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9 Apps To Boost Your Shopify Conversion Rate (#6 Is the Most Popular)

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms, offering the most competitive selling features that are significant for the growth of the sellers. Along with the fastest load time, it facilitates you with a quick and easy setup that reduces your dependence on technical champs. Its 24/7 customer support is the biggest plus. Moreover, it lets you control the entire business from a single dashboard. And for enhanced functionality, you can integrate the best apps for Shopify. The Shopify app store has 4100+ apps, supporting various business functionalities that include conversion rate optimization too.

We all know the importance of conversion rate! It’s necessary to take measures for conversion rate optimization. Well, there’s a lot to do, depending upon the scenario. And one of those measures is the use of Shopify apps. Dive into the content to know the most approved Shopify apps that can boost the conversion rate of your eCommerce business.

Top Shopify Apps to Increase Conversion


Customer trust is one of the most mattering factors when it comes to success in e-commerce; especially when you are new in the arena. Not all individuals like experimentation; they hesitate in dealing with an unknown or new online business venture. Moreover, there’s a lot of sensitive information involved during an online transaction like contact number, credit/debit card details, etc. For that, you need to gain a customer’s trust. But how? Don’t worry; TRUST app can do it for you. It is a highly-rated mark for Shopify stores, indicating the legitimacy of your store. TRUST app offers multiple seals to you, including money-back guarantee seal, PCI compliance, and social validation seal. Moreover, it assists you in easy review generation and enables you to import reviews/ratings from other apps and platforms. This way, it addresses security, safety, and privacy-related concerns of your potential clients. The result is more conversions.

Plug in SEO

It is a powerful tool, with advanced features, that can take care of all your SEO needs alone. Right from checking SEO to fixing the issues obstructing your ranking in the search engine like broken links, Meta titles & descriptions, headings, etc.; it can do everything. In short, this multi-lingual Shopify app, by improving your SEO, helps you get a better place in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). In turn, you get more organic traffic and higher sales opportunity.

Referral Candy

When it comes to marketing, nothing can beat word-of-mouth and influencer marketing. Referral Candy supports you to get more customers that way; by running referral, affiliate, and influencer programs. Here, you have the option to choose the referral reward like cash, bonus, etc. and the same will automatically be paid to the referrer. This optimizes your Shopify conversion rate.


Is it possible to imagine E-commerce without email campaigns? That’s impossible. That’s the reason this Shopify app is so popular. It lets you not just create email marketing campaigns but allows you to automate most of its part. All that without leaving your Shopify dashboard. With such a smooth email marketing process, both your conversion and sales gonna see an uptrend.

Pre-Order Manager

It’s the most reviewed in the pre-order segment brought up by the most trusted Shopify app developer. With this, stop losing business when a particular product is ‘out of stock’. This app enables you to auto-replace ‘out of stock’ with the ‘pre-order’ tab and takes the customer to the normal order procedure. You can do it for ‘coming soon’ items too. Isn’t it a great way of conversion rate optimization?


So, as stated beforehand, here is the most popular Shopify app to increase conversion. And it has earned the spot for all the good reasons. It is a multi-purpose app, which is ranked as the number#1 for sales by Shopify users. With over 18K 5 star reviews, it’s a must-have app for all the Shopify users who are willing to see their sales growing. And the best thing – you can use it irrespective of your business size.

Further, you can bring automation with it. It facilitates you with tools for email marketing, lets you create customized banners and popups to appear at the desired time, and also helps you to create target-based campaigns so that you can convert leads into customers. And that’s not all; it sends follow-up messages and abandoned cart messages too. Plus, you get to see real-time performance report. All these improve loyalty and contribute to more sales.

Instafeed- Instagram Feed

Instafeed by Mintt Studio is a completely responsive, official Instagram app that widens the reach of your Shopify store, keep your store content up-to-date and convert your visitors into clients by eliminating distractions. In this, you can have fully customizable Insta feeds.


It’s sort of brother of Privy, specializing in Popups. With this app, you can boost conversion by using action-based popups, Nano bars, and sidebars. Depending on your goal, you can select premade layouts to set up your campaigns. Moreover, with conditional rules, you can specify the viewers of the campaign(s) too.


This app by Shopify lets you enjoy the exclusive perks of being a Shopify user. Add it to your marketing team and remain relaxed 24/7. And it is of great importance for small-scale business owners, for which it also wears the crown of official Facebook marketing partner. You must be thinking about how an app can drive sales! Let us tell you that the app is backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and is ready to give you smart recommendations in terms of marketing campaigns. By looking at your products and visitors, it suggests intelligent marketing moves and allows you to generate promo and discount code. Additionally, you can create and manage ads on Facebook and Instagram. And you can even send personalized messages. There are other ways too through which it drives sales. Check out now.

In the End

The above Shopify apps are answers to the question that troubles you the most – ‘why is my conversion rate dropping’? Identify the reason behind your falling ecommerce business conversion rate and use the relevant plugins to improve the same.

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