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Can AI Content Rank After Google’s March 2024 Core Update?

Since the Google’s March 2024 Core Update, content creation has continued to evolve in many ways. The update talks about the importance of creating AI-generated content that meets the same standards of human-generated content. It means that the content should be original, accurate and informative. The content must strike a balance between maintaining authenticity and quality. By understanding the key aspects of the update, the AI-generated content strategies should help in improving the search engine rankings of the content.

Understanding the Core Update

One of the main focuses of the March 2024 Core Update is Google’s ranking systems. With the shift in algorithmic enhancements, Google has ensured to surface only original and helpful information on the web. The company wishes to enhance the overall experience for users. The Core Update includes SEO ranking adjustments, where its spam policies are invented to remove the lowest quality content from search results. Google has promised to take action against manipulative behaviours under the new spam policies. Google has also worked on strengthening its policy against the use of automation to generate unoriginal or low-quality content. This updated policy of scaled content abuse will focus on the abusive behaviour of producing content at scale which may boost the search engine ranking, whether by humans or by AI.

When evaluating AI-generated content, it is essential to look into the advancements made in AI technology. With the increase in the use of AI, limitations can be set in terms of creating content that resonates with the users. To improve the quality of information, AI must provide high- quality information, valuable insights and unique perspectives which would help in user engagement. Content with low-quality information may struggle to maintain the SEO ranking in the search results, for this, Google’s algorithm prioritizes content that offers quality, value and relevance to its users.

User Experience and Engagement

Creating quality content also enhances user engagement and user experience. Google has prioritized signals such as bounce rates, click-through rates and dwell time to evaluate the quality of content. When
AI-generated content fails to resonate with the audience, it struggles to rank well on the search engines. Therefore, artificial intelligence generated content needs to engage with users effectively and provide a
positive browsing experience. The content generated must grab users’ attention and encourage interaction for better performance in search results.

Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

Expertise in SEO language contributes to having the high level of knowledge or skill. It can be performed by conducting a comprehensive research on your topic. Expertise helps in creating content that is unique
and original. The content creator must use reliable source of information to help audience find more information on the topic. Presenting a clear and engaging content will help your content rank higher.

Authoritativeness of content can be measured by analyzing certain factors like the quality of the content, user engagement metrics, overall reputation of the website. It ensures that the content is generated from a credible source of information and is relevant for the audience.

Trustworthiness in SEO means the reliability of the content on the website. It is one of the key components that help in assessing the credibility and quality of the content. The content created for the website must be safe, valuable and accurate for the audience. To establish trustworthiness, you must provide information that is trustworthy and organic. Make sure to be transparent and avoid providing any misleading information.

Ethical Considerations

The role of ethical considerations comes in play when the information published is misleading or inappropriate. Every content must be reviewed by the publisher before posting to ensure that the quality and ethical standards of the content are maintained. Ethical consideration is followed to build trust and credibility among the readers. It is done to avoid spreading of any inappropriate or fake information that could be misleading. The content creator should give credit to AI-tools where it is needed. They must ensure to provide the correct source of information for content produced. By adhering to the ethical considerations, you can create organic and engaging content.

Adaptation and Optimization

Human involvement helps in ensuring reliability of the AI content detectors. While producing AI-generated content, the information can be too fake to trust, that’s when human editors rectify the issue and provide real content to the target audience. It reduces the risk of spreading misleading or inappropriate content. Human editors help in understanding the context of the content and provide accurate information for the audience. It helps in building credibility and higher ranking of the content. By incorporating human involvement in AI- generated content, you can improve the adaptability and provide engaging and informative content to the target audience.

Long-term Outlook

Looking at the future of AI and content creation, it will require human involvement to create a balance. It is essential to have human editors who will set the language, flow, tone and context of the content. The information generated through AI would be effective and interactive, however having human oversight would give a personalized touch and help in better audience engagement. It is important to strike balance between human creativity and AI-generating tools to be able to create high-quality and original content. Creating such content will result in efficiency, scalability and expertise of the content that will help to connect with the target audience.

To stay ahead of the impact of future updates, keep a track of latest SEO news. Google offers insights into what the website owners can do to be prepared for the updates. Get in touch with SEO service providing companies that will help in preparing you for the latest updates. Apart from that, you should continuously review your content and try to provide valuable and relevant content to your audience. Keep improving the quality and engagement of your content by adding new insights to it. Gather user feedback and see it as an opportunity to enhance your content’s scope and credibility.


With advancement in creating content using AI-powered tools, human oversight will ensure to follow EAT signals. However, the potential of creating AI-generated content with high SEO ranking will increase if the content meets the quality standards of the latest Google’s March 2024 Core Update. As AI is becoming a valuable tool for creating content, it is also important that the information adheres to ethical standards. However, Google’s algorithms will keep evolving, so try to prevent relying on organic search traffic. Grab new opportunities by diversifying your sources of traffic with different methods. It will help you reach new audience and allow you to stay more stable online. Conclusively, the role of AI will improve the online experience for the audience and help the content rank higher on the search engine results pages.

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