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What Is Schema Markup & What Are the Benefits of Implementing It?

Have you ever been to the last spot of technical SEO? Then you must have heard about this phrase – schema markup (also known as schema.org markup or simply schema). It’s an imperative concept, and its knowledge can help you grow. 

“But why do I need to learn about the Schema Markup? Technical SEO professional will take care of this aspect for me.” Is this what you are thinking?

Fine. Of course, the SEO specialist will handle this. And thus, we are not going into the technicalities of this technical concept. This blog is just for the basic understanding of Schema Markup. We will see what Schema Markup is and how it can be beneficial for your business. Don’t you think the fundamental knowledge will help you achieve better results? That way, you can ensure effective utilisation of the technique.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema Markup, also known as structured data, microdata, or semantic vocabulary, is like a search engine language, making your content clearly understandable for search engines. 

Using schema markup, you can provide enhanced information about various things. The common application areas are – place, product, person, recipe, organisation, event, video, and medical entity.

Okay, moving ahead, if it’s in the system, there must be some reasons. What are those? How can schema markup be advantageous for you? Let’s see.

Benefits of Schema Markup?

Enables you to Serve Your Visitors Better

The content you create makes sense only when you can get the desired results. And that can happen only when it reaches your target audience at the right time. Well, that’s up to the search engine! Yes, search engines are the ones, upon receiving the query, return the relevant result to the searchers. But who indicates the search engines about the relevancy of the content? Of course, you. You are the one responsible for ensuring that the search engines understand your content well. And you can do this through schema markup. By presenting the content in a structured way, you enable the search engine to get it right.

Help you in Getting More Space from SERP 

By appropriately utilising schema markup on your website, you can have better visibility on the search engine result page. How? You have more chances to appear in the featured snippets result area, appearing at the top, having the highest visibility. Also, in Google’s search engine, there is a feature called Google Knowledge Graph. You must have noticed it too! 

It’s the box that appears on the right side of the SERP in response to your query.

This is how it looks.

Google uses it to provide enhanced information to the users in a better way. By having structured data and high-quality content, you can appear in the Knowledge Graph as well. And you know the ultimate benefit – enhance brand presence. 

Improves Click-Through Rate

Do you know that whether you use structured data/schema markup or not can affect your CTR? Well, it can. While surfing, you must have noticed that some results appear with more information for quick decision making.

For example – a person is searching for the recipe. Now, when you use schema markup, you help users in decision-making. As structured data helps search engines to understand your content clearly and offer you to add additional details to it like duration, nutrition information, ingredients etc.

Here is the image explaining how it works on SERP.

For this, you need to use the relevant type of Schema. 

By offering enhanced information to the users, you can persuade them to click on your website link. 

Facilitates Voice Search Optimisation

The fashion of voice search is increasing. And to be in a competitive position, you need to optimise your content for the voice search. There are many ways of doing so. One is implementing schema markup. When you use the appropriate type of schema and present the information in a highly structured manner, the search engine can comprehend the content better than when you don’t markup schema.

Can Help you Rank Higher 

Though there is no direct relation between schema implementation and SERP ranking, we can say that when you use schema markup and present data in a structured way, the chances of having a better position in the SERP increase. How?

Using schema markup, you can appear in rich results. That position itself is advantageous. You have a chance of generating higher traffic. And if that happens, the search engine gets an indication that you are providing high-quality content. Well, that’s a ranking criterion. So, it’s a logical relation. And there’s no harm in experimenting with that.

Optimise Video Content to Increase Website Traffic

Embed videos on your website and use schema markup on that. That way, you provide all the essential details to the search engines, including the description of the video, duration, and title, etc. The intent is to help the search engines in better understanding the context. And when that happens, the chances of your content appearing on the top for any query increases. Now, with this, you can have two-way benefits. Videos can help your website generate higher traffic by appearing on the top or vice versa.

Well, what do you think about this read? Were you utilising the Schema Markup?

Yes! No!

If yes, could you use it to its maximum potential? 

Comment below to let us know your views.

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