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How Mobile Apps Can Save Small Businesses from Competition?

Thomas Husson (VP & Principal Analyst – Forrester Research)

“Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations – it will transform your entire business.”

And facts are there to back this statement. According to Statista, there are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users, which equates to 44.85% population. In this situation, a business, whether big or small, must have an app. In fact, a mobile app can be a game-changer for small businesses. However, they are the ones who underestimate the impact of mobile apps on their businesses.

Thinking why mobile apps are important for small businesses? Read till the last word to know the benefits of mobile apps.

Why Mobile Apps are Important?

The number of smartphone users is continuously rising. And the people use their phone pretty well. From surfing to shopping and entertainment, they have started doing everything on the cell phone. As a result, mobile apps have gained traction. According to the research report by App Annie, the worldwide mobile app download is expected to reach over 250 billion annually by 2022. And why not? There are several advantages of mobile apps over websites. Thus, mobile apps can provide a competitive edge to small businesses.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Business

Ease to Customers

In any business, customer’s convenience should be of the highest value. The rest of the things follow. And when you are operating at a smaller level, trying to move ahead on the path of success, the comfort of the customer should be the point of your focus. And in the online world, you need to be extra careful. The reason being, things can easily take a U-turn if not monitored. Here, mobile apps come to your rescue; provide the needed ease to your customers. With a mobile application, your brand is with them on-the-go. No matter where they are, they remain in touch with your brand through your app. That ease in not possible through any other medium; may it be web apps, websites, or any other medium.

Aids Communication – Better Engagement Creating a Connect

Mobile apps are a sort of personal communication centre build by you for your customers. Mobile App is a road that allows two-way traffic. Right from getting feedback to giving special occasion offers, everything can be done, that too, in a very personalized manner. This counts as another pro of mobile apps. With that kind of communication, you can make your customer feel special. So, you are not connecting with customers on a business level only; you are striking their emotional cords as well. And we all know the importance of emotional communication in the field of marketing and sales.

That takes us to our next point.

Cost Saving & Higher Conversion

Mobile is like a personal vault these days; only valuable things find the place inside it. Therefore, just by having a mobile app, you increase your chances of converting a customer into a loyal one. You provide the option to use your mobile app, and if they do so, you succeed in reducing your overall efforts and thereby cost involved. The reason being, various studies show that apps not only have longer session timing but is capable of giving better
conversion rates, all thanks to its personalized approach. So, simply by having an app, you can increase your ROI by manifold.

Offline Working

The best thing about apps is that they can be accessed without an internet connection as well. Though not all apps offer this, you have the freedom to decide the features of your app. While going for app development, you can elect to have an app for your business that works in offline mode. It serves you with multiple benefits, including faster load time, better UX, and full-time availability, as poor connectivity issue no more remains a hurdle between you and your audience. Moreover, with this, you can save the data charges of your visitors, thereby giving them reasons to choose you. For deciding whether to go for an offline app or not, evaluate factors like the geographical areas you are targeting (for remote locations, nothing can be better than an offline app), type of business, competitors, etc. By making
yourself available instantly, you can get an advantage.

Enhanced Benefits through Device Features

Mobile leads to greater flexibility. You, as a brand, get options to utilize mobile functionalities with ease. For example, using a camera for image capture, scanning barcode, web search using image and voice search, on-screen translation, etc. There can be many more instances where mobile sensors and hardware can be used, which ensure you can effectively and more wisely cater to mobile and tablet users. Plus, all these enable you to make a more feature-packed mobile app, which isn’t easy in the case of responsive website and web apps, as in most cases, native apps perform far better than web apps when it comes to utilization of native features of mobile phones.

Earning Customer’s Trust and Loyalty

Today, everyone is busy. People want everything swiftly and immediately, without waiting. And what can be better than facilitating them with the route to you that’s just a matter of a few clicks? Along with the same, a mobile app for business presents them with many other benefits also. This way, you can better associate with your target audience and establish a
connection of trust with them. You know trust and loyalty pay off!

Wrap Up

You have seen how mobile applications can help you beat the heat of the competition while placing you on the top of your target customer’s mind.

Well, do you have a mobile app for your business?

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