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Online Reputation Management Made Easy: 5 Tools to Make It a Reality

It won’t be wrong to call the internet an overpopulated place. Survival and growth in such a competitive atmosphere are no less than a challenge. On top of that, you need to take care of your online reputation. You can’t let people talk senseless and bogus things about you on the internet. Because online reputation, when not managed, can hit your business hard. And we know, how tough the online reputation management task is.

Hersh Davis-Nitzberg (a renowned reputation management expert from America) said,

“Reputation Building does not just suppress negative information but focuses on building the long-term value in a positive reputation”.

The above statement is enough to narrate the entire story. There is a lot to do when it comes to online reputation management in digital marketing. Are you worried? Well, you need not be, as online reputation management tools can ease your work, relieving your burden.

Online Reputation Management Tools

Google Alerts

Launched in 2003, it is an information service to keep you posted. Google Alerts, like many other tools that Google offers to facilitate its users, is a free resource. You can use this to stay updated about the latest happenings or new content, matching your input. Moreover, with this, you can keep an eye on your online reputation too. How? Go to Google Alerts. There, you see a search box; enter the term for which you want to receive alerts. For example – the name of your company. Below this box, you have ‘show options’. Here, you can set your preferences like when to receive alert, language, region, etc. Also, you have an option as to where to receive the alerts. Done. Click on ‘create alert’, and you will get an email notification for matching result as per the indicated preference.

Isn’t it easy to monitor your company’s repo on the web with this free online reputation management tool?


Join the world’s best companies to monitor your online presence! Listen to what the audience says about you on the web along with knowing their feelings about your competitors. And use the insights for making sound decisions and forming a robust strategy. This single tool offers multiple features to let you have complete control about what people speak about your brand. Mention enables you to monitor one billion+ sources on the web every day, including websites and review forums. Moreover, through this tool, you can filter and analyse the sentiments of your audience across multiple social media platforms. Plus, you can also connect with them using this tool. Mention is made to help you grow. Check out the pricing plans now. Or start with a free plan to check suitability.


Managing reviews is a significant part of online reputation management. However, the web world is boundless. Businesses, for wider reach, are present on different channels. And it is not easy to attend every review timely on such a vast land. But it is vital; you don’t have an option to ignore reviews. That makes dealing with the reviews, a daunting task. Do you feel the same?

Then, here is the solution – Reputology. It is an innovative tool, making review management quick and trouble-free. With this tool, you can check, analyse and respond to the reviews across different platforms from a single dashboard. Yeah, get notified for the reviews being posted through automated emails and reply from Reputology platform. Additionally, this tool makes data review and feedback analysis easier. And that’s not all. Reputology serves you with visuals like charts and scorecards for performance study. So, no lost sales due to poor online reputation management. Go for a free trial now.


Here, we bring one of the most reliable tools, entrusted by thousands of innovative marketers. Along with other features like content discovery and research, for which it is renowned, BuzzSumo offers monitoring facilities also. You can depend on this tool for a wide variety of tasks. Whether you want to stay tuned with trending topics and industry news, track your competitors, or keep a watch on your brand mention, it lets you do all. Further, with BuzzSumo, you can hear what people have to say about your existing and upcoming products or services. Check out different packages designed to suit the diverse needs, starting from $99/month or get a customized one. Take a free trial for 30 days to check if this is what you want for online reputation management!


Don’t want to miss even a single mention? Use the Meltwater media monitoring tool. Established in Norway, Meltwater has been helping clients in better decision-making since 2001. It is a globally recognized company, having offices in 25 countries and a customer base of around 30,000.

Meltwater aims at making the task of online reputation management uncomplicated for the businesses and professionals. For this, it provides you with a tool that lets you keep a watch on countless keywords across channels, including digital news, print media, podcast, broadcast and social media. Moreover, it covers product reviews and comments on news articles, too. In short, Meltwater media monitoring tool is a comprehensive mechanism, enabling you to keep track of millions of content pieces, globally. The notification gets triggered once the content that matches the specified keyword(s) hits the web so that you can act immediately. Furthermore, with this tool, you can even find out how the audience sees your brand. Don’t you feel that it is the tool that you were looking for managing your online reputation?

In Essence

By automating the online reputation management in digital marketing, you can increase efficiency and effectiveness. The only need is to take the right path. Combine the appropriate tool(s) with a proper strategy to see great results. Moreover, if you choose to work with free online reputation management tools, you can cut your expenses, too.

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