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10 Rules to Choose a Good Domain Name

For 99 percent of the projects you might take, domain name is already part of the equation. However, sometimes, you’ll be called in to advice on the name for a new website, new blog, or a friend’s website. We are listing few tips that you find indispensable when helping people choose a good domain name.

How to choose a domain name

Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords

When you begin search for your domain name, it helps to have a small set of search terms and phrases that best describe the domain you’re seeking. Once this list is with you, you can start pairing them or add suffixes or prefixes to create great domain ideas. For instance, for launching a mortgage site, you might want to use words like equity, mortgage, finance, house, interest, etc. then play around until you find a perfect match.

Make the Domain Unique

Having a site that confuses with a popular website is a sure recipe for disaster. Thus it’s better not to choose a domain name that’s simply a plural, misspelled version of an established domain name.

Only choose .Com Available Domains

If you are not concerned with type-in traffic, name recognition or branding, you may not need to worry on this, but if you’re at all serious on building a website over a long-term, you need to consider only dot com domain names. This will help you build traffic within a short time. These types of web addresses are also easily memorable. Most of the domain registrars are registering domain name in all categories, including this one.

Make it Easy to Type

If your chosen domain requires considerable attention to type correctly, is lengthy, you’ve easily lost a good portion of your marketing and branding value. So choose a short and easily sounding domain name.

Make it Easy to Remember

One of the best ideas for choosing domain is to choose one that’s easy to remember, and can be recollected. You don’t want a terrific website with a name that no one can remember or tell their friends. There are large numbers of benefits to SEO from the following best brand practices and you’ll hurt your interests by ignoring them.

Keep the Name as Short as Possible

Short names are very easy to type and remember. They also allow for more characters in the URL in the SERP and a better fit on print media, social networks, and every type of offline marketing.

Create and Fulfil Expectations

When a person hears your domain name for the first time, he or she should be able to immediately guess about the content to be found there. For instance, autotrader.com, careerbuilder.com, webmd.com, and so on

Avoid Copyright Infringement

This mistake can kill even a great domain and a great firm. So be sure, you’re not infringing on someone’s copyright with your site name. Visit copyright.gov and search thoroughly before you buy.

Set Your Business Apart with Branding

Use a unique moniker if you want to build some additional value with your domain name. A brand name is much more than combination of words, which is why names like mortgageofyourhouse.com aren’t as compelling as lendingtree.com or bankrate.com.

Reject Hyphens and Numbers

Both numbers and hyphens make it hard to give your domain verbally and may make it difficult to remember. It may also fail to get you the desired SEO results.