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Time To Level Up Your Website Maintenance Metrics. Presenting Neel Networks’ Preventive Approach To Stop Something From Breaking Down And Corrective Approach To Bring Something Back To Original Working Order. New Leads And Sales Are Incredible Business Opportunities Which Come With A Website That Functions Efficiently, Every Time.

Let Your Website Become A Yardstick Of Quality And Consistency

Neel Networks’ long list of services including website development, redesigning and maintenance using cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices will help every aspect of your business to grow. We know the majority of consumers conduct online research and hence missing out on potential sale is not on the card. A website that looks unprofessional forms a negative first impression which customers relate with the brand image. Building good brand reputation is part of our extensive vision at Neel Networks. At the end, it is all about what your customers want and are comfortable with. Your website should have every feature, functionality and characteristics to encourage your customers to stay on it and increase chances of making a sale. There is one more objective which Neel Networks’ team tries to accomplish with its comprehensive website upkeep strategy – preventing cyber attacks and protecting company and consumer data. Security is the result of consistent efforts.

Why Website Maintenance Is Important

According to statistics, approximately 94% of first impressions are formed by web design. If your website is not up-to-date, it creates a poor first impression. The outcomes are worst when this happens in case of an ecommerce business because inappropriate functionality will prevent people from buying your products online. Is this something any business can afford in this highly competitive world? Certainly not! Consider end-to-end website maintenance support provided by the team which embodies excellence in every step.

Our Website Services Includes

Regular Content Update

We, at Neel Networks, firmly believe that content of any website should evolve with business which constantly makes changes in its products, services, approaches, target audience, and thus continues to expand. Content tends to get out of date surprisingly quickly. Besides, search engines reward websites with regularly updated contents. The sole purpose of updating content is to make website more engaging and effective for viewers. Business could also increase conversions by changing their call-to-action phrases on website, implementing new practices and adopting current web content design trends. Content update also provides the opportunity to make your website more SEO-friendly. So, we have every reason to keep improving the quality of content on website.

Update Software And Plugins

Unfortunately, the importance of maintaining a website is realized after something bad happens like spam starts flooding in, website slows down, security is adversely affected, etc. Plugins may contain many vulnerabilities. The only way to reduce security-related risks and strengthen site’s ability to withstand attacks is by incorporating updates. Neel Networks works for this and brings about outcomes – a bug-free website, extra features, and enhanced level of security which is hard to break. Updating plugins and other aspects of website is easier than fixing big issues.

Security Scans

Comprehensive and reliable security audits are imperative for companies or organizations to assess their overall security structure. The team conducts detailed analysis of the performance of website’s security systems and protocols employed in this regard, regularly. Protection of data, efficient performance of website and retaining good business reputation are end goals. Our team consistently checks for vulnerabilities, weaknesses, misconfigurations of website’s security and update clients about the same to pave a way for preventive and timely measures.

Run Backup

We, at Neel Networks, help entities foster strong security practices. Back-up is an evident necessity to guard business against human error, reverse problems during updates, and importantly, prevent data loss. It also helps deal with compatibility issues post new installations, and resolve malware functions. If business considers migrating to web hosts, there are issues which may arise; this is preventable with appropriate back-up strategy in place. Businesses which make money from their websites shall have a very advance back-up approach to make every part of website work for their revenue stream.

Check Errors And Server Redirects

Redirect errors can be frustrating for users. You would certainly not want such errors to get in the way of user experience and adversely affect conversions. We clear browser cache, cookies, ensure correct installation of SSL certifications, evaluate third-party plugins and services, and take every possible step to resolve redirects errors so that your website visitors can easily navigate your site and convert.

Check Loading Speed

Internet users have higher expectations; their attention span is less. If your website takes longer loading time, the vast majority of users will switch over to other websites which quickly present them what they look for. With today’s buyers always online, a fast-loading speed is the most important feature, isn’t it? High speed ensures engaging and impressive user experience. It positively affects SEO rankings and also conversions.

Identifying And Removing Spam

As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of care. There are different types of spam found in website which need to be fixed before they create serious damage to website performance and user experience. Detecting spams not only requires years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge but also intuition; our team excels at this.

Check CTA Icons And Forms

Well-designed CTA icons and forms increase conversion rates, build customer loyalty, and simply contribute to real actions instead of letting visitor browse and scroll. Let us help you find a way to grow your business.

Check Broken Links

A broken link shows an error page to visitors which can lead to bad customer experience, and also negatively affect SEO. Neel Networks team identifies all of the broken links by removing them or replacing them with relevant content so that website remains a significant source of important, valuable content for business. Checking broken links is an on-going task; website needs regular assessment. Entrust the job to our experienced team!

Device And Browser Compatibility

Checking device and browser compatibility ensures that your website appears in the most optimized form across multiple devices used by people. Users leave websites which struggle to appear on their device and browser seamlessly. Our team proactively takes care of this aspect of your website to ensure that your website fulfills the purpose of its existence. Interact with our team to discuss your website’s compatibility!

24/7 Technical Support

We provide 24/7 technical support to all our esteemed customers to help them find answers, in real time, to questions as soon as they come up.

Enhance your website's performance with Neel Networks' professional website maintenance services. From regular updates and security scans to fixing errors and optimizing loading speed, our team ensures your website remains efficient and user-friendly. Contact us now to discuss your maintenance needs and elevate your online presence.

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