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What Makes Your Website A Candidate for Website Redesigning Process (Ensure It’s Not Overdue)

Are you unsatisfied with the performance of your website? Is your website failing to appeal? Then it must be time to change.

“Change is the only constant in life. Ones ability to adopt to those changes will determine your success in life”, said Benjamin Franklin.

This statement is not true only for humans. It fits well in the context of a website also, which represents you in the digital world. You can’t leave it unpolished. A website, once created, can’t keep serving you the best forever if you miss incorporating the innovations into it. You need to invest in it and make it befitting as per the current situation. And here, going for website maintenance can be an inadequate measure because it is about keeping a website flawless. Anyway, what if your website is impeccable, but then too, you are not getting the expected outcome? Well, then it’s time to go for website redesigning. A website with old-school traits can be damaging to reputation, along with being a cause of dropping sales figures.

Okay! That’s a bigger picture. But what are the traits, which precisely indicate that you need a website redesigning service? That’s a good question! As many times, it is tough to take a call on this; of course, reasons can be many. And you know the impact of the delay. Thus, let’s go through different factors one by one to decide on the need for website redesigning.

What Make Your Website A Candidate for Website Redesigning Process?

The Need to Upgrade

With time, technology changes, and so does its utility. Things once used to be classic fall short on functionality and fail to serve requirements the desired way. And the demands and expectations of people keep growing. All that calls for a change. After all, you can’t let your website appear outdated. To balance and provide superior solutions, you need to adopt updates, which can be of various types. You have to identify the trends – what’s working in design, technology, etc., keeping in mind your needs. And get them implemented, for which you will have to go for website redesigning service. It will help you improve both the appearance and performance of the website.

Branding Alignment

Your website, being the online identity of your business/profession, must represent your brand the best. It should be in sync with your brand image and purpose. Otherwise, people might get a false impression of you. If you have any offline marketing material, ensure that both are consistent with your brand identity. Then only you can mark your presence and reserve a spot in people’s mind.  Also, examine your website. Check its uniformity throughout. All the web pages should look like bits of a family. Look for colour, font type and font size. Plus, pay attention to the structure of different service pages. If you come across anything that’s not in line with the brand image, correct it. It calls for website redesigning.

A shift to Mobile-First Approach

A responsive site is no more an additional feature; it’s a necessity. But now, it’s time to go a step ahead.  According to Statista (Q1- 2021) data, of the total worldwide web traffic, 54.8% pertains to mobile users. Thus,

with the increasing number of people using mobile for internet surfing, you need to take a mobile-first approach. The mobile browsing experience should be the core when it comes to website design and performance. So, while auditing your website, start assessing the credibility and appropriateness from a mobile point of view and then move on to other devices like desktop and laptop. If you find a gap, unquestionably, your website requires redesigning. Else, you can imagine how huge the loss can be! Because now, Google takes into account the mobile version for indexing.

Change in Target Audience

If you’re expanding the scope of business and planning to target a new group of people, then you can’t ignore your website design. Let’s see through an example. Suppose you have a fashion blog for working women. Now, you want to include content for college going girls. Here, you are considering serving an entirely different audience. You can’t continue with the same design. It’s because the psychology of both the group differs and the content too. If you want to entice college-goers, you would have to add an element of attraction to your website to capture the youth.

Structural Changes

Do you think your website design is confusing? It takes effort for your audience to find what they want? Then you have to simplify things for them. Change the structure; provide your audience with a smooth navigation facility. It will enable them to feel good about visiting your website and perform the task. And changing the website structure is no big deal. All you have to do is to appoint a skilled designer for website revamping.


Cardinal area! A poor UX/UI of the website means you are giving your users a sharp reason to abandon you. And if that’s the case, it’s a signal that your website is demanding redesigning.

Alarming Analytics

Analytics also convey the need for website redesigning? Oh yes.  Inadequate traffic, high bounce rate and low conversion rate are the significant indicators, showing something is wrong. Take professional help to find out the reasons. A mediocre website design can be the one.

In the End…

Connect each point with your website and analyse it well.

Have you got a green signal for all? If not, then you must go for website redesigning. You can’t overlook even a single part.

Avail website redesign services and adopt the trend to see an elevation in your sales graph. But make sure to have a strategy before initiating. And choose the website revamping service provider carefully.

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