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Why Videos are the Future of Content Marketing?

Video Marketing is nothing but the use of videos for promoting the brand or marketing the products or services of the business. It can be of any sort, including a webinar, product demonstration video, interview, and a promotion video. Being effective and a powerful way of information dissemination, video marketing has managed to become a significant part of content marketing. And the trend is here to stay as an increase in the popularity of videos is all set to continue due to people’s inclination towards video content.

Here are some quick facts. YouTube is the second most popular site on the internet across the world, preceded by Google (Source – alexa.com). According to the reports by Zenith, the time that people spend watching online videos grew significantly during 2013-2021; the average rate of increase stood at 32% per year. Further, it is expected that in the year 2021, the average person will spend 100 minutes each day seeing online videos; it was 84 minutes per day in 2019, suggests Zenith’s Online Video Forecasts 2019. Sounds great!

But the question is – What is the reason behind rising favouritism of online videos among people? And what makes video the future of digital marketing?

Let’s begin our dive into the topic by seeing the value of video marketing through the words of Lisa Lubin, who is a renowned media professional and a video consultant. She said, “Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text”.

Online Videos are the Future of Content Marketing – Why?

The growth of video marketing is backed by strong reasons as video offers several benefits to your target audience, which, in turn, pass on to you (service provider/manufacturer/seller). It’s time to check the benefits of video marketing.

Easy to Consume

Pointless to mention, video content is much easier to consume as compared to written content. Well, what do you feel? Reading a book is convenient or watching a film based on the same book? Watching the film sounds pleasant! Isn’t it? You can go through the entire story in lesser time and by putting lesser efforts.

Moreover, visuals are more appealing and catch the eyes of the users quickly, which is the need in this competitive time when there’s a lot of content around. Videos enable the viewer to connect with the content effortlessly because video content narrates the story well, and good storytelling is a top-notch strategy to succeed in content marketing. Additionally, it is simple to remember the content consumed through videos as it leaves a footprint in mind, thereby helping you reserve a spot in the mind of your target audience.

Enhanced Reach

People have started spending more time watching videos. In fact, video watching equates to around one-third of the total activities performed online (source – WordStream). Don’t you find it as a great opportunity? You can reach to a higher number of people just by including videos in your marketing strategy. Video marketing is a great way to catch people at their
preferred destination; yeah the video streaming platforms. For this, you have numerous platforms to target. Just check what suits your business and proceed accordingly.


We know that videos are becoming the first choice of people when it comes to availing information on the internet. Further, in some cases, video marketing is no less than a blessing. For example – food recipes. Also, for queries like ‘how to’, video content works wondrous. Because with videos, things become uncomplicated. Furthermore, when it comes to exploring product functionality and features, people prefer watching a video guide over reading product descriptions. So, with the rising preferability of videos, the future of video marketing seems to be bright.

SEO Benefits

Google loves what people love; we all know. Besides, the use of video content on a website helps in increasing the dwell time (the time people spend on your website). A higher dwell time, to a great extent, signifies that the content of the website is valuable. As a result, you tend to get a better rank in the SERP.


As mentioned on WordStream, social videos get shared 12 times more than both images and text together. So, video marketing offers you a chance to broaden your presence quickly, that too, with lesser efforts.

Increase Conversion

Videos, being attractive, are more influential and convincing. They make decision-making plainer for potential buyers.

Multitude Formats

Now when it comes to video marketing, you have numerous options in terms of putting forward the video. Anyway, YouTube video is not the only thing that works. You need not post videos on YouTube, if you don’t want because you have the option to post videos on other platforms, including WhatsApp status, social media stories, and reels. Okay, how does it matter? You can play with the type of videos according to the industry, budget, and presence & preference of your target audience. Here, one thing is pretty sure that you can find some format for every kind of audience.

Well, the growth of video marketing is determined for the reason that it offers several benefits. But then as well, there are many businesses which are not including video content in their marketing strategy. Well, what about you?

Are you using video marketing for attaining new heights in the business? If not, it is high time. Start with video marketing now to stop losing on returns. As mentioned on Oberlo, 88% of the entire web traffic is expected to come from video streaming and download by 2022. Pretty huge!

Planning to Invest in Video Marketing?

Then you are choosing to move ahead on the right and one of the most profitable paths in digital marketing. However, you will need a sound strategy to get the desired output. And for this, you can get in touch with our digital marketing strategists. Besides, if you want to keep your efforts minimal and your expenditure on video marketing reasonable, outsource the video marketing task to Neel Networks.

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