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Why Incorporating Quality User-Generated Content Is Important & How to Do it

Being ingenious is the key to win in the overcrowded and highly competitive digital world. You need to continuously think about the ways that can help you gain a winning edge. And today, we will have a look at one such technique — User-Generated Content (UGC). It is a robust growth tool. Allotting a place to user-generated content in the content marketing strategy is significant for becoming a trustworthy brand.

As per the State of UGC 2021 Report, 93% of marketers admit that consumers believe more on the content created by customers as compared to the brand-generated content. The same report highlights, 3/4th of the marketers is aware that user-generated content helps in increasing the authenticity of brand content.

But what is UGC and how to use that? Stay with us till the last word to know the answers.

What is User-Generated Content?

The phrase is pretty self-explanatory! Also known as User-created content, user-generated content is the matter published or posted on digital platforms like websites, social media channels (stories, reels, etc.) by the users of your product or services.

Types of User-Generated Content

It can be of many types. Basically, whatever your product or service users post about you on any digital channel forms part of user-generated content. It can be –

  • Social Media Content – Content posted on any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., by your customer, mentioning your brand name. It could be a story, post, or reel.
  • Reviews/Feedbacks/Testimonials – Everyone knows what it is! Whatever your customer is posting about you on the web, whether good or bad, is UGC. Even suggestions, specifically for you, comes under user-created content.
  • Blog/Vlog – Yes, blog and vlog can form part of user-generated content. How? For example – Ms. Rini is a health expert, running a health blog and YouTube channel. Being in the field, she keeps trying various health products, including health drinks, etc. Suppose, she loved the health juice by brand ABC and wanted to inform her audience about the same. So, she decided to talk about the particular product in her video or mentioned that in her blog post. That’s user-generated content for the brand ABC.
  • Question & Answer Platforms – There are numerous open-source platforms, open to the general public for question-answer and discussion, like Quora. Here someone has asked a question – ‘Have you ever used OnePlus mobile? What are your views on that?’ The answer coming to this question from a real user will form part of user-generated content for OnePlus.

Out of these, commonly known forms are reviews, feedback and testimonials. But with the rising popularity of user-generated content due to its benefits, you can get to see an increase in the usage of other types of UGC.

Well, how user-generated content can help you?

Let’s find out.

Why is it Important to Incorporate User-Generated Content in The Strategy – Benefits of User-Generated Content?

Wider Reach

User-generated content helps you broaden your presence. When your customers share about you, all their connections get to know about you. A large number of people from different locations notice your brand, including those, reaching out to whom you might not even think. Who knows; they can be your customer too!

Trust Creation

Trust is the foundation when it comes to business growth. And in the digital era, where businesses operate without geographical limitations, gaining people’s trust becomes even more necessary. And user-generated content makes this trust-building painless. People believe user-created content quickly as compared to brand-generated content. Being shared by fellow customers, who have already used the products/services, the UGC holds more value. People see this content as genuine information shared in good faith and not for any benefits. Your customers talking good for you on the internet shows your service quality and your dedication towards them. So, with this, it becomes easy for you to gain the faith of a large set of audience.

Community Building

UGC helps you build a community of people who think like you and support your business. They allow you to reach out to more like them and get bigger in size.

Lower Expenditure

What can be better than your users promoting you? User-generated content enables you to enjoy a better position in the market by cutting the noise and beating the competition, and all that happens without spending additional money. Instead, with a loyal base of customers, you can even bring down your marketing budget, as they work for you.

More Conversions

Enhanced presence + people’s trust in the brand = More sales. Simple, isn’t it?

Helps in SEO

User-generated content and SEO – how are they linked? Well, you may find it surprising, but the truth is that the user-generated content can assist your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in multiple ways. Among various factors improving your ranking in SERP, you have several positive reviews, authentic & updated content, backlinks and relevant keywords. And user-generated content can provide you with all these.

An Indirect Survey!

Nothing can beat a strategy backed by data, right? And user-generated content is a superb source of data. Have you ever thought about it? You can get valuable insights by analyzing the content that your users post about your brand. It can help you in numerous ways – right from improvising your offerings to managing your brand perception you can do everything. Yeah, by going through the words and feelings of your users, you can know their expectations. Also, you can assess the shortfalls in your products/services. Once known, you can take steps to satiate your clients in a better way. Further, you can identify how the audience sees your brand. Accordingly, you can make changes in your strategy.

Increase Engagement

By including user-generated content in your digital marketing strategy, you can enhance the rate of engagement between your brand and your users.

 Well, we have done our bit of work. Now, it is your turn. What is your opinion about having User-Generated Content in strategy? Have you ever used it? Do you find this method worthy?

Kindly let us know your views in the comments.

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