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Thinking about Choosing Free Hosting for your Next Project? 9 Reasons not to Choose Them

‘Free’ is a powerful word. And when attached to a service or product, it becomes influential. Like, free car wash service once a month, a free movie ticket on $300 shopping, etc.

Such offers are captivating. And many a time, they tend to have hypnotizing effects, leading to impulsive decisions. What happens next? You know the outcome!

The word ‘free’ generally chokes the ability of a person to think analytically, thereby increasing the chances of getting into a trap.

And that’s true with free website hosting as well.

You must be thinking how! Why are we not in favour of going for free hosting for your website?
Well, we have some solid reasons justifying not selecting free website hosting for your business is a great idea.

Why is Free Hosting Bad?

Well, why free hosting is good? It’s because, this way, you can save a few bucks. You don’t have to pay a single penny to host your website. That’s the only benefit we could see as to why people go for free website hosting. Though alone, it means a lot, especially at the beginning stage.

But we can’t ignore the other side of the coin. Is that also attractive? Yeah, we are talking about the cons of free website hosting. What is the disadvantage of free hosting?

Let’s find out.

Free Hosting Comes at Added Cost

You know nothing is free! And the same goes true with the free hosting plan as well.

“Oh, what are you saying?”

Is this what you are thinking?

Sadly, what we are saying is true. Though choosing a free hosting service can help you save some money, you may have to regret your decision afterwards. And by the time you will realize this, it will be late. You may end up paying more than what you have saved by picking free hosting.

Further reading will make things clear. You will get to know how free hosting can hit your pocket.

Speed – A Cause of Concern

The website speed is a vital area that, if ignored, affects your SERP ranking while spoiling the UX. Ultimately, your business is going to suffer.

And you have to compromise with speed when you choose free hosting. It’s because of the excess load on their servers.

Less is More – You have to Settle at That

In free hosting, you only get a limited space on the server. And, of course, you don’t have any control over the servers. All you can do is manage with what you have.

But till when? For how much time you can operate with limited storage space and bandwidth? With the increasing web traffic, slower speed, downtime, etc., become common issues. Also, you will have a little flexibility when it comes to customization (theme usage and other such things). And your audience won’t accept these issues for long.

SEO – A Distant Scene

And why only your target audience? Even the search engines don’t accept the above issues like slow speed, poor appearance and frequent downtimes. And what next? Negative impact on your SERP ranking.

Customer Support – Don’t Expect

Oh, c’mon, you can’t expect active customer support in the case of free hosting. You are not paying them any sum, and thus, you don’t get any commitment of quick assistance. And even if they promise, it’s not binding on them. So, you can’t do anything even if they don’t provide instant customer support. If anything serious happens, be ready to face it alone. A free hosting service can make you feel helpless too.

Puts Website at Stake

What if a free hosting service provider stops providing service? They can very well do that. Suddenly, your website will be out of the cosmos. Yes, this can happen too if you choose free hosting. And with that, your business can also be out. Even if your business doesn’t cease to exist, it will face ill effects.

And what about your online reputation? That will get a hit. Besides, all your efforts will go in vain.

Makes Your Website Vulnerable

Free hosting service providers don’t pay much attention to server security. That makes your website vulnerable to security threats like malware attacks, hacking, etc.

Migration – A Tough Task

Free hosting can not only make you feel trapped but can turn into a real trap as well. Sounds shocking! Yeah, it’s the truth. And that happens when you want to change the hosting. The free hosting service providers make the migration a serious pain. And they have their ways. So, if you are considering to start with a free hosting plan and planning to change it at a later stage, stop. You are inviting trouble.

No Control Over Ads

The hosting service provider is not there for doing charity, you know! If they are providing hosting to you for free, what’s their source of earning? How do they afford this? There has to be something through which they can make money, right? One of the ways is advertisements. Though not necessary, it can be there on your website too. And if that’s there, you can’t do anything about the same. The hosting service provider will decide on the what and where of the ads. That can spoil the user experience.

Is your website really yours?



Many free hosting service providers have this in their terms and conditions – your website and its content are not your property.

Oh! So many cons. Undoubtedly, they are enough to outweigh the advantages of free hosting.

Now you know what are the disadvantages of free web hosting! So, don’t get into the trap of free hosting.

If you want your website to work in the desired way, pick the hosting service for your website wisely. It’s because hosting is fundamental for a great website. At this step, even the slightest mistake can affect your business terribly. You don’t want that to happen!

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