Cross-platform App Development

We help promote a highly intuitive and contextual user experience through our applications by offering complete development, deployment, and maintenance support.

Cross-Platform App Development

Want to boost your performance, operations, and ROI? Neel Networks can assist you with your needs with our cross-platform app development services. We have a team of experts who can enable you to upgrade your business and its capabilities by designing attractive yet highly customizable front-end User Interfaces and help you make the most profitable business analytics with our powerful and expandable multi-platform app solutions. Abundant strategies, creativity, and efforts are put into designing each app that appeals to users from across the platforms.

This is achieved through the creation of universal code, the use of a common UI framework, and the facilitation of the overall development process, allowing cross-platform development to help company with its mission. The most common instance is making a single mobile app that works on both Android and iOS.

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Our Approach:

Our app development team has years of experience in creating applications that look, feel and work as if they are truly native on different platforms while operating on a single universal code. Mobile app development services at Neel Networks mainly include UI/UX designing pertinent to specific platforms, resource optimization, and reusable code all while managing a good budget. We provide a customizable and refined development process, facilitate efficient implementation and immediate app enhancements, and reduce overall framework-based dependency and complexity, all while performing native render.

Choosing our mobile app development services will ensure that you will have access to:

  • Custom application development on multiple platforms
  • Advanced administration panels
  • Visualizable data that is high quality and complex
  • Platform-specific user development and experience
  • Accelerated delivery
  • Iterative Prototyping and MVP development
  • Maintenance and management of applications
  • Customized cross-platform reengineering and migration

While you concentrate on the development of your products and business, we take the groundwork you've built and turn it into a market-ready app. We can also offer to create an app by envisioning the concept first and creating the architecture depending on the specifics of the platforms you are targeting and the requirements of your company. After that, we develop a thorough app and offer continuous support, such as app store releases and on-demand updates.

Make Your Mobile App a Grand Success Through Our Services:

We provide the specialist and personalized cross-platform mobile app development services for a wide range of sectors and market domains to assist your business in developing and maintaining a robust operational model that can generate successful outcomes.

Precisely, We Offer:

Custom Web and Mobile Solutions

  • Supply Chain Management Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Business Administrative Framework
  • Multimedia solutions
  • Web applications for eCommerce Businesses
  • Reengineering for Industry and Enterprise Applications
  • Forums, Portals, and service-related bots for Social Networking sites

Business Analytics And Intelligence

  • Administrator Dashboard Applications
  • Information Management Solutions
  • Online Analytical Processing Applications
  • Data Visualization Applications

Industry-ready Applications

  • Resource Planning for Enterprises
  • Project Management
  • Data Management
  • Customer Connect Solutions
  • Business-Unique applications


  • Job and various other portals
  • Price comparers
  • AI for Grammar correction
  • Food Ordering and Delivery Apps
  • Health and Fitness schedulers
  • Restaurant management and handling frameworks
  • Gaming and eSports solutions, frameworks, and applications

Backed by a large team of cross-platform developers, designers, analysts, project managers, and support staff, we are thoroughly able to analyze and consider your business requirements and develop high-performing applications that offer stellar functionality, enterprise capability, robustness, flexibility, and efficiency.

Flexible Cross-app Development Applications For Client-specific Needs

We only employ the most recent and effective iterations of those cross-platform app development frameworks, despite the market offering a wide and large choice of them. The client's requirements for the user interface, app utility, development expenses, and preferred platforms determine the technology stack, development process, sprint length, and deliverables. But in order to provide high-performing cross-platform app development services, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies, protocol stacks, and potent frameworks into our workflow.

Sencha Touch

With the help of Sencha Touch, our experts are able to provide cross-platform application development services that are safe, well-integrated, and thoroughly tested. These services are suitable for developing large and complex business applications.


With the aid of Ionic, we are able to mix a number of programming languages, such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, in order to access, manage, and utilize native platform controllers, resulting in a UI/UX that is incredibly user-focused while still assuring a strong and reliable back-end.

React Native

Our team provides a seamless user experience across several platforms using the React Native framework while reducing development costs and quickening time-to-market.


To produce excellent results, we make use of Flutter characteristics like the portable GPU, powerful UI rendering, and reactive framework, as well as skilled programmers for Swift, Node.js, Objective-C, and comparable technologies.


Xamarin, which has a 90% reusable codebase, native aesthetics, fewer hardware compatibility issues, unique plug-ins and APIs, native-level functions, many class libraries, and compile-time validation allows our engineers to create efficient Android, Windows, and iOS applications.

Apache Cordova

We use Cordova to extend the application across several platforms, enable numerous app store deployments, and assure a feature-rich UI. This includes accessing device features like data status, network, and sensors.

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