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6 Apps for Busy Individuals That Makes Social Media Management Effective and Effortless

Krystal Wu (Social Media Community Manager – Hubspot) said,

“Social media marketing is about creating content that brings your audience together as a community and inspiring authentic conversations while increasing your brand’s awareness”.

The above statement aptly highlights the importance of social media for businesses or professionals. If you want to thrive in an extremely competitive digital setting, ignoring social media is not an option. However, social media marketing management is not a straightforward task. Multiple platforms, different formats, and varied settings plus planning, creating, and then posting content…you need to take care of performance management too and revise things accordingly; there’s a lot to do. Thus, for managing social media accounts effectively, it is necessary to devote enough time. And ‘time’ reminds us that the timing of publishing content on social media also plays a significant role when it comes to achieving the desired output. And the apt timing of publishing need not be the same across the
platforms. So, another thing gets added to the ‘to do list’, and that is Scheduling.


You don’t have that much time! Then how to manage social media accounts and harness the power of social media marketing?

Okay! What if we say you have a way out?

Thanks to technological advancements! You have tools and apps for managing social media accounts. Designed to eliminate struggle from social media marketing management, such tools could be your rescuer. So, knowing more about them would be prudent. Let’s begin.

Social Media Management Tools


Tired of managing social media accounts? Not anymore! Loomly has got you covered. Supporting more than 7000 marketing teams, Loomly is a multifunctional platform that permits you to perform multiple social media activities across channels from a single place. Post ideas, content library, optimisation ideas, schedule publishing, post & AD mock-up, and AD management, Loomly provides everything. Further, you can turn to this platform for analytics too, even if the post is not published via Loomly. Sounds good! What about trying free? Take a 15-day trial and decide its appropriateness.


Want to lead the social media game without investing much time and money? Then it is time to begin taking an innovative approach to managing social media accounts. Give a shot to Sociamonials, progressive software for effective social media management. Avail 14-day free trial to explore it to the depths and judging the real potential of Sociamonials. By doing so,
you will get to know that with this software, you cannot only perform the regular activities, like scheduling and publishing content, engaging etc., but you can have advanced reports along with visual presentations. With Sociamonials, it is possible to track revenue from multiple activities across different social channels. Additionally, it offers multi-device tracking too. Some other offerings include link shortening, lead tracking, bulk post upload (up to 500), share buttons, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and over 1 million stock photos. Well, that’s not the end. So, have a look.


Launched in 2008 to make the life of social media managers easier, Hootsuite is all in one app for social media activities. Having a customer base of over 18 million, including 800 plus of Fortune 1000 companies, this tool serves you with everything you need. With this, you get much more than planning, drafting, scheduling, and publishing content. It provides you with real-time trend tracking and analysing facility, along with the ability to watch and engage across the channels. Plus, it offers security too. Besides, they have Hootsuite Academy that keeps you posted about industry developments. Get a 30-day trial absolutely free.


Buffer is an app, developed in 2010 as a part of a smart approach to social media management. This software aims at helping you in delivering your brand message through social media conveniently. Schedule and publish content on social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. And you know what; you can do all using a single dashboard, easily. Moreover, you can also engage with your audience. And what about performance analytics? Yeah, you can do that as well. It has different payment plans to suit varied needs. Choose the one you find apt. To check the suitability of the Buffer, start with a 14-day free trial.


Are you thinking of something that can let you manage multiple social media accounts from a single place? Publer is the solution. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual, small business house or a big company, you can use Publer for managing social media accounts with ease. And the amazing part is that it won’t hit your budget. You can take their free plan
if that suits you. Yeah, Publer plans start from $0. Besides, their paid plans are also reasonable.

From post scheduling and bulk posting to Analytics, it has everything. So, what’s the delay? Start using Publer for managing different channels that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and YouTube.


Is Instagram your favourite social media channel? Then why not go for a tool that offers exclusive benefits when it comes to managing Instagram? Later is contemporary software that, though allows you to take care of different social media channels, focuses on Instagram activity management. Whether it’s about scheduling Instagram posts, publishing stories, insta
insights, or you want hashtag suggestions for Instagram, hashtag analysis, find Later by your side. So, start enhancing your reach.

That’s all for now. Use these social media management tools to keep yourself, or your social media manager relaxed. By the way, which of these social media management tools seem to be the most advantageous to you? Let us know your pick in the comments. Well, feel free to write your choice even if it is not in the above list. We would love to explore it.

And if you need any help in terms of managing social media accounts or want to know how to derive maximum benefits from social media marketing, talk to us.

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