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8 Image Optimization Tools to Lower Your Website’s Load Speed (Most of Them Are Free)

8 Image Optimization Tools to Lower Your Website's Load Speed (Most of Them Are Free)

A website without visuals looks lame!

An image is a powerful tool and a vital ingredient of a website. An image does much more than making a website’s appearance appealing. Images, while enhancing user experience, pave the way for better SEO results and elevate engagement rate.

People incline more towards the images because it simplifies the comprehension of a text piece. Research studies show that the human brain can process images much faster than text. It’s a matter of just a few milliseconds. And there’s a complete science behind this. Well, that’s a different area. Let’s not get into that. You can find enough evidence for the same on the web.

The point here is that a website without images is a big no. But there’s a problem with images. A large and high-quality image affects another crucial area of the website – speed. Heavy images can increase the load time of a webpage. And that’s another critical concern as people don’t like websites taking too long to load.

So, the need is to find a way out.

And what’s that?

Image Optimization.

What is Image Optimization?

It’s a technique of lowering the size of the images without impacting the image quality. This way, you can maintain a great overall UX because image usage in the website won’t affect the page load time.

And you can do this with minimal efforts as tools are there to assist you.

With image optimization tools, you can reduce the image size in a few minutes. All you have to do is choose the right tool(s). Here, we can help you.

Let’s dive into the content to know about popular image optimization tools and select the appropriate ones.

Image Optimization Tools


It’s a SaaS platform intending to offer a high-end solution that automatically lowers the byte size of the image.

Backed by robust technology, infrastructure and experienced professionals, Kraken.io enables you to resize the image while maintaining quality. How? The smart algorithms assist in identifying the optimum image size. Talking about the image formats it supports, you can use it for all common types – PNG, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF and SVG. Using this technology, you can even save your efforts as it allows bulk image optimization facility; upload the ZIP file of images, and it will do the rest. The optimized images will be stored in its fully secure cloud storage. It’s also available as a WordPress and Magento plugin. And the best part, you can start with this for free, of course, with limited functionality.


Aptly named, this tool is dedicated to optimizing the performance of your website, thereby reducing the page load time. Employing GiftOfSpeed, you can shorten the size of the image you are using on the website, whether JPEG or PNG, without affecting its quality to allow your website to load faster. Well, GiftOfSpeed is not restricted to image compressing only. It’s a versatile tool and can help you improve your website speed in numerous ways. Check out to find the best.


Now, resizing an image is a matter of a few clicks. Thanks to advanced tools! One such tool is Imagify. Also available as a WordPress plugin, this image optimization tool allows you to have a lighter version of an image automatically. For this, you can choose their online app, API or do it directly from the CMS. You can pick Imagify to resize all the well-known types of images – JPEG, PNG, GIF. Plus, this lets you compress PDFs too. Besides, it offers ease to your servers also as it uses its own server, specialized in compressing images. And they keep your files fully confidential. So, what’s the delay? Define the output size and get the image optimized.


Tools can be intelligent too! Can’t believe it? Check out the TinyPNG image compressor. You can optimize PNG and JPEG images with this. It uses lossy compression technology for the same. Here your image goes into ‘quantization’ wherein the colours are reduced to bring down the image load. And what about the quality? No difference at all. Besides, with TinyPNG, you can compress animated PNGs too. Upon changing the aspect ratio, the smart technique crops the image to fit the requirement. On the other hand, the API adds background to the image if the need arises.


It’s an uncomplicated online facility where you can upload or drag & drop the image to resize and download the result instantly. The file formats supported by Compressnow are  – JPG, PNG and GIF. It helps you save bandwidth while increasing the reputation of your webpage. And it’s not meant only for webpage images; you can use it to compress images for social media, emails, etc. But with this, image transparency is an issue.


Another name in the list of tools, which offers image resizing without losing quality is Trimage. It supports JPG and PNG files and chooses the compressing method like optipng, pngcrush, advpng, jpegoptim, depending on the type of the file to be compressed. It offers multiple options to make image resizing easier for you.

JPEG Optimizer

No payment; no installation needed. Just go online (visit jpegoptimizer.com) and get the task done. It’s a super-quick and effortless way to resize the JPEG file.

TOKI-WOKI – Shrink O’Matic

Are you looking for a quick solution to resize the image? Use Shrink O’Matic. It’s a convenient option that enables you to contract the images, including JPEG, GIF and PNG, as per your requirements. Here, you can specify the output size (mention the height and width limit in pixels or define the ratio using slider), output name and the location where you want the output. Also, you can rotate the images using this app. Drag and drop the images to get started. Alternatively, you can browse the pics. Now, bulk image resizing is easy.

Which of the above image optimization tools seem suitable to you?

Kindly let us know through comment.

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