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Email Marketing Practices That You Should Drop Right Away

Now, email marketing doesn’t need an introduction. It has emerged as a popular form of marketing, taking you to your target audience smoothly and helps you achieve your goal. It can be anything, including sales, lead generation, information distribution, etc. And the results that email marketing produces make it one of the most comfortable and superb marketing channels.

Email marketing has so much to offer. By looking at its benefits, marketers can’t overlook this marketing technique. And we believe you are also a part of its fanbase. Well, if you are not, have a look at the eye-popping stats of email marketing. Then you won’t be able to resist joining the email marketing fan club.

Email marketing is powerful enough to give you a manifold return.

But…for that to happen, you need a strategic approach. Your email marketing campaign should embrace the good practices as doing the right thing in the wrong way won’t make sense.

Wrong-way, well what’s that? Email marketing mistakes – that’s a simple answer to the question. So, what are those? What are the email marketing practices which you should stop using immediately? Let’s find out.

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Inappropriate Subject Line

The subject line of an email is a critical component – a judgment factor for the recipients. What the email recipient will do with the email, to a great extent, depends on the subject line. No, we are not talking about whether they will take the action you want them to or not; that’s a later thing. They will even open the same or not is a matter of prime concern. It’s because your email subject can get it dumped even before that. Yes, just by looking at the subject line, the recipient can leave it unaddressed, mark it as spam, or even delete it without checking.

As presented by FinancesOnline, 64% of the email recipients decide about opening an email on the basis of the subject line (Barilliance, 2021). Also, according to another data, nearly 1/3rd of people opens an email because of the subject line. Thus, if you wish that your email recipient opens the email, you need to be careful with the subject of the email. Okay! What should you avoid when it comes to email subjects?

You must stay away from creating irrelevant, misleading and unnecessary click-bait subject lines. This method doesn’t work anymore as the people have understood the trick. And believe us, it can be dangerous for your reputation. Focus on creating a clear, relatable and understandable subject line.

Sub-Par Content

Now, no one has time to go through a long story to find out what you want to convey. Though storytelling works, the story should be crispy, concise, meaningful and relevant. And that you have to keep in mind while writing the email body. Your message should be informative but to the point.

Working without Consent

Oh! That’s a serious issue nowadays. Taking the email list (buying or renting) and sending emails to those addresses is becoming a common practice. Well, that doesn’t mean it’s correct. Are you also doing any such thing? Then drop this practice right away. It’s because you are targeting the people without knowing their preferences and without their permission. They want to see your email or not can affect your email rate to a great extent.

No or Unclear CTA

Call-to-Action is a crucial component of a marketing campaign. Sending email without CTA leaves a gap; the recipient opens the email, go through the same but then what? The reader is not getting your expectations; now? You missed directing the potential customer to take the desired action.

Getting into the Number Game

Preferring quantity over quality can’t take you to your goal. If you are sending emails frequently but the content is not as per the strategy, getting results will remain difficult. That’s because you will miss making an appeal to your audience.

Side-lining Mobile Users

It’s time to be mobile-first. Because the number of people using the internet on the mobile through web or app is increasing. If you are not taking this factor into account while making an email marketing strategy, you need to rework it. According to the data that Backlinko highlights, if an email is not optimised for the mobile it’s been put to the trash by 42.3% of the people. Forget about the action when people don’t even open that.

Excessive Focus on Sales

The trend of hard selling is gone, you know! Even though your goal is to acquire clients and increase sales, you can’t be pushy. You can’t force the prospective customer to take action instantly. And you have to remember that while doing email marketing. The need is to ensure that the email content is written in a way that educates the audience about a particular product/service with the intent to convince them and help them make an informed decision. Here, you have to keep the needs of your target audience in mind.

Not Cleaning the Email List

Again, a major mistake! You can’t just keep adding the addresses to the email list. Then? You need to analyse your email list from time to time to see if it needs any adjustments. People unsubscribing to your mailing service/newsletter, people who no longer seems to be interested in your emails, etc., must be removed from the list. And if you are not doing this, you are wasting your resources while irritating the other party.

Summing Up

Email marketing can help you grow your business in fewer efforts and comparatively in a small investment. All you need is to see how you go about it. Keep yourself away from the bad email marketing practices to enjoy a massive ROI. For this, nothing can be better than scheduled analysis.

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