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Types of Logos and What’s Right for You!

A logo; what is it? It’s just a design.

No, that’s not correct.

Though it’s a design, it’s not just that.

A logo serves as the visual identity of your brand. In the words of Saul Bass, “logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” It’s a powerful branding tool that connects your brand and your target audience by making a visual appeal. But for that to happen, logo designing must be done tactfully. The logo must have all the necessary elements. And that’s not all.

Further, you have to see that you choose the right type of logo style for your business. Yes, there are different types of logos to cater to diverse needs. Keeping in mind your business and industry, you need to select the most suitable type of logo.

To ensure your business has the perfect logo, let’s check out different types of logos and their suitability.

Types of Logos

When it comes to the classification of logos, there are mainly seven types.

Wordmarks (Logotypes)

This type of logo has only text – pure text. In other words, it’s a word-only logo. And what should be that word? The name of the company/brand. Can you recall any company having a wordmark logo? Probably, many!

Well, the well-known example for logotype is GOOGLE. We all see it every day! Some more examples are – Canon, Forbes.

Wordmark logo style presents the company’s name in a creative and unique style through typography. It’s the best logo designing style if your company’s name is captivating. And with this type of logo, the company becomes more memorable because the name of the company is what people see whenever the logo appears. Also, this kind of logo is uncomplicated. But the point worth remembering when thinking of using this style is that the company name should be short, generally a single word. Otherwise, the logo might look stuffed.

Monogram Logo (Lettermarks)

A monogram logo or lettermarks, as the name suggests, is a short form logo. Unlike wordmark, it doesn’t have the company name. Instead, it’s created using letters representing the company name the best. Mostly, the letters used for the logo creation are the initials in the name of the company.

For example – hp for Hewlett-Packard. Some more renowned companies using monogram logo style are Chanel, Royal Enfield…and there are many more.

A monogram logo works the best if your company name is long. Being short, they are easy to put on products and marketing materials. Also, it helps in creating brand identity. But for that to happen, the design should be wise so that the logo appears distinct and attractive while embracing the brand image. 

Pictorial Logo

This logo style hardly needs an explanation! A pictorial logo is an image or symbol, and that’s mostly a literal image. But is that just an image or design? Well, no. It’s not just an icon that reminds you of a company name. A pictorial logo is a tactfully created graphic design representing the brand accurately and is recognizable. By recognizable, we mean that by looking at the logo, a person must recall the brand story. With this, you can convey meaning, establish a sense of connection or even evoke sentiments of the people.  Yes, it can do all that for you. But, of course, only if you want. By choosing the logo design smartly, you can have a well-defined image of your brand in the audience’s minds.

Some superb examples – the classic logo of Apple, Inc., John Deere logo.

Abstract Logo

It won’t be wrong to call it an extension of the pictorial logo. If you want to be creative without any restrictions, here’s the option for you. Get an abstract logo and showcase your brand’s identity the way you want. Okay! What’s an abstract logo? It’s a logo designing style where the image doesn’t resemble any original entity or thing. These are generally geometric shapes presented in a unique and styled way. Here, both the company and the logo designer have liberty. By combining the talent and the thought process, you can get a great design to express your brand.

Mascot Logo

Have you come across the famous KFC’s logo? Do you remember the same, or can you recall that? Yeah! By the way, that’s a mascot logo. A mascot logo is an attractive, fun-filled illustration of a character who is associated with the brand. The person represented through illustration can be the owner, the brand’s ideologist, or the brand ambassador. You can even choose to give a cartoonish touch to the logo to make it even more captivating. By personifying the logo, this style adds charm to the brand and makes it lively. It lets your audience connect with you well and gets you a place in their mind.

The Emblem

Want to appear classic? Do you want the logo to have a historic status? Go with the Emblem logo. Looking like a badge, this logo can be a combo of design and text, representing your brand the way you want.

Combination Logo

Here comes the fittest option if you want to have the best of all. A combination logo is a blend or mix of different types of logos – monogram, wordmark, pictorial logo, abstract logo, and mascot logo. You can combine any of these forms to get a perfect logo for your company. When you choose to go with a combination logo design, you have several options, as you get more room for creativity. That makes creating a distinct and memorable logo for your brand uncomplicated.

So, that’s all about the types of logos and their appropriateness. Now, it’s your turn. Have you already decided on the type of logo that’s right for your business? Great!

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