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6 WooCommerce Extensions That Will Help You Serve Your Customers Better (#6 is Free)

With WooCommerce, setting up an e-commerce store became super-quick. Designed keeping in mind the requirements of different types and sizes of merchants, its functionality, flexibility, and ease of use let you build an online shop in no time.

And not just that, you have numerous WooCommerce plugins to customize your online store for intensified customer experience. Be it’s about product comparison, payment options, or anything else, you can always find a relevant plugin for assistance.

What can be better than this? Operate an online shop with ease while offering the best services to your customers. And it doesn’t take much to put these WooCommerce plugins to use. You can see your RoI increasing in lesser efforts.

Best WooCommerce Plugins

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

People either don’t have time or don’t like navigating through multiple pages and products to find the items they want. So, if you want them to buy from you, assist them in seeing the products they want, and you have just a few seconds for the same. Else, see them leaving your store. So, having an effective internal search option is imperative. It can double the chance of conversion (Moz). And the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search plugin is the solution. With this, your users can find the required product on your website in minimal time. And no worries, even if a user doesn’t know the exact product name. Entering the keyword or even a few characters will work; it will show the real-time results satisfying the search criteria.

WooCommerce Wishlists

Want to increase the likelihood of conversion? Expect a random visitor to be your customer? Then you need to give them an option to create a wishlist.


Yes, letting your customers or potential customers make and save a wishlist means you are providing them with a reason to return to your online store. If that happens, you are in a profitable position. What you need to do is to install the WooCommerce Wishlists plugin. It is a feature-packed extension that offers several functionalities. With this plugin in place, you allow your visitors, even the guests (not registered with you), to create and save a wishlist. They can make wishlist(s) as per their requirements and save them. The same can be there for 30 days or till they clear the cookies. And a registered user can make wishlists and keep them for an unlimited period. Plus, your user can customize the wishlist(s) effortlessly. They will get a notification while trying to add a product that already exists on their list. Also, this plugin offers swift shareability of wishlists on social media and through email. And not just that, they are the ones managing the visibility – as to who can see their wishlist; they can mark it as private or public or can share it as an URL with the people they want. And for this, you need not spend a hefty sum. You can get it @ $79 (annual billing) with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Product Recommendations

In the competitive environment, winning calls for extra efforts. It applies to your WooCommerce shop too. Now, presenting the users with excellent products is not enough. To be superior, you need to offer a unique shopping experience; do something extra. And providing recommendations about the product they might like is a great way. Product recommendations is one of the most-liked features of an online store, known for enhancing response rate. For this, you have the Product Recommendations plugin. It assists you with upselling and cross-selling. This extension has advanced features and enables you to provide relevant recommendations (with filters like brand, category, etc.) quickly for higher conversion.

WooCommerce Multilingual – WPML

If your online store is open for cross-border orders, then overlooking language options can be dangerous. Obviously, when people don’t understand the content, they leave. So, you have to eliminate the language barrier from the scene. WooCommerce Multilingual extension does this for you. Right from the categories, product information and variations to the content that appears during the checkout process, this plugin changes the text into the client’s preferred language. Plus, with this, you can send emails to your users in the selected language. Powering over 100,000 websites, it is a valuable plugin for your store that also permits SEO in multiple languages. Besides, WPML can help you in dealing with various currencies.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Another vital extension! And the name indicates its purpose. If you are serving global users, you need to present them with the option to see prices and make payment in their preferred currency. You can do that with WooCommerce Currency Switcher. By putting it in place, you let your users switch the currency as per their preference. And they have the product price ready in the specified currency, that too real-time value. Also, they are good to pay in the same currency. This plugin has the option to auto-update the currency value; you can use it or can update it manually.

LiveChat For WooCommerce

It’s essential as active customer support can alone increase the customer satisfaction manifold. And what if we say you can invite them for a chat? Won’t that make them content?

You can do all these with the LiveChat plugin for WooCommerce. Just add it to your website and start enjoying the benefits. See your business thriving by improving customer experience. Facilitate them with the medium for instant query resolution, which can raise your conversion rate. Besides, use the chat invitation feature if you feel a customer seems troubled at the checkout page; connect with them upfront and get them through. It paves the way for a great customer relationship.

Are you using any of these WooCommerce Plugins already?


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Also, let us know the WooCommerce plugin(s) that you feel have helped you serve your customers superbly but are not a part of the above list.

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