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Mastering SEO Through Google Analytics with SEO Experts in India

Staying ahead of the competition is essential for businesses, especially those which aim to thrive online and sustain the success for a longer period of time. One powerful tool that can help organizations is to monitor and understand competitors’ strategies through Google Analytics. SEO is a highly competitive and complicated place. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to understand how to outrank rivals. The process of competitor analysis, carried out by SEO experts India, includes various aspects such as referral traffic analysis, keyword analysis, content strategy, backlink profile, etc. This is your comprehensive guide on competitor analysis through Google analytics.

Why is SEO Competitor Analysis Important?

SEO competitor analysis through Google analytics is the in-depth process of evaluating your competitor’s websites, SEO strategies, etc. to gain valuable insights. The process can help organizations to benchmark their SEO efforts to those of their competitors by identifying the strengths and weaknesses and also working on areas where competitors may struggle and utilizing the same to their own advantages.

Identify Your Competitors

If your business or domain has already been established and ranking well in SEO, you might already know your competitors. Nevertheless, if you are all set to perform a competitor analysis for the first time, then now is the ideal time to identify your competitors. The direct competitors are the organizations or businesses with websites that rank high on page one, for the same keywords which you have been targeting. These are the competitors whose products and services are similar to yours; they compete for the same target audience. 

The Ultimate Goal of Competitors’ SEO Analysis

The primary purpose here is to find out how competitive the landscape is at present. If your competitor’s sites or SEO perform really well, it is a good sign that your niche is in greater demand. You can take advantage of the insights. Moreover, a competitor analysis allows you to identify opportunities, content gaps and also weakness in the content or SEO strategies of your competitors. The end goal of an SEO competitive analysis is to beat the competition.  

Benefits of Checking on Your Competitors through Google Analytics:

  • Understanding competitor’s position, especially the way they present their brands.
  • Developing strategies that help you to create compelling brand image.
  • Identifying Unique Selling Points.
  • Tailoring content to address customer’s needs.
  • Identifying keywords competitors rank for.
  • Exploring link-building opportunities.
  • Identifying content gaps to provide unique information.
  • Enhancing website structure to improve user experience.
  • Staying abreast of market trends.

Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is the advanced platform that offers built-in competitor reports. It helps you to compare the performance of your website against the performance of your competitor’s website. When you navigate to the Audience section, you discover valuable insights such as user interests, demographics, and engagement metrics. These reports can present to you a foundational understanding of how your website can stand against your competitors. 

Discover Traffic Sources

As you start exploring Acquisition section in Google Analytics, you uncover the origin of website traffic. Evaluating the traffic sources of your competitor can help you to identify success channels. You get to understand the place where your competitors attract visitors. This is a great way to learn how to refine your own SEO strategies to ensure a targeted approach that drives traffic.

Analysis of Content Performance

Content is a crucial aspect of digital presence for every business. Google Analytics can help you to analyze competitor’s content by evaluating the Behaviour section. You can study the top-performing pages of your competitors, their engagement metrics and also understand user preferences. The valuable insights will empower you to align your content strategies with the patterns which have been successful. This is a great way to enhance user engagement. 

Explore Conversion Paths

As you dive deeper into the Conversion section of Google Analytics, you will learn how competitors drive conversions. This section enables SEO specialists to understand the effectiveness of calls-to-action. They are able to identify high-converting pages. The strategic insights can contribute to the optimization of your conversion funnel. To design and implement successful tactics, explore the Conversion part of Google Analytics. 

Custom Reports

Google Analytics is a wonderful platform that offers a great level of flexibility to create custom reports designed as per competitor analysis requirements. These reports may focus on metrics which matter the most to your online marketing objectives. Custom reports give you a personalized approach. It ensures you gain meaningful insights so as to stay ahead of the competition.

SaaS Tools for Effective Competitor Analysis

The top-notch SEO experts India integrate various SaaS tools that offer unique features and advanced functionalities tailored to their needs, to elevate and complement their SEO efforts for different brands. 


A comprehensive SEO toolkit that allows you to uncover competitor keywords, backlink profiles and ad strategies. You can leverage SEMrush to have a holistic view of the digital marketing tactics of your competitors and refine your own strategies for the enhanced performance. 


The tool excels in keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor monitoring. It allows SEO professionals to explore link-building strategies and analyze high-performing keywords. The tool equips the best SEO company in India with valuable data and thus enables them to surpass competitors in search engine rankings.


The technology too offers a comprehensive overview of web engagement and traffic metrics. It allows one to understand traffic sources, user behaviour and competitor’s audience, and thus areas for improvement. The tool can thus help to refine digital marketing strategies for brands.


SpyFu tool excels in competitor keyword research as well as PPC analysis. It provides insights into the keywords which your competitors target in paid search campaigns. You can explore their ad copy, overall PPC strategy and budget allocation. If needed, you can consider fine tuning your own paid advertising efforts.


This platform mainly focuses on content analysis. It also revolves around social media engagement. This tool is a great way to identify the top-performing content of your competitors, study social media trends and also discover influencers in your industry. By incorporating such SaaS tools alongside Google Analytics, SEO experts India can enhance the online marketing strategy for your business to ensure it resonates with your target audience.

Today, competitor analysis through Google Analytics is a dynamically evolving process which empowers organizations, businesses and professionals to refine and innovate. When you decipher competitor strategies, you have already achieved a competitive edge. You end up making informed decisions that enhance your digital presence.

Competitor Analysis Expertise of Neel Networks, Your Trusted SEO Company in India

Neel Networks is a top-notch SEO company based in India which prides itself on its expertise in competitor analysis for different businesses and organizations. The team Neel Networks understands competitors’ strategies and tactics to help your brand stay ahead in this digital world. Ours is a careful and tailored approach to every analysis. Our SEO specialists not only delve deeper into every detail of your competitor’s SEO efforts through Google Analytics and other tools but also uncover valuable insights to make informed decision for your brand. We hold expertise in dissecting the site content and backlink profiles of your competitors, tracking their conversion metrics and also benchmarking. With Neel Networks by your side, your investment in SEO is backed by a comprehensive competitor analysis. The long-term success of your digital strategies is an assured benefit.

The Neel Networks Advantage:

  • Thorough Competitor Analysis
  • Strategic Site Content Analysis
  • Comprehensive Backlink Analysis
  • Conversion Tracking Expertise
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Customized SEO Strategies
  • Continuous Optimization
  • Consistent Monitoring
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Competitive Pricing

At Neel Networks, our expertise is built on the foundation of experience, skills, creativity, innovation and dedication to delivering exceptional results for our client’s business. Experience our comprehensive suite of SEO and digital marketing services.

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