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Seven Key Web Development Areas That Will Be Most Talked in 2021

Jamie Notter said,

“Innovation is change that unlocks new value”.

And the IT industry is known to be a catalyst of change. Here, you get to see new concepts with the time that intends to make the life of the users or public easier while generating more value. Web development is one of the cardinal wings of this industry. It is fuelling the growth of businesses at a global level. So, how can it be left untouched by changes? Obviously, it can’t. In fact, it must not. Because in the fiercely competitive atmosphere, innovation drives the growth. The need is to strive for continuous enhancement in the UX & UI. And without changes, it is not possible. So, what are the key web development trends that are worth adopting in 2021? Let’s discover.

Key Web Development Trends 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the major web development trends in 2021! In this year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is demanding more space in your technological map. Having a chatbot on your website for quicker and higher customer engagement is not enough at all. The need is to go beyond. Like, use artificial intelligence technology to find the preferences, including likes and dislikes of your audience, what they are willing to buy, favoured shopping time, etc., and serve them the way they expect. In short, use AI for collection and analysis of the data to improve your offerings. You can even find better ways through which AI can let you improve user experience. With AI, you can create an optimum website structure. 

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming a trend. More people are using the voice search function not just for Alexa or Siri but with other smart devices as well, including cell phone, desktop and television. After all, it offers so much ease. Just speak the query and find the answers readily; it doesn’t matter whether you are driving or eating. 48% of consumers are using voice search while seeking solutions to their general queries (Searchengineland). And that’s not all. People have started using voice technology for checking the news, weather reports, navigation, and even for purchasing.

As voice technology offers numerous benefits, the trend is going to continue. And to stay up in the game, you need to have your website optimized for voice technology.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, progressive web applications are suitable to be used on multiple platforms, which are using a standard-compliant browser. So, the type of device like mobile or desktop doesn’t matter.

PWAs let you create a website that acts like an app, without any need of being downloaded. That means users can enjoy the innovative features of apps like high-functionality, better usability and much more with PWA website. Many companies, including renowned players like Twitter and Ola, are using PWA technology to serve their audience in an enhanced way. This technology, being more responsive and user-friendly, is becoming the first choice.

With PWA technology, OLA saw an 80% lower bounce rate. Moreover, they managed to get 250% more re-engagement (source – Top 30 PWA). What’s your view on this?

Motion UI

Motion UI is a SaaS library, empowering the transitions. It is a technological advancement to intensify the User Interface (UI). Motion UI is not just about animations on the website. Instead, it is about making the website’s appearance appealing while driving the user through the right path, using visual indications.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a framework where devices or objects are connected to the internet and also with each other. They can communicate with each other without any need for human intervention, facilitating wireless data transfer. The location of these inter-connected objects or devices doesn’t matter. In other words, it is a network of digitally connected physical objects or devices. As there are numerous benefits of using IoT in web development, including better control, effective & efficient communication and transparency, it is gaining more recognition in this field.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Faster load time of your web pages on the mobile is crucial if you want to offer an excellent experience to users and stay at the top of the search engine result page (SERP). To make it possible, AMP was launched. Brought to existence in 2015 by AMP open-source project, AMP is an open-source HTML structure. It was an initiative of Google and Twitter to improve the speed of the mobile-friendly web pages.

But what is AMP?

It is a lighter version of HTML that allows instant access to web pages on mobile. A faster load time without any complications is a win-win deal for both you and your audience. And with the increasing number of people using mobile phones for browsing, the load time of a web page on the mobile phone is mattering. Even a second’s delay in load time can increase the bounce rate.

Single Page Websites

Though this concept is not new, it is getting more attention now. It is time to say goodbye to a complicated website structure with multiple pages, making navigation a time-consuming task. Moreover, for the users preferring mobile for surfing, such websites create trouble. The demand for Single Page Websites is expected to see an uptrend. Single Page Website, being quick to load and simple to navigate, raises the user experience while helping you save additional costs.

With a constantly increasing number of websites, innovation is not a choice. It is a necessity. A website is the online identity of your business. You must keep it up-to-date.

But why?

Because the website quality forms the basis of judging a company’s reputation. As mentioned on SWEOR, 3/4th of consumers said to assess the company’s credibility based on its website design.

Well, lots of talks! Now, it is time to implement the changes. Get on to it before they are not trendy anymore. And surprise your users with A-1 experience while improving your SERP ranking.

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