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How To Improve CTR in The Era of Zero-Click Search?

Google, as a search engine, wants its users to remain comfortable. For that, it keeps taking measures to make information more easily accessible. And one such step revolutionized the search pattern, leaving us in the new world – we are in the era of zero-click search. The percentage of zero-click searches, which, in June 2019, stood at around 50%, increased to approximately 65% during January and December 2020 (Data Source: SparkToro).

Well, what zero-click search means? And how it’s going to affect other aspects of the industry? What about the CTR (Click Through Rate)?

Please, hold on! You need not worry.

In this post, we will see various concepts, including the meaning of zero-click search, is the trend of zero-click search concerning, and ways to increase the CTR when the fashion of zero-click search is gaining momentum.

What is a Zero Click Search?

Zero click search, also known as no-click search, is the result that the search engine provides in response to your query without any need to visit any website. You need not click on any website link that appears as organic results. 

Examples of Zero Click Search

Suppose you want to know the age of Virat Kohli. For this, you type “age Virat Kohli” or “how old is Virat Kohli” as a search query. In return, Google provides you with the age and date of birth of Virat Kohli. The answer appears at the top of the SERP preceding other websites. You have got the information you were looking for without clicking on any website. That’s a zero-click search.

Let’s see one more example.

You want to know about mammals; you mention the “largest mammal on the earth today” in the Google search box.

And here’s the result.

It is a featured snippet. Here, you are getting a basic answer at the top. The information is sufficient enough to answer your basic query. You can go through the answer without opening any website. Of course, you can visit the websites for more information. That’s a zero-click search.

Impact of Zero Click Search?

The rising trend of zero-click search is resulting in reducing click-through rate (CTR), the obvious impact of which is declining website traffic.

As in many cases, people can get answers at the top of the SERP, the chance of opening a website link declines.

Does that mean you don’t have any way to get more traffic to your website?


Even after the rising momentum of zero-click search, you have the option of increasing your web traffic. Undoubtedly, that calls for more effort now. You should be able to persuade the people in a manner that they should have a strong urge to click on your website for a particular bit of information.

And how can you do that?

Let’s check out.

How to Increase Click Through Rate (CTR) in the Era of Zero-Click Search?

When people can get the desired information instantly at the top of the search engine result page itself, how can you expect them to click on your website link?

Find out the answer to this question, and you will be able to identify the ways through which you can increase your click-through rate.

Here are some ways for quick reference.

Build Reputation

It’s a great way to increase your CTR. Work hard on creating a solid image of your brand. The extent should be such that people should look for you to get information in a particular niche. For this, you have to take a comprehensive approach. So, what should be the components of your reputation-building plan?


It’s inevitable. If you can’t promise extraordinary value, then be ready to face a tough time. Because already there is much competition and on top of that, you have zero-click search. If you want to beat the competition and earn a click, provide your target audience with an influential piece of information, which people can’t afford to ignore. Anyway, if you want people to devote time to your website, give them solid reasons.

Classic User Experience

Make people feel great about visiting you. An unforgettable surfing experience leaves a deep impression on your users’ minds. For that, you can do so many things. Make your website easy to surf. Present information in a graspable style – make use of listicles, infographics, etc. Use catchy visuals. Offer speed. You can think of more ideas too.


To make yourself the ultimate destination of your target audience, you must gain their trust. Provide matchless but relevant and authentic information, having correct facts. Be ready to address their concern and help them in whatever way you can.

Ensure Your Title & Description are Appealing

These two play a notable role in getting you a click. The title should be such that the user can’t refrain from clicking on it. Plus, the description should give an idea about what’s they are going to see upon clicking the link. And most important, the content should match their expectations. Else, you are losing their trust.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

This way, you can appear more relevant and can get to the featured snippet. Now, you are closer to getting a click.

In the Nutshell

Though zero-click search is rising, especially with the rising number of mobile users, you as a website owner must not lose hope. You can continue to get high organic traffic if you can deliver high value through the content. You can still persuade people to click on your website link.

And anyway, zero-click is not going to overtake other types of searches immediately, even if such a thing is going to happen. So, you have time. You can devise a new growth strategy and optimize for zero-click search.

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