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WordPress Analytics Plugins to Make Some Sense of All the Website Traffic

Analytics is the key to data and data helps you generate meaningful Insights, using which you can improve the performance of the business and can take applaudable business calls.

Peter Drucker said,
“What gets measured gets managed”.

This small statement is sufficient to describe the need for using WordPress analytics plugins.

Measuring WordPress Website Performance

To analyse and manage the performance of your WordPress website, you have Google Analytics. It provides you with comprehensive statistics on multiple areas, like how your website is doing in terms of the number of viewers, bounce rate and what not!

The handy availability of metrics allows you to review whether your strategies are working or it needs a rework.

Okay, but handling WordPress analytics is tricky! Do you agree to this? There is a lot of data to manage. And generating meaningful information from the same calls for time and concentration. However, ignoring this task should not be an option as continuing without knowing the performance status of the website is like getting lost in the sea. You won’t know
whether your acts are working in favour of your business or not.


What if we say we can simplify the task for you? All you need to do is to install Google Analytics Plugins, and you are ready to start your analytics journey from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

Here comes a dilemma. Which WordPress analytics plugin should you use? To ease the decision-making process for you, we have come up with a list of best Analytics plugin for WordPress. It is time to know them.

Best Analytics Plugins for WordPress


WordPress data analysing made convenient with Analytify. It is a great Google Analytics plugin, developed to help you in tracking, analysing, and optimising the performance of your WordPress website. The valuable insights that Analytify provides you let you serve your audience in a better way. Easy and super quick to integrate, Analytify eliminates the need of
depending on technical knowledge and expertise for decoding the statistics. Not just that, you can even see real-time data using Analytify. Moreover, it allows integrating statistics to your custom template with short codes. Furthermore, it offers E-Commerce performance tracking too, for the online shop established using Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.
Analytify has different plans for all, including individuals, small businesses, agency, and developer. Choose the one that seems best for you. You can also go for bundle plans that derive more benefits while making data analysis a Cakewalk. And one of the best features, it is all set to be converted to any language.

Beehive Analytics

Do you want to exploit the WordPress performance data to obtain growth in the business without learning to operate Google Analytics? Beehive Analytics is the way out. Beehive analytics enables you to access all the important user stats right from your WordPress dashboard that too, in some clicks. Quickly install this premium plugin, and get started with
the task. See various reports, including referral report, page view report, trends report, overview, session report, user report, bounce rate report and much more in minutes.

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WP by MonsterInsights

Website performance data analysis is crucial. But the task, being complicated in nature, demands extra knowledge, time and efforts. However, you don’t have much time to devote? Also, you don’t want to dedicate a resource to website performance analysis as it will add to
cost! Don’t worry! We have a great solution to your problem. Just install Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights and bid adieu to all your data analysis problems. With over 2 million active users, it is one of the most powerful yet simple plugins for WordPress. This high functionality plugin serves you with the GA dashboard within your
WordPress dashboard. So, you need not go anywhere for data analysis. Further, their customised reports, by effectively presenting the mattering data, suppress the need for digging into the pool of data. MonsterInsights is one of the favourite tools of bloggers, web developers and digital marketing agencies, site owners and online store owners. You can start with MonsterInsights in a few minutes to track global users, irrespective of the devices they are using. And with this, you do not only get to see all the crucial metrics from one place, but it also becomes easier for you to be GDPR compliant in WordPress. If you want, you can go for MonsterInsights Pro as well.


In Japanese, Matomo means honesty. Started by Matthieu Aubry in 2007 as Piwik, Matomo is open-source web analytics software. It is a substitute for Google Analytics, brought into existence with the intent to assist businesses in decision making, without compromising the data and the privacy of the user. By delivering persistent results, Matomo has managed to
become the #1 open-source platform for web analytics across the globe. It is empowering owners of more than 1.4 million websites, spread across 190+ countries. And yes, Matomo can be used in more than 50 languages. Being a one-stop web analytics solution, Matomo offers comprehensive features, including 100+ integrations, GDPR compliance, options to host on local or cloud host, customised interface, and ability to optimise conversions as it
serves you with Heat maps, A/B testing and much more.


Now you neither need to write code yourself, nor you have to hire a developer for setting up Google Analytics for WordPress website. Because ExactMetrics is here. With the help of this plugin, setting set up Google Analytics on WordPress is easy and a matter of minutes. Plus, it
lets you perform the entire data analysis task from one place. And not just that, you can even use the insights to optimise your website and take crucial decisions about business and website strategy by seeing how your SEO and content marketing efforts are working.

Pick the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and ensure you make the most of your WordPress website. And yes, don’t miss to tell us the plugin that sounds the most appropriate to you.

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