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What Is A Professional Website? Is It Worth?

Today, businesses need to understand the whole world of online marketing. Be it a small business or a large-scale organization, it is highly recommended that you invest in the professional website and the digital marketing. A user-friendly and appealing website will help your brand to compete in the larger market. The whole process of professional […]

Typography Made Easy: Find Font Easily with These Handy Tools

Typography is a vital element of visual design. It affects the user experience. Whether it’s about the text on the design or other digital content (blog, web copy, etc.), if you want to increase the consumption of your digital content, you need to ensure that you go well with the typography. Otherwise, you can mess […]

Tested Website Performance Metrics Helping to Win the Digital Game

Having a business website is essential, we know! But that’s not all. It’s just the beginning. To captivate the audience and become the winner of the game, it’s significant to ensure that your website works well throughout. And uninterrupted usability and excellent appearance are not the only factors telling about a website’s performance. Yes, they […]

Simple & Powerful Chatbot Plugins to Increase Your Website Conversion

Today, if you want to succeed, you have to engage and entice your customers. Here, offering excellent products and services and a classic after-sale service is not enough. That’s a pre-requisite and a later thing. Firstly, you should be able to convert your audience into customers. That demands a lot of effort as the competition […]

Serving Images in Google Recommended WebP Format Made Easy for WordPress Websites

The benefit that images offer is invaluable. Using them on the website not only helps you in numerous ways but let your visitors consume the content easily. Appealing visuals add life to the content by enhancing the overall appearance. Also, images boost engagement and help in search engine optimization. But there is a problem. The […]

UI vs UX — Are They Same Or Different & Their Impact on Website

Today, UI and UX are the most commonly used and often talked about terms in digital space. Whether it’s about digital marketing, website designing, or app development, the talk hardly completes without the words – UI and UX. You must have noticed that! So, what are these words? Yeah, UI is User Interface, and UX […]

Future of Online Courses & Benefits of having Your Own eLearning Portal

Online courses have played a significant role since initiation. This system has contributed much to the development of the education industry. And with the arrival of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that forced people to stay indoors, the eLearning system has become the need of the hour. With the schools, colleges, and coaching centres shut for […]

6 Convenient WordPress Migration Plugins (Migrate WordPress Website Without any Stress)

WordPress is one of the most comfortable platforms to set up and run a website. You have done it and started moving ahead on the digital growth journey. But suddenly, you realise that something is not right with your website hosting. It could be anything – the cost, lack of functionalities, performance issues, customer support […]

Win The Game of WordPress Security with These Easy-To-Implement Tips & Tricks

Security is a topic of great concern. And that’s true for a WordPress website as well. Because WordPress is a popular and highly used website building platform, WordPress websites are a good target of hackers. Though WordPress is generally a secure platform for the website, the easy access to information and the advanced technology contribute […]

What Is Schema Markup & What Are the Benefits of Implementing It?

Have you ever been to the last spot of technical SEO? Then you must have heard about this phrase – schema markup (also known as schema.org markup or simply schema). It’s an imperative concept, and its knowledge can help you grow.  “But why do I need to learn about the Schema Markup? Technical SEO professional […]

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