Progressive Web App Development

In order to provide the optimal user experience and business opportunities, our experts create a progressive website application that resembles an application on smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Our Progressive Web App Development Service

It is clear that both the Appstore and Play Store have an excessively high quantity of programs, which is problematic for both businesses and users. Customers struggle to discover the right applications they require, while businesses struggle to make their apps accessible in online marketplaces. Here is where our services for developing Progressive web apps come in.

The aim is to maximize user engagement and combine the best of both web and mobile apps by incorporating extremely seamless and smooth animations along with navigation.

Using people excellence, a web app manifest, and the dependability, installation, and capability tenets, we have developed and successfully deployed progressive web apps. Our team at Neel Networks has experience in developing PWA solutions that provide access to the app even with a weak network connection to support for offline use.

What Justifies Progressive Web App Development As The Future?

The statistics have revealed that renowned entities which embraced the concept of Progressive Web App Development were able to improve their conversion rate by 104%, and also the average time spent per session by roughly 74%. Interestingly, web push notification, a significant component of a progressive web app, has helped many companies increase their sales by 100% and draw in new customers. Rise in conversions and drop in bounce rates are also positive outcomes of the progressive web app development strategy, created thoughtfully, implemented smartly and maintained periodically. The strategy is also being employed by popular social networking sites especially due to tremendous short-term and long-term benefits it brings to the table.

You can have your business in the list of mentioned successes and boost your numbers, just like many businesses have done over the past years. Get in touch with our professionals to navigate with ease and efficiency.

Interact With Your Target Audience Better

There are many things we can achieve for you with the help of PWA technology. We have people excellence, technology excellence and client-centric strategies in place. Get started!

  1. Lightning-fast loading:

    Our team is proficient at making the application load faster than a conventional website.

  2. Simplicity and perfection:

    Neel Networks’ support will help you to interact with businesses with just a few steps and without having to leave the webpage or open the store. Our experts can assist you in achieving that by setting up and installing a PWA swiftly and easily for your business.

  3. Universality:

    PWA is compatible with all popular operating systems; we can help you reach out to Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

  4. Personalization:

    At Neel Networks, our team makes sure that our apps are more tailored than typical mobile apps, which significantly increases user engagement and adherence.

  5. Maintaining equilibrium:

    Our PWA solution can assist you in boosting organic traffic and lowering bounce rates.

  6. Connectivity Efficient:

    We can help you make your applications fully functional without internet access by utilising cached data from previous online actions.

Neel Networks PWA Development Services:

Consistent Web App Upgrades

With our PWA upgrade services, you can always stay updated with the latest trends, functionalities and features for a seamless development experience.

Custom Progressive App Development

Based on your requirements, we specialize in building Custom Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that offer native-like functionality, and dependability.

App Shell Model

We develop PWA on app shell models to provide an outstanding user experience without any hiccups or speed losses.


In order to increase installation rates, we offer top-notch PWA maintenance services based on the ever-changing technology, user patterns, and other factors.


We offer QA & testing services to ensure that PWA operates effectively across browsers on various devices and with no hiccups.


Our workforce has a thorough understanding of your industry and can provide solutions based on their vast expertise in online and mobile technology.

Our Virtuosity

Our experts ensure to maintain a set standard quality that we implement in every project. A few key tenants that we abide by in order to provide for excellent quality services are:

Secure Data Relocation

The Neel Networks’ team offers a systematic approach for creating data-centric online apps that allows for faster, more secure, and smoother data movement across browsers.

Connectivity Independence

Our integration of service workers ensures that your PWA functions perfectly even with and without a high-quality network.

Seamless and Smooth Apps

The experts at Neel Networks create progressive web apps that are reliable, secure, and seamlessly interactive across all browsers and devices.

Native Apps

With quicker loading speeds and responsiveness, our PWA web development services offer an experience similar to a native app.

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