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Choosing The Best Domain Name: A Comprehensive Guide

Domain name is a key aspect of any website. It has the potential to either take your brand to new heights or break it. Hence, it is important to choose a domain name that contributes to your efforts to achieve success. It is the first impression your customers get about your business. Your URL is probably the first thing online visitors see. If you are keen to make a positive, lasting impression on your visitors, make sure to choose the right domain name. You can consider seeking professional help of a reputed domain registration company to identify a name that also helps your SEO ranking and increase brand recognition.

Domain Selection Is an Art. Master It!

Keep it short, memorable and brandable

As you are excited to find a brand name for your business, you will definitely want to try something unique, different or out-of-the-box. However, you should be careful enough to keep your domain name memorable, short and meaningful for the people to find you easily and corelate your business to your website. You can consider having.com. However, .net and .co are suitable alternatives too. Regardless of the domain name you finalize, make sure it is short, and easy to be remembered. Consider keeping domain name under 15 characters, avoid slang and words with complex meanings or spellings.

Numbers and hyphens can be too much

In most of the cases, users who actively look for services and products like yours end up mistyping stuff. To reduce the possibilities of them getting distracted to other sources of information, avoid using numbers and hyphens in your domain name. This will make your name mobile-friendly because users now don’t have to make extra efforts by switching between numeric keyboards and alphabet when typing out your URL on a phone. With shorter attention span, you only have a few minutes or seconds to hold their attention or prevent them from visiting competitors’ sites. Don’t leave any room for misspellings, typos or confusion for users. They are more likely to choose you over others as long as you provide them the best experience. In this regard, avoid combining words and numbers, hyphens, abbreviations, doubled letters, etc. However, there is an exception. There are some retailer brands using number in their domain name; but their branding and marketing efforts remain consistent across social media handles, and merchandise. In these circumstances, the domain name remains absolutely brandable and identifiable with a number in it. Shoppers are less likely to get confused with the number.

Com is more preferable

There is always a debate on which domain extension could get you more traffic. The .com extension is a highly preferred one. It is considered to be more credible and authentic. A vast majority of businesses today use .com extension. Many smartphones also feature .com key, thereby making it easier for the users to type your domain name. Again, positive user experience leads to brand recognition. However, this does not mean you can’t settle for.co or .net. Consult a professionally reliable domain registration company Mumbai to find out the purpose fulfilled by each of these options and what works best for your case. It is better to adhere to a safer and wiser approach of seeking a reliable guidance from the right agency, especially if you are a start-up or want to grow presence in a volatile market. You can also check for other top-level domains.

SEO keywords in domain name

Consider including relevant, high-ranking SEO keywords in your domain name search, as long as it makes sense. This makes it easier for search engines to find out what your website is all about. As long as you utilize quality content, provide a good user experience and make consistent online marketing efforts, you can rank higher in search results. You can begin with a detailed keyword research using online tools. But it is advisable to hire a well-known domain registration company Mumbai to help you find relevant keywords that represent your products. Instead of getting spammy, you should consider sticking to one or two keywords.

Use online domain name generator tools

Finding the right domain name is a confusing task. Sometimes, you may feel stuck. You can utilize free online name generator tools, plug in a keyword and get access to options for your business. You can also explore free online video series that explain you how to use these online resources effectively.

Research desired domain name online

If there is a specific domain name that you picked, the next step is to check if that domain has already been registered. You can utilize online domain search tools to check custom domain’s availability. You can also do it through social media, run a trademark search, and do a Google search. If you find out that your domain name is already registered or taken, you can consider buying it from the owner by making an attractive offer. You can do some additional research to find out if the domain has been updated in years. If there is no update, there is a possibility that the owner may be willing to strike a deal with you.

Think long-term

Choosing a domain name is a big decision that creates an impact for years. Hence, you should be careful with your approach. If you decide to change your domain in future, it may cost you branding, money and SEO ranking. Hence, you should think long-term, keeping in mind the possibilities of expansion. For instance, if you are starting an SEO agency but later you may want to start providing digital marketing services, social media marketing and branding support. Instead of choosing a domain that pins you down to a specific niche, you should consider expanding out of it, keeping long-term vision in mind.

Choose a Domain Registration Company India for Your Online Success

Establishing a strong online presence for every business is important today; and the crucial step is choosing your own identity and shaping it in certain way. Registration of a new domain may seem a simple process but there are good reasons why you should hire a domain registration company.

Such companies specialize in managing domain names. Their team can help you navigate the intricacies of the process. With years of experience, they will guide you in choosing the right domain name that aligns with your long-term goals.  The team will search for available domain names saving you your precious time. Domain registration companies have access to advanced databases and tools to quickly check availability of desired domain name. If your preferred domain is not available, they will help you with alternatives. Besides, such companies also offer support in terms of managing domain effectively with renewal reminders, DNS configuration, etc. to make sure your domain remains accessible. The entire process of domain registration includes navigating regulations and potential trademark concerns. The best domain registration company will make sure your domain name complies with all the legal requirements.

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