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Choosing the Right WordPress Theme to Boost Your Core Web Vitals Game

Every update from Google introduces something to the digital system. And you, as a part of the cosmos, need to align your website accordingly to be in the game. And this time, it’s Core Web Vitals.

Announced in May 2020, this update can change the things happening in the digital marketing and web development industry to a great extent. With a plan to use this as a ranking factor, Google is going to bring a transformation that aims at the utmost satisfaction of its users. To compete in the SERP race, you have to ensure that your website offers a great user experience (UX), as that’s the heart of the Core Web Vitals update. And different aspects forming part of Core Web Vitals are Loading Speed, Interactivity, and Visual Stability. Missing in any of these areas is enough to hurt your ranking. That makes getting into the depths of each of these crucial. The need is to identify every element of your WordPress website that can affect these areas and fix the issues if any.

Well, one such area is WordPress Theme.

An inappropriate theme can spoil the entire Core Web Vital game.

You heard that right. By choosing the wrong theme, you put multiple website elements at risk, including appearance and speed. And you must have guessed the result! A hit to your SERP ranking. Well, you can’t accept that.


It’s simple. Be vigilant while selecting the theme for your WordPress website. Pick the fitting theme to let your website prosper in the cosmos. An intelligent decision here can save you from a lot of problems.

But how? There are numerous options. How can you ensure that the themes you shortlist for your WordPress website are the right ones? You can’t check them all! But we can.

Being a leading website designer and developer of India, offering services globally, working on themes and plugins is our routine task. We know what’s working and whatnot and can suggest the correct way by informing you about the best WordPress themes, supporting Core Web Vitals.

Dive into the content to find an excellent theme for your WordPress website.

Top WordPress Themes for Excellent Website Performance


If you are searching for a WordPress theme that can enhance your website’s appearance without affecting its speed, then you have the solution. It’s GeneratePress. This free and open-source WordPress theme adds to the website’s usability and accessibility. With this free theme, you can attain a higher page speed score. In turn, you can assure the best for your site visitors and impress search engines. Created using excellent coding standards, GenetarePress doesn’t interrupt plugin functionality, so you need not worry about compatibility. And yes, they have a high-grade global customer support system. You get quick assistance if you encounter any issues. GeneratePress lets you be in line with Core Web Vitals requirements, and for using it, language is not a barrier; it’s available in 20+ languages. Well, that’s not the end of its offerings. By going for the premium version of GeneratePress, you can get a lot more, including block-based theme building and more customization.


Are you looking for a beautiful but fast theme for your WordPress website? OceanWP has got you covered. It offers attractive themes, ensuring a swift browsing experience for your website visitors. It’s made using jQuery — a light-coded system that makes complex tasks uncomplicated. These themes improve the front-end functionalities of your site without burdening the same. OceanWP themes are just perfect for the limitless performance of your website. And the best part, you don’t need any coding skills to control and customize your website. With lots of features and customization options, OceanWP themes are fully responsive, SEO-friendly and accessible. Now, when OceanWP v. 3.0 (with Vanilla JS) is out, you can expect more.

Hello Elementor

It’s a popular website creation platform where you can start even for free. But of course, you have restrictions. It requires Elementor Pro to use Hello Elementor’s full functionalities and make a professional website using it. For that, you can choose an appropriate paid plan from a range of options, with a 30-days money-back guarantee. Intending at swift performance, Hello Elementor is a super light and flexible theme, offering multiple design options. Made for speed, it’s capable of loading in minimal server requests; it takes just 0.25 seconds to load and requires 6KB resources, thereby making it both user and search-engine friendly.


It’s a dependable resort for fully customizable and lightweight themes that lets you begin for free too. Whether you need a theme for a personal blog or business website, you can trust Astra as it offers several options. And if you find the free version to be inadequate, no problem. You can go for Astra Pro, Essential Bundle or Growth Bundle. Highly optimized for performance, it takes less than a second to load. Sound amazing! Besides, Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript (plain JS) and follows the best coding standards for theme building. Astra themes require fewer than 50KB of resources, much lesser than many other WordPress themes. Additionally, Astra provides you with the most powerful and appealing design options, including layout, colour, typography, along with essential integration and classic customer support.

Kadence Theme

Another great option for free and paid WordPress themes is Kadence. It has different types of templates for diverse website needs like personal blog, agency website, e-commerce website, and much more. Just begin to have an excellent-looking, smooth-functioning and fast-loading website. Also, it offers ease of use. Talking about the features, the lightweight Kadence themes have much to offer, with a simple customization facility. Responsive control, custom layouts, header and footer building with easy drag & drop system, social links, SEO optimization, live edition and whatnot. Check out for more details.

Want the Choicest WordPress Theme?

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We can help you identify the suitable theme to support the core web vitals of your website. Also, we can serve you with a customized WordPress theme. For more information, call us.

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