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The Importance of SEO-Friendly URLs in Web Design

Why does SEO-friendly URL matter in Web Design?

SEO-friendly URLs are links that are designed to meet the standards of Google search engines and users. The URLs optimized with SEO have proved to be better and more useful. Perfectly optimized SEOs are crucial for enhancing the user experience and making it easier for search engine crawlers to locate specific pages. It is extremely important to adhere to the right SEO content optimization strategies to increase click- through rates. Additionally, SEO-friendly URLs for web designs make search results more meaningful and often boost your rank in SERPs. SEO can be technical and confusing sometimes, but it is safe as it provides a better user experience.

Relevance to Content

A user should make an accurate guess of what the content of a page is by taking a look at the URL. Users should be comfortable while reading the link to get an idea about the information they are about to read. It can happen when the URL has an accurate term or phrase that pertains to the content available on the page. The URL must be relevant, descriptive and clear, to become an SEO-friendly URL. Try to create SEO- friendly URLs for your web design to encourage visitors to stay on your
website longer and reduce your bounce rate. SEO-friendly content must be helpful for both the search engine and the users to understand what the page is about.

Appropriate Keywords in URLs

SEO-friendly URLs for web design should include at least one relevant and well-researched keyword. It must be placed at the start of the URL to improve the online visibility of the content. Adding keywords to the URL improves the ranking of the page. Including relevant keywords naturally and avoiding the overuse of them ensures maximum optimization and makes your page stand out. Adding keywords to your URL link improves the page’s relevance in the search results.

Readability and User Experience

A well-structured URL that is clean and readable helps in enhancing the user experience. You can create an SEO-friendly URL by using proper words and hyphens between the words. An easily readable URL shows the impact on the click-through rates as the user tends to click on the URL that conveys the content available on the page. Avoid adding words like “and”, “the”. or “a” in your URL to unnecessarily increase the length of the URL. You should keep the URLs under 75 characters to make them look attractive and readable. Make sure to use lowercase letters to avoid any inconsistencies and confusion. Creating appealing and clear URLs helps in sharing the links easily and makes it easier for visitors to remember the links.


When an SEO-friendly URL is structured and framed consistently, it makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to navigate through the website’s hierarchy. The crawlers follow links from one page to another
using the URL as their primary means of navigation. It also facilitates the crawlability of the website and helps in effectively portraying content. When an SEO-friendly URL is optimized, it ensures to improve the
visibility of the website in SERPs. It gives a chance to potentially lead to higher ranking and increased organic traffic.

Link Building

Most of the SEO-friendly URLs are likely to be linked or shared with other websites. It attracts the attention of webmasters and bloggers seeking to link to authoritative sources. Link building involves acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. It helps in creating a strong backlink profile for higher ranking in search results. However, it also enhances the overall authority and credibility of search
engines. By attracting inbound links from reputable websites, SEO- friendly URLs are likely to improve the website’s backlink profile which further increases the chances of being indexed by search engines.

Avoidance of Duplicate Content Issues

Publishing helpful, original and unique content will help you in higher ranking on search engines. Including headings, sub-headings, questions and related searches on your website will help in attracting organic traffic on your website. Duplicate content issues occur when the same or similar content appears on multiple URLs across different websites. It negatively impacts the search engine rankings and the user experience. You can avoid duplicate content issues by canonicalization,
which means incorporating canonical tags which lead to the preferred version of the page when multiple URLs lead to similar content. You can follow a standardized format and hierarchy to avoid the creation
of multiple URLs. By adding relevant keywords, and clear and descriptive text in internal links, you can minimize the risk of duplicate content issues.


Creating SEO-friendly URLs that are easy to understand, shorter and easier to type is useful for better navigation to specific pages without any struggles. SEO-friendly URLs that are shareable and have
better clarity reduce the confusion and frustration of mobile phone screen readers. Users with disabilities might find it difficult to type long URLs, therefore by providing concise and descriptive URLs, you can
create a more inclusive experience that accommodates the diverse needs of all the users. Accessible URLs that benefit users by allowing them to share via social media, links or messaging apps make it easier to
communicate and navigate the websites effectively and independently. Top of Form

Mobile Optimization

With the increasing use of mobile phones, websites have to cater to the needs of mobile users to stay ahead of the competition. SEO-friendly URLs play a significant role in enhancing the mobile user
experience. URLs that are shorter and concise are beneficial for mobile users due to their limited screen space and font size. Creating an optimized and well-structured URL that is easier to read makes it easier
to navigate through the website, reducing the friction associated with typing long URLs on touchscreen. URLs that are descriptive and clear make it effortless for mobile users to share links with others. It not only enhances the user experience but facilitates the organic promotion of the website across various digital marketing channels.

Brand Building

Brand building is all about how your audience perceives your brand. A properly structured URL helps to establish the brand identity and it also shows reliability and credibility to the user. Several
factors including brand reputation, brand value, identity, and vision contribute to the elements of brand building. Creating SEO-friendly URLs increases the online visibility of the brand. The URLs
must be created using consistent format and structure for enhanced user experience.


It is the process of taking measurable actions to maintain the relevance of the website. Future-proofing is an important element that helps in understanding the market trend and the target audience. It helps in
increasing the long-term search engine visibility and performance of the website. Future-proofing helps in creating properly structured SEO- friendly URLs that are easy to read and understand.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, creating SEO-friendly URLs in web designs drastically helps in increasing the search engine visibility and overall performance of the website. To create SEO-friendly URLs, you must keep them short,
clear and keyword-inclusive. By referring to this guide, you can improve your browsing experience and create an impact on digital platforms.

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