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Increasing Website’s Organic Traffic Gets Easy with These Methods

Website traffic; the number of people visiting your website is one of the significant metrics. Well, it’s not just a metric. It’s a vital factor contributing to your growth. And that makes it worth working for! Of course, the higher the number of people visiting your website, the more the chances of attaining your desired goals.

But increasing the website traffic isn’t an easy task. It calls for a lot of effort.


In which direction?


Sounds a bit silly!

No, it should not.

It’s because there are many ways to increase website traffic. And it’s up to you to decide.

The route ahead depends on the same.

Well, what are the options?

The two principal traffic sources are – paid traffic and organic traffic.

But today, we will focus on organic website traffic.

Reports suggest that over 50% of the website traffic comes from organic sources. Also, organic search is the most profitable channel, as per

49% of marketers (source – highervisibility).

And what’s this?

Let’s check out.

What’s Organic Website Traffic?

The visitors coming to your website directly through the search engine’s result page is organic traffic. It’s unpaid traffic.

Why is Organic Website Traffic Important?

When you have another source of traffic that can get you traffic quickly and easily, why organic website makes more sense? Why should you work for this?

What makes organic website traffic more significant?

Well, reasons are not one or two but many. Yes! There are several benefits of having higher organic traffic on the website. The first and most valuable reason making it dearer is – cost-effectiveness. Being an unpaid source of traffic, organic traffic helps you save money that you otherwise would spend on ads, as here, you get the desired exposure naturally through SERP. All you need is to implement some simple and inexpensive SEO techniques. Also, this enables you to avoid bot traffic. Moreover, the organic traffic, though time-taking, helps in the long run. As it allows you to earn credibility and makes you memorable, you have a higher probability of getting returning viewers. That indicates to the search engines the worth of your website and the relevancy of the search results. In turn, you can enjoy a good rank in the SERP. Plus, the audience coming through this route is more likely to convert as you will appear in response to their exact query. So, you can enjoy a better conversion rate.

Sounds good!

Don’t you think that organic traffic has a lot to offer? It can help you in many ways. Isn’t it?

So, why not work for it?

Yes, you can increase your website’s organic traffic with easy tips and tricks.

Here comes an important question – how to increase organic traffic?

Read till the end to see a rise in the organic traffic of your website.

Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic

Focus on Your Audience

Most important! If you want to see the organic traffic of your website flourishing, then you must create content keeping in mind your target audience rather than search engines. When it comes to pleasing the audience, hardly anything can beat the valuable content. Thus, focus on the same. Check for whom you are creating content; see the kind of content they prefer consuming – the length, frequency, tone, etc. Don’t create content around the keywords.

Get the Right Key – Intent

Decide why you are creating content. Being random doesn’t work here. If you want the content to perform and bring the desired results to you, you must ensure that the content suits and satisfies the search intent. To enjoy higher organic traffic, you need to appear at the right place at the right time. And this can happen only when you follow the above point. See what they are searching for in your niche and create content accordingly. It could be informational, navigational or transactional. But be relevant and meaningful.

Be Consistent

“Consistency is the belt that fastens excellence in position. If you don’t do it repeatedly, you will not excel in it.” – Israelmore Ayivor

This statement is true in the context of a website as well. To gain organic traffic, be consistent with content and SEO. This way, you can also build the community. And a loyal community is a great asset.

Use SEO Best Practices

SEO (on-page, off-page & technical) can be of great help in driving more organic traffic to your website. But here, success depends on the search engine optimization techniques you are implementing. Take into account the methods known for contributing to organic traffic. To name a few — enhancing the user experience of the website, doing justice with the topic while creating content, mobile responsiveness, using natural keywords to match the intent of the query rather than keyword stuffing as it’s a Bad Hat SEO technique. And Bad Hat & Grey Hat SEO techniques are just deadly for website growth. So, you must not use them.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

They help in being specific and let both you and your audience hit the right spot. By using long-tail keywords, your website can gain higher visibility and can rank sooner. Plus, it can get you more conversions.

Use the Power of Social Media

Just developing a website and creating content is not sufficient. You also need to tell people that you exist. You can use social media platforms for the same. As per your industry, pick the relevant social media platform and build a solid presence.

Sum Up

For the website traffic to make sense and contribute to your success, the same must be relevant. And that happens in the case of organic traffic. Thus, take appropriate steps to raise your website’s organic traffic and be ready to flourish.

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