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A Journey Through Different Types of Logos

The right logo develops a strong connection between a brand and consumers because it reflects a set of values that a brand represents. Choosing among various types of logos is a difficult task. But if you understand your business and consumer in a better way, you are close to creating a logo that helps with branding. This is your comprehensive guide on different types of logos.

Let’s Talk Logos & Explore Many Faces of the Brand

Abstract Logos

This type of logo is where you read between the lines. Though such logos may not make sense instantly or typically, based on a surface-level understanding of the brand, they significantly portray deeper meaning. Abstract logos convey meaning subconsciously. The audience needs to have a cognitive understanding of such logos to understand the brand. Abstract logos generally serve as symbol of success and accomplishment. However, some businesses are reluctant to the idea of embracing such logo because there is no literal interpretation of the business. Businesses with meaningful stories to tell can consider having abstract logos. Such logos can effectively convey a unique brand story, serve as symbol between different cultures, and foresee how business direction may change in the coming years and present your brand as a creative and innovative entity. For start-ups who are yet to establish recognizability, such logos might not be too effective. They certainly need a logo with literal branding elements. 

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark logos contain the name of your business and therefore, may fit your criteria perfectly. Though they carry humble simplicity, they are not just one or two words on a canvas. Such logos can help boost brand’s memorability. There are no risks associated with multiple interpretation of the brand from consumers’ perspective because these logos are contrary to abstract ones with many elements to feast one’s eyes on. Hence, they seem more powerful. Google is a perfect example of wordmark logo. One can read it easily; it is colourful and perfectly emphasized. It precisely conveys what people must know about Google. When your focus as a business owner is to make your audience remember your company name the most, this logo shines a light on your vision. Startups and small businesses can lead with wordmark logos as long as they carefully choose typeface that truly represents their business, goals and personality. It must be readable too. Businesses with a short and distinctive name can go for this logo. Moreover, the brands that want their logos on different channels, backgrounds or mediums or businesses that have just started out and want to work on recognizability in the industry, may find this logo effective as long as they partner with the best logo designer company in India.

Lettermark Logos

When a company has a lengthy name, a Lettermark logo is ideal. It provides easier understanding of the brand to readers. Instead of the full name of business, the logo specializes in abbreviation, making it easier for the audience to remember the name. It is considered a bite-sized version of your business. It is condensed and contributes to memorability. If you want to convey a lengthy brand identity, this logo will serve as a clear solution. Get known through an abbreviated title that quickly enhances memorability with Lettermark logos. Your audience is exposed to many brands or businesses every day. If you provide them the opportunity to remember your brand with minimal efforts, you are playing the game right. The flip side is that such logos may be confusing because many consumers fail to grasp the brand’s identity during the first couple of encounters. So, choose your logo designer India carefully, the one who understands how to leverage the potential of Lettermark logos.

Pictorial Logos

This type of logo depicts your brand in a literal or visual way. It may not symbolize what your business does; but it illustrates your brand essence creatively, in a way that resonates with people. Remember, such logos can serve as perfect benchmark as long as you hire the proficient team of logo designers who perceive logo as a product of design evolution. Pictorial logos only work when business has a strong market presence because these logos might not speak about products or services directly. Instead, they serve as a memorable expression of your brand in either inspirational, symbolic or other terms. Sometimes, this logo may rely heavily on your consumers’ subconscious. Such logos, if crafted with perfection, can pull your people in. Here, the designers take recognizable objects of the brand and work on stylized elements to give your business a unique identity. Such logos, however, can be a challenge. But, when you manage to get the right logo designed for your brand, you can be prepared for the rewarding results. Highly recognized businesses can opt for this logo. Moreover, companies that want to simplify their identity or convey a hidden narrative, often choose Pictorial logos. For new businesses, it is important to precisely convey meaning to reach target audience for the first time; therefore, such logos may not be the ideal option. 

Emblem Logos

We have some of the oldest emblem logos which have witnessed radical transitions or redesigns through the times. Many universities, dynasties, clans, and organizations have it. Emblem logo is a formal representation of your brand. It features vital details, understandable to consumers who choose to observe it carefully. This is because every aspect of the logo carries some meaning. Food and beverage sector may find this logo meaningful. The design process of this logo is not the work of the weak. There are many elements that go into creating Emblem logo. Every tiny part must be conveyed meaningfully and should have significance to it. So, you should go for this logo only if you have a lot to communicate about your brand or business through visuals that carry many elements but convey a unified meaning. The role of the best logo designer company in India is to create a logo which conveys a story without stuffing unnecessary elements. Only a true designer with awareness on how to create a unique logo that gives you an edge over others and tells a detailed brand story, is your trusted partner. You have one more reason to opt for Emblem logo. It is more likely to pass the test of time because it has personalized details in it.

Mascot Logos

These logos are very popular in sports, entertainment and fast-food sectors. They often comprise a person or character with sentimental value. This logo has a potential to enable customers to connect with the brand on a deeper level. When the consumers get to communicate directly with the mascot, they resonate with brand in a better way. Mascot logo generally tells a personal story. It portrays a narrative of a person loved by the brand or presented by the brand. Businesses which want to target communities or families, or project sentimental feel, can go for this logo. It can establish good rapport with your audience. However, brands that want to portray serious professionalism, may not want to choose Mascot logos.

Combination Logos

It is one of the most common types of logos. It contains typography and the visual element, a combination of wordmark or lettermark and an abstract, mascot or emblem. Here, the symbols and the text both work together to create a strong understanding of the business. It has direct wording and therefore, serves as the most practical choice for businesses. Combination logo could be your best choice if you want a complete, unique logo which is easier to trademark. You can go for this one if you need instant brand recognition. Combination logos are great choice for businesses that want to anticipate movement. 

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