Social Media Marketing

We are a team of experts dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence through strategic and effective social media marketing. Our services range from creating engaging content, managing social media accounts, to running effective ad campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media has created unprecedented opportunities for businesses to connect directly with their customers and glean valuable insights for brand development. A strong value proposition and creative social media marketing strategy can help you reach more customers online and maintain a positive online reputation. The customers too expect a business to have a cohesive social media strategy and presence.

Neel Networks’ expertise helps you exactly with that.

Our end-to-end social media services help businesses in establishing a presence and investing in popular networking sites to maximize digital presence and brand awareness. Our services help remove this hurdle of managing, establishing, and maintaining social media for business owners and entrusting that aspect to professionals. This saves your business lots of money spent on brand awareness and ads as the prospective customers will be connected directly.

Utilize the expertise of Neel Networks

Our experts in social media marketing will help you build your online community, connect directly with your customers and increase your ROI.

We understand that more often than communication, listening is the key. We not only help you communicate but also listen to the target audience through their responses, and concerns and analyze them to revamp online business frameworks and strategies.

Our concentrated business strategies, tactics, and practices ensure effective marketing communications and reputation management objectives.

Our team carefully takes things such as topics, specific themes, and subject matter into consideration to better administer your marketing content across the relevant social media channels.

After proceeding with us

When you choose to entrust us with your social media marketing aspect, we thoroughly look into your brand’s social media profiles, target audience, and current demographics. Social media marketing plans and strategies are then assembled through keyword searches and other strategies in order to establish a strong social media profile.

After proceeding with us, we can promise:

  • Expertise from industry-leading experts
  • Experience with advanced marketing software
  • New and relevant audience in your social media
  • A good rapport and trust with your target audience
  • Brand awareness
  • Exponential growth in brand recall
  • Better management of time for all the teams involved

Trust and Transparency

Any business needs to know its progress over time to better analyze and improve its practices. We keep transparency in this extremely crucial process by sending you periodic statistics on all the social media activities. We are precise with the number of content we post, topics, word count, important keywords and their links along with our timelines of posting.

Our Services Include:

Content Management

Managing and posting the right content gives the opportunity to the audience to get closer to your brand. We achieve this by properly deploying content on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram by properly scheduling the posts for maximum outreach. A structured timeline for posting content will be maintained. This will automatically surface an element of promotion known as word of mouth.

Blog Revamping

We can help you completely change your blog or revise it. Neel Networks allows you to have customized maintenance and blog creation service to better engage with your audience. Blogs and their statistics will be checked and updated regularly to ensure maximum impressions

Newsletter Services

Regular updates to customers about new products, discounts, or services can be achieved through newsletter services. Neel Networks helps you by setting up an elegant newsletter service through email that will enable you to reach the target audience. You will also expand to a broader audience that will be linked to your website.

Profile Creation

A profile that reflects what a brand is and what it stands for holds the utmost importance on the internet. Neel Networks helps you create a profile that reflects who you are as a brand. This will allow more customers to have a better idea of who you are. This way, maximum outreach from relevant customers can be expected.

Multimedia Content Creation and Optimization

There is much importance and need for digital content such as videos on Facebook or YouTube. We can help tag, optimize, and brand videos in a way that shows your videos on the top of search results.

Community Management

A strong online community portrays the affinity and loyalty of customers toward the brand. That community wants to be better interacted with. We bring that to fruition by offering a wide range of community management activities such as Moderating Socials, interacting with users, Solving Queries and FAQs, gathering customer feedback, and more for your business in cyberspace.

Positive Reputation Management

Neel Networks recognizes the importance of a healthy presence in cyberspace. Therefore, we offer positive reputation management services where our experts will oversee and manage the online standing of your company. We will quickly take corrective measures and push away any webpage that might contain obstructive information

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