines like a website that takes longer to load. A slow-loading website affects overall performance and can increase bounce rate, drop conversions and hit revenue.

User Experience

If you want your audience or website users to return to you, the need is to serve them with an excellent and impeccable experience. UX is a powerful thing. In the absence of the same, hardly anything would matter. So, make sure that your website maintenance service list covers issues relating to maintaining the A-1 user experience. And it includes numerous areas.

To name a few, we have –

  • Broken links: Not fixing the broken link sends a bad message to both users and Google.
  • Website design – It is not only about appearance. The functionality of the website design also matters. The website should offer ease of use.
  • Browser compatibility – Different people can use different browser. So, for a wonderful user experience, it is a must to check that website works well on all browsers.


Here comes the secondary level service. Timely analysis of website performance data like information about traffic, etc., allows performance improvement.

However, many service providers take the responsibility of Google Analytics Integration only. They don’t go beyond as it is an advanced segment. But in case you want to outsource this task, see if the particular company is providing an advanced website maintenance package, including this service. Also, you can check if you have an option of taking a customised package.


Now, it is time to see some add-on services.

  • Hosting
  • Domain name renewal
  • Content Update

These may or may not be a part of the website maintenance services list as not all website owners want to take the above services. But if you are working with a reputed company that provides recurring services, you can find the above services mostly as a part of an advanced website maintenance package, which, of course, will have a high price tag. And if you are unable to find any services as a part of the service packages, check for the option of getting a personalised package. That would be better as you can pick the services as per your requirements and save the extra cost.

Wrap Up

Through routine website maintenance, you can make sure that your website is doing its work as it should, representing you in the best possible manner while meeting the audiences’ expectations. Website maintenance has various benefits, ultimately leading to growth and higher profits.

Well, do you take website maintenance services? Does that include all the crucial components? Otherwise, that’s just a formality. Check now.

For more insights, go for a website audit.

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