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Mobile App Analytics: Tracking User Engagement, Retention, and Conversion Metrics

Introduction to Mobile App Analytics The process of data collection, measurement and analysis of user behavior is referred to as mobile app analytics. The analytics of mobile apps helps app developers to understand how users interact with the app. It helps them identify the strengths and weaknesses of the app and make informed decisions for […]

Android Vs iOS Development: Points to Know Before Selecting the Platform for Your App

With time, things change, and so does the habit of the people. Among major changes, one is the rising use of mobile phones. Now, the global market share of mobile is more than the desktop. And that’s not all. With the increasing number of mobile users, there is a change in the internet usage behaviour […]

Earning Through Mobile Apps: How These Brands Made an Empire Out of Apps

The use of the internet is rising continuously. However, the way people access the internet is changing. Yes, with the rising number of mobile phone users, the number of people using the internet on the mobile phone is growing. And why not; it offers ease of usage. Well, not just that, the trend of mobile […]

How Mobile Apps Can Save Small Businesses from Competition?

Thomas Husson (VP & Principal Analyst – Forrester Research) “Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations – it will transform your entire business.” And facts are there to back this statement. According to Statista, […]

What is Mobile App and why it’s essential for your Business

Mobile apps help you market your brand powerfully and reach your target audience on almost 24/7 basis.

Application & Web Development & Beyond Explained: Significance of Choosing the Perfect App for Your Company

Right application can be your key to success. Rely on experts for getting the best results within your budget!

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