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Simple Ways to Use Local Listings to Boost Business

Today, when competition is rising, especially in the digital cosmos, as there’s hardly any entry barrier, business growth is becoming challenging. If you want to grow, you have to try every possible but relevant way. And one of the solutions is local listings.

Whether you are running a business in an offline setup or a part of the digital arena, you can widen your reach and expand your business using local listings.

Well, what’s a local business listing? And how can it help you? Dive into the content to get the answers. This read will help you in using the local business listing in a better way. But before starting, let us clear that here, we will focus on the online business listing.

What is Local Business Listing?

As the name indicates, the local business listing is the mention of the business details like name, contact number, address, website, email, offerings, etc., in the Google listing, Bing listing, and other online business listing directories associated with your business location and niche. A nicely-created and well-maintained business listing can do wonders for your business.


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What’s a nicely-created and well-maintained listing?

For your business listing to get this title, it should have all the necessary business information using which your target audience can find you, know you, and reach you without any hassles.

Okay! Let’s get back to the point — why should you use local listing? The simple answer to this is there are not one or two but several advantages of using local listings for the business.

Benefits of Using Local Listing

Robust Digital Presence + Enhanced Visibility

If you want to grow your business boundlessly, you need to ensure that your target audience knows you. Plus, the number of people knowing about you should keep rising with time. And if you are operating an offline business, then your aim should be to capture more and more people in and around your locality for quick growth. Local listing helps you do that. By using the power of local business listing, you can have a strong presence, especially in your location – town, country, etc., depending upon your business. You can reach more people in lesser time. That, in turn, will give you more chances to convert your audience into a customer. Remember, people are looking for you on the web. And facts are there to support this statement. As mentioned on HubSpot, of all Google searches, 46% of searchers aims at finding local information (GoGulf). Just 3% of people learn about a local company from a place other than the internet (SEO Tribunal). So, it’s up to you to ensure that they can find you.

More Space in SERP

Using local listings, you can have solid visibility in the SERP even if you are not present in the online world through any other mode as it’s a great technique of Local SEO. It lets you create a strong identity in the local market. With a solid hold in the local market, it becomes easier to surpass the competitors around. Plus, you can reserve a spot in the SERP for that location, and ultimately you can enjoy a better rank.

Higher Organic Traffic

Well, you know the connection between a higher position in the SERP and organic traffic! Yes, your organic traffic will rise.

Reputation Building

Local business listing is a great method to build a reputation. How? Because that way, you can allow your existing customers to rate and review you publicly. Higher ratings (stars) and positive reviews are signals for your audience about your reputation in the market. Of course, for that, you need to give them excellent products/services.

Quick Connection

The listing provides contact details of a business, along with other basic information, thereby, enabling a person to connect with you directly, without going to the website. Plus, if you choose to go with Google listings, people can connect through messages directly from there.

Ways to Use Local Listing

More Reviews + Review Management

When it comes to reviews, both volume and quality speak. So, you need to ensure both. And for that, you need to give then the reasons. Serve them well so that you can get more positive reviews. They should not be able to resist posting about you. And to increase the number of reviews, encourage your customers to post about you.

And what if you get a negative review? Don’t leave it unaddressed. Check out the concern and reply appropriately but wisely.

Easy Access to Customers

Provide all the vital and updated details about the business, like overview, timing, working days, contact information, etc. And let the people connect with you without leaving the page. Also, reply to the message you receive through the listing page in the shortest possible time.  Else, it can be dangerous for your business.

Offer Updates

By adding this to the listing from time to time, you can get more business while becoming dearer to your target audience.

Make Your Listing Enticing

Add business photos – the entrance, the office tour, team photos, celebration pics, behind the scenes, etc., to enable people to know you more and attract them.

To Conclude

It won’t be wrong to call local listings an advanced form of telephone and address directories that we used to refer around 10-15 years ago. And that was pretty useful. So is the local listing; even more. Local listing is a less demanding way to more conversions. Yes! It hardly requires any technical knowledge or skills. Plus, you don’t need to invest a lot of money or effort to get results from the same. Just a little you need to spend, and you are all set to thrive.

Well, if you feel you don’t have enough time to take care of this stuff, no problem. You can outsource the task of creating and managing your business listing to a reputed online marketing agency in India.

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