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Application Development and its types

Application Development and its types

Organizations around the world are now under increasing pressure to grow their business faster with software innovation to drive growth and respond swiftly to changing global markets. The demand for software applications is increasing but any attempt to develop them quickly can have negative effect on their quality. So the key is to develop quality app development right from the start.

Reputable software solution providers have leveraged their long experience in developing customized mission-critical and large-scale IT systems, to ensure robust growth of companies.

Types of application development :-

Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application Development Company can provide you a user-friendly, efficient, and customized desktop application that can run offline, independent of your web browser. These apps help businesses meet their respective need and provide competitive edge in the growing and fiercely competitive market. As each business has its own unique requirements, custom developed desktop applications help companies to fulfill their needs and achieve success.

Companies can experience efficient and faster business processes, total control and better performance through use of new Rich Desktop Applications and Rich Internet Desktop Applications. They ensure faster data access, efficient offline operations and easy content synchronization. These desktop applications can seamlessly integrate with OS platforms, Microsoft technologies, databases and web technologies providing better operational functioning.

The desktop application development companies can provide you with ways to automate specific business processes to boost performance, synchronize business processes, and improve employee productivity. Almost all desktop applications are open for up-gradation with time and offer better data security and protection from any unauthorized access.

Web Application Development

Web application development is creation of app programs that reside on remote computers and are delivered to user over the Internet. These apps are sometimes contrasted with native applications that are developed specifically for a particular platform or device and are then installed on it.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is a process of creating or making a mobile application to run on different mobile platforms. Actually, a mobile platform is a mobile operating system. Google mobile platform is Android, and Apple’s mobile operating system is called iOS. Windows has Windows mobile and RIM has Blackberry. Each of these platforms has its own specific regulations, rules and requirements to make mobile application. For example, iOS mobile apps need the use of Objective C, whereas Android mobile apps use Java.

An experienced application developer knows the intricacies of each platform because it’s simply not possible to just develop an application and port it over to the next platform. In addition, you also need to consider what all app stores you wish to highlight your application.

Application Maintenance and Support

Smooth operation of various business critical apps is absolutely necessary for ensuring sustained business growth and offer quality customer service. Huge amount of resources of businesses are committed for efficient support and maintenance of apps that are installed. Web app developers offer application maintenance and support services for enterprises. Various apps that run on client server platforms, legacy platforms, and latest browser based on multi-tier architectures need efficient and thorough maintenance and support. Efficient support and maintenance for these key apps is important to make business critical decisions.

Our domain knowledge, years of expertise, technical processes and skills to handle application maintenance efficiently can benefit businesses without affecting their bottom-line. Contact us today at info@neelnetworks.com with your requirements and our team will be happy to assist you.

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