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6 Serious Impacts of Hosting on Your Business That You Won't Like!

A website is like a salesperson of a business, working 24*7 that too, without any boundaries. But to be on, it needs a support system. And web hosting is that system.

Ganesh Bommanaveni (SEO and Digital Marketing Professional – Entrepreneur) said,

“Web hosting is the heart of a website, which should be running round the clock.”

A website can’t be alive without web hosting. Moreover, web hosting also affects the performance of your website. The same can happen both positively and negatively. Thus, it is crucial to select a hosting service provider wisely.

Today, we are going to see the impacts of web hosting on your business that you won’t like – the negative impacts of the hosting that can hinder the effectiveness of your website. In turn, it can hit your business too. However, before moving to that, let’s see how a web hosting works. This will make it uncomplicated to understand the possible ill consequences of a web hosting on your business.

Web Hosting – How it works?

When you have a website, you will have multiple files. And you need a location to store them; a place where your visitors’ computer can access those files to display your website. Here, web hosting comes into play. Hosting comprises of a hardware component called server and lots of software elements. Web hosting companies own these servers and allow
you to place your website files in exchange for monetary benefits. In normal communication, we call it purchasing web hosting.

Hosting plays a major role in your website’s performance. Right from speed to security, a hosting affects every part of your website. How fast it loads, how much downtime it has, how easy it is to hack your website, how large your website can be and even how many visitors per month can access your website. These are only a few of those many ways a hosting can
make or break your website and in turn, your business. Now you know how important web hosting is!

Let’s see what can go wrong with a hosting selection, in detail.

How Can Hosting Hit Your Business?

Uneven Speed

It is a factor of prime importance when evaluating a hosting service provider. With time, the attention span of individuals is lowering. Moreover, they don’t have time to waste; they won’t click on your website to wait and watch when it opens. No chance. They will leave until they are very loyal to you. So, forget about sales. And the things will not stop here. A website, having slow load time, gets a lower rank in search engines. Thus, to ensure that your website has the optimum load time, you must investigate the server speed of the hosting you are looking to purchase.

Frequent Downtime

Imagine a potential customer visits your website for the first time, and your website doesn’t open! Sorry, but you have lost the business opportunity as he might not visit your website again. And it is not the only ill-effect. The impact of recurring website downtime can vary from business to business. Apart from affecting your sales figure, it can also cost you in terms of productivity. Besides, your SEO gets ruined if your website goes down again and again.

Regular Maintenance – No Show!

Alike other areas, servers also demand regular check-up. Some companies don’t pay heed to server maintenance at all while there are some for whom the suitability of their clients with respect to maintenance time hardly makes sense. They get on that whenever they feel like. While selecting the hosting company, you must enquire about their approach towards server maintenance. Else, be ready to pay a cost, of course indirectly.

Bad Neighbourhood Issues

It’s a cause of concern when you are using shared hosting service with a common IP address (no dedicated IP address). Here, if some other website of your IP group involves in spamming or other such activities, you also might face the consequences. The reason being, you are sharing an IP address, and if that address gets blocked or blacklisted, you will have to suffer. How? That depends on the situation.

Poor Customer Support

Well, hosting server type and server speed are not the only segments that demand your attention. There’s more to it, and that’s good customer service. Customer support can be provided in many forms, including call, chat, and email. Whatever it may be; an active and A1 customer support is a worthy criterion to judge the service quality of the hosting provider. In the absence of a high-quality, knowledgeable and ready-to-help customer support system, your website issue can remain unaddressed for a longer time. And you can lose a hefty amount that surely will depend on the type of your business, the number of visitors, business volume, etc.

Server Capacity

Yet another thing to keep in mind while finalizing the hosting is near future! For this, consider what the plans are for coming times, how many visitors do you expect, your engagement with them through the website, etc. and select the server accordingly. Technically, it is called a scalability issue. If your server can’t be scaled up as per the requirement, it can result in poor user experience, and your website might even crash.

Summing Up

You cannot afford to take a casual approach while selecting the web hosting service provider. Along with the hosting plan and the kind of hosting like cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, etc., you should also review the reputation of the web hosting provider. An interrupted and weak hosting can kill your business and goodwill in the digital world. Plus, it can also fetch penalty for you from Google.

Need Assistance?

With several hosting service providers in the field and numerous types of hosting, it can be tough to take a call on which hosting provider should you choose. And for this, taking help from an established agency would be great. We, at Neel Networks, can assist you in this. Being in the internet cosmos for several years, we have experienced many hosting service providers and can help you pick a reliable hosting.

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