Native App Development (Ios, Android)

We can create affordable, responsive solutions with cutting-edge UX components, dynamic user interfaces, cross-platform performance, and gorgeous designs using our evolving technical expertise and years of experience.

React Native App development services

Native app development is a state-of-the-art technology that enables developers to access features that allow the applications to follow different specific guidelines for each of the platforms while seamlessly accessing all features ad services offered by various devices and their operating systems. Features such as local DB, geolocation and push notifications or cameras have specific guidelines that work differently on both iOS and Android.

Why should you concentrate your efforts on creating native applications? Well, they outperform all other mobile apps in terms of user experience and performance. To match your unique business demands, our experts can design native mobile applications for you.

Achieve Product Innovation With Our React Native App Development Services

We can assist you in creating a product that will appeal to your target market and increase sales on the platforms of your choice.

Our services include:

iOS app development:

Due to brand loyalty, intuitive UI and high-level security, elegant design, and recognition, iOS is one of the largest operating systems for a wide range of devices such as iPad and prominently the iPhone.

At Neel Networks, we have put together a group of the most brilliant and creative iOS developers who can quickly translate your company's vision into an app of any level of complexity. With the aid of our iOS development experts, you will receive high-quality iOS native app development. We will integrate your iOS native app with "best-in-class" features like beacon technology, 3D Touch, multitasking, and others before rocketing it straight to the App Store. Utilize the most recent iOS releases to make a statement with your creative product!

In order for your innovative app idea to become a reality, we will walk you through every step of creating an iOS application for your company.

  • Step 1: UI/UX development
  • Step 2: Graphic Design and provide a next-level user experience.
  • Step 3: Back-End development
  • Step 4: Testing
  • Step 5: Releasing the application

Android app development:

Android is the best platform to unleash the full potential of your applications due to its open-source nature that allows for flexible app rules and robust security at the same time.

At Neel Networks, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating Android applications. We produce customized Android apps of any complexity and size, including educational platforms, corporate apps, puzzle games, and automobile control tools.From the original design to the final release and upgrade, our Android app development team will handle your application, assuring an omnichannel consumer experience while also meeting your business's budget and domain needs.

Our full-cycle android app development process can help you visualize how we will achieve this for you
  • Step 1: UI/UX development
  • Step 2: Graphic Design and provide a next-level user experience.
  • Step 3: Back-End development
  • Step 4: Testing
  • Step 5: Releasing the application
Advantages of Native App development
  • Smooth performance
  • Robust security
  • Pleasant user experience
  • Immediate integration of new features

Skyrocket Your Success In Mobile Application Development With Us:

At Neel Networks, we make use of React Native's excellent performance as a cross-platform app development framework, as well as its strong libraries and numerous tools, to shorten the development time for client projects while delivering effective results. Your company gains a lot from hassle-free administration, open operations, enhanced application functionality, and dependable security measures when you outsource React Native development services to our qualified programmers and specialists.

As one of the recognized and trusted React Native mobile app development firms, Neel Networks helps you access the greatest capabilities of this technology.

We ensure

  • Highly efficient development ecosystem
  • Reusable code for projects
  • Live reloading support
  • Short and efficient development cycles
  • Third-party plugin support
  • Easy access to cross-platform mobile app development
  • Extensive support from the community
  • Simple app interface
  • Rigid stability of apps
  • Reusable model architecture
  • Pre-developed components that can be customized

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