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Typography Made Easy: Find Font Easily with These Handy Tools

Typography is a vital element of visual design. It affects the user experience. Whether it’s about the text on the design or other digital content (blog, web copy, etc.), if you want to increase the consumption of your digital content, you need to ensure that you go well with the typography. Otherwise, you can mess with the visual aesthetics. That, in turn, can lead to the wastage of efforts you have put into the content creation task.

What is Typography?

Typography is the way of presenting the text to make it visually pleasing. The best typography is one that makes the text readable, legible, and visually engaging. It has various elements, including fonts, whitespace, consistency, and alignment. To be perfect, all the aspects of the typography need to be in good shape. And that’s a difficult task because there are a lot of options. It’s a creative aspect, and thus, it’s possible to have a lot of combinations. Finding out the best among them and ensuring that they mix & match well with other aspects while fulfilling the purpose is a bit technical area. It can be time-consuming and daunting.

But you don’t have an option to ignore if you want to please the readers.

Then what can you do?

Well, worry not. To make the task easy for you, we have come with convenient and functional typography tools. Let’s check out.

Best Typography Tools to Simplify the Task


You have ended up finalizing a font after juggling for hours, but that’s not as pleasant as you thought! It happens many a time. And then you have to start from the starting. What a waste of resources? Isn’t it? Well, we have a way out. Use Wordmark. This tool enables you to save time by making the font selection process smooth and quick. When you visit Wordmark, you get to see a space. Enter the phrase or paragraph or a word. And the tool will display that in different fonts for you to see how it looks. The tool adjusts the font size depending upon the length of the text you enter, but you have an option to increase or decrease the font size. Once you are done checking your entries in various fonts, shortlist the ones appearing fit. Now compare them to make a choice. It offers other features too. So, don’t forget to take a look.


Promoting itself as a professional font manager, RightFont is made exclusively for Mac. It’s contemporary, lightweight, and functional software to simplify your task. As it’s an uncomplicated app, you can start using it straight away, without any need to learn anything. Using this app, you can preview the fonts, manage them with a single click, and sync the font files through cloud service. And to start using this, you don’t need to rework your workflow as it can easily collaborate with the same.


Emotions you want to deliver through the text also play a significant role in font selection. The font must complement a particular emotion. Oh! Finding the suitable font for as per the emotions — that’s not a plain task. You will have to go into the depths of font selection to implement the emotional aspect in the font selection. Right! No. You need not because Emotypes is there to assist you. Emotypes serves you with a range or group of typefaces for different emotions – welcoming, neutral, unique, and confident. Just pick the suitable ones, and you are good to go.


Based in the UK, Identifont was developed to facilitate you with the best font selection system. Using this tool, you can find the fonts or information about the same based on different aspects – name, appearance, designer, picture, etc. Also, you can know about the popular fonts (as picked by its users). Furthermore, with Identifont, you can create your own font set that you can use even later or share the same over email. And if you want to find the fonts for specific needs, you can use Identifont tools. So, this tool is all set to make your job easier.


One of the genuine problems in typography is font pairing. When it comes to using different fonts, deciding which fonts will go well with each other is an issue. Here, you need to look at multiple aspects because the outcome of the combination should be able to produce desired visual impact. For example, you want to use three different fonts. How to go about it? Suppose you select three fonts, but the difference is hardly noticeable, or you pick the fonts that look entirely different. Now imagine how things will appear! So, you have to use the apt technique of font selection, but it’s an arduous task. Well, Fontjoy is ready to make it easy for you. Intending to make font pairing manageable for you while enabling you to ensure a satisfying outcome, this tool lets you have the right combination using the power of deep learning. And if you want, you can make edits manually as well. 

Typekit Practice

And here’s one if you want to master the art of typography. Typekit Practice serves you with the essential resources to learn or sharpen this skill and opportunities to practice.

Sum Up

If you want to captivate your audience and expect them to consume your content, make sure that you have appropriate typography. Neglecting the typography can cost you huge in terms of the readers. You might fail to grab the attention of your audience even after serving a great piece of content. It’s because, for some people, feel is more important to be able to concentrate. They won’t be able to connect to the text and, eventually, leave. So, better pay attention to the typography.

And you have typography tools for assistance. Choose suitable typography tools and let the users enjoy your work.

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